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Thread: Increasing bow draw weight

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    The Two-Factor Model of Sports Performance | Mark Rippetoe

    It applies here too. Getting close to approaching the same scenario that gets strength coaches ripped on this board on a regular basis. Do the program, add some chins or rows sooner than you maybe would otherwise. And shoot your bow.

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    Thanks for the thoughts folks. At this point, getting my lifts up isn't helpful. I can't argue it might help in general but I'm adding only small amounts each week.

    As to why I think it is both the challenge and Rip's view there there is no 'strong enough'. And yes, I can pull a 70 lb bow...but as you say it isn't steady at all. My train of thought is if I can pull 100 lb well, I can hold 60 lb more steady than I can now. Just like lifts, at some point what used to be hard is now my warm up. If my work set is 100 lb, then 60 lb should be trivial.

    Bobman, good point about not shooting every day.

    Also, there is this amazing feel about flinging arrows with a heavier bow that is not unlike the same feel we get moving heavy weights.

    I'm going to toss about again the question about static holds. I'm curious people's experience with that if any and although not as efficient as a load increase, will it help in theory and practice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt James View Post
    Spitballing here, but snatch-grip deadlifts might be a good accessory for this.
    And along the same lines, overhead squats and snatch or jerk supports. There's a large amount of lat, delt and upper back work in controlling heavy weights overhead.

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