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Thread: Pelvic muscle tightness

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    Quote Originally Posted by MCM View Post
    Long time lurker, rarely a poster here. Love starting strength and it has done wonders for my physical fitness, confidence, etc. I'm going on the assumption OP is not trolling...

    A few years ago I switched to a much more stressful job. 6 or 7 months later I felt a massive stabbing pain right in center of the pelvic area. Doubled me over and then went away after after a few seconds. Thought maybe it was a stone. Went about my business only to have it happen again, and then more frequently. Next thing you know it hurt to urinate and there was just general pain in the urethra so I went to a urologist. No sign of infection but took the antibiotic since at that point it was really interfering with life. The antibiotic did nothing. I continued to struggle and search the internet. Same stuff about pelvic floor blah blah blah but I can assure you that if you are doing Starting Strength then the pelvic floor isn't weak. Eventually stumbled across "A Headache in the Pelvis" which I admit might look like total BS to most folks. However, I was willing to explore all options and also had seen how real chronic migraines can mess up a loved one. Bought the book and it was a good start. The book itself is fine, but you can probably get all the basic stretches you need from googling. That led me to purchasing a trigger point massage book and my eventual recovery. After reading the trigger point book and exploring various points, I ended up finding a knot that gave immediate relief. Then I noticed pain would come back at work. I was internalizing my stress and unconsciously clenching my stomach and pelvic area all day. Once I realized that, I made a constant effort to stay relaxed. More big improvements followed. Eventually, removing stress, getting some cardio to get the blood flowing followed by stretching and looking for trigger points all combined to solve the problem. Massive improvement in 1-2 months, essentially gone after 5 months, and full recovery once I left the high stress job.

    I will say that when I was fighting through the issue, heavy lifting made it worse. I would have charley horse like spasms in the pelvic area at night. So I did have to relax a bit on the lifting until I got stress and trigger points under control. Once they were under control I resumed heavy lifting without problems.

    My 2 cents: remove stress, get blood flow moving, look up the basic stretches, and read up on trigger points (or go see someone that knows about it). Best of luck.

    thanks for the advice, I will try this approach. it's good to hear that you managed to fully resolve your problem and could resume lifting. my condition is slightly different, not so much pain but more of a tightness feeling, but I think it can stem from the same issue.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    Do you know what happens when you relax your pelvic floor muscles?
    very funny, but it's a bit more complicated than that

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    I'll bet it is.

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    Well, if you have a “headache in the pelvis” the first thing to do is to get your head out of there!

    All kidding aside, these functional pelvic pain syndromes can be a real bitch, and a structural or radiological diagnosis is hard to come by, and probably not all that helpful or necessary anyway. Pelvic floor anatomy was a mystery even to Netter.

    I would look for a pelvic pain specialist and also a barbell coach, and follow both their instructions.

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