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    Venerable and honorable Mark Rippetoe,

    If I see another gym goer rudely curling 225# within the power rack should I forcefully inform him that is not the proper use of the equipment or should I try to engage him in conversation? Maybe this would be a good time to inform him a multi-joint exercise such as a squat or deadlift would be more beneficial for his hormonal profile than an isolation exercise such as the curl?

    Your all-knowing and near-omnipresent guidance is appreciated on this matter.



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    If it were me, I'd leave anybody that can actually barbell curl 225 completely alone.

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    A trainer (it said so right on her shirt) at my former gym had her client doing burpies in the sole power-rack in my old gym.

    Couple more home projects which will make room in the garage, and I can start buying my own equipment for my own garage gym and not deal with that type of BS anymore. And if I want to curl in my own power rack I'll by-God curl in my own power rack (unless my wife needs to do her squats in it of course).

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    Mark: I will soon have my own gym in the garage—and I am sincerely trying to imagine my wife’s stepping away from Amazon on the desktop, putting down her makeup equipment, and grabbing the bar to do even one squat!


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