ere from the weekly report, sorry if this is too late.

Certainly you've received a wealth of advice in the thread already. Being enrolled full time myself and continuing to train, I may be able to provide additional "been there, done that, got the t-shirt" advice.

I've been training for roughly a year and a half and I've been in school the entire time finishing my undergraduate courses. So I ran through an LP and progressed into 'Intermediate status' while carrying a full load in school. I can't say my grades have ever suffered because of my training, but I can say that my training suffered due to the unproductive stress of course load requirements. Predictably, around midterm and finals season, my training slows and everything is heavier than it should be. But, the effects don't last more than a week to ten days. When exams pass, just get back on the horse with a "Glad that's over" attitude and carry on. It sucks, but a reality of training is that performance will be influenced by factors outside of the gym, but what are you gonna do? Not train?

I've skipped training and lifted the next day and it sorted itself out over the week. I've repeated workouts because I was up all night writing papers, lab journals, all that bullshit, but all of that is just an attempt to excuse ineffective time management. I've taken care of all responsibilities for the day and hit the gym at midnight, 1 AM, 2 AM, and if the day was a 16 hour one, that workout is probably not going to be a productive one. I don't know, maybe trying matters. On those days, the loudest thoughts are "Man, fuck training", but I've gotten to a point where my response is, "... But fuck bailing even more".

This semester, I'm at another full time commitment with school. Classes M-Th, 8:00-12:00. I wake up around 0430 or 0500 to hit the gym MWF and know I have to be out the door by 0700 at the latest to get back home in time to have breakfast (or a protein shake if traffic was bad), shower, and drive to class. Recently programming has been structured into a 4-day format so I can get out even earlier than that if I'm not farting around. I take my own notes during lectures (because the instructor doesn't have anything important to say... but that's a post for another day) and after class I'll build on what I already have or work on other assignments/essays/research/whatever until around 1630, and that's time to brave traffic (not die) and hit the gym again for some coaching exposure. Get home around 2100/2130, find some article to read or veg out with hulu to decompress before bed.

I'm certainly not so disciplined that every day goes according to plan, but having a structure allows for exceptions to be made with respect to what I need to be doing at a given time or what I can get away with not doing.

So to sum it up...
Expect training sessions to suck around big exams
Make training the first thing you do on training days
Get ahead of all schoolwork. You have the syllabus, exploit that shit
Structure your schedule, but make it flexible enough to move things around if you need to (sparingly). Excel is great for this, if you want an example of a weekly template let me know.

As a final note, my structure started with priorities and rigidity of events. I knew when I registered for this semester that I wanted to get some coaching experience at night, and that most of my required courses were offered in the morning/afternoon. Those were my first two priorities to take care of. Training can go anywhere, but I like it in the mornings.

Something about being better than everyone else because you were up before the sun (early birds represent).