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    Damn, these long format pieces are pure gold! One can really get a sense of a topic and a person -- and bullshit just wouldn't stand up to the format. Excellent, excellent service you are providing us, here. Thank you.

    I really like Mr. Efferding's honing in on compliance as one of the keys in terms of how he designs his interventions. I Googled and watched a quick video on the 10 minute walk idea and I just took my first one after lunch, today, and am optimistic that it will become permanent part of my routine -- it just makes so much sense from a number of angles AND it is so damned easy to implement. Nothing like seeing a guy who has spent his life training to a variety of physical extremes suggest it as something that has helped *him* out to reinforce all the arguments he makes for it.

    Regarding the frozen meals you all discussed: I have been thinking a lot about an aging parent who is struggling with eating enough regularly to keep up a baseline of strength and energy to maintain desired levels of daily activity -- and especially the sort of activities that will help to maintain muscle in the face of aging. It struck me that there are a whole hell of a lot of parallels in terms of factors that interfere and benefits that derive from readily available sources of good nutrition between the elderly and the busy, traveling body builder/strength athlete. They are both trying to maintain muscle mass in excess of the norm and often neither has easy convenient access to high quality meals -- for different reasons, of course, but the result is the same. Luckily this parent is in the U.S. I will be ordering some of Mr. Efferding's meals for them to sample and think it is definitely a target group he should consider, if he has not already. Maybe I'll even have a first testimonial for this demographic if all goes according to plan...

    Again, thanks for this stuff. I may not always have time to keep up with two hour videos, but this one and the last one will certainly make me come back to check in as often as possible -- plus, you do post some excerpts, on occasion. I really think these are functioning as excellent quality signals for all your other products and services -- hope it is also just plain satisfying to provide a platform for people and stories you find deserving of the attention.

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    I am curious how your conversation about tendonitis went after the podcast.

    I did previously attempt what sounds like the same method as Stan to heal tendonitis; I perceived a benefit from it, but the tendon recovery eventually plateaued well short of healing the tendonitis. I required a progressively loaded eccentric/isometric heavy squat protocol to eventually get to 90%+ recovery (still working on it).


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