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    I can attest to this method and it is the only way that I perform them. I am convinced most dip induced shoulder injuries are the result of excessively wide parallel bars that you typically find in most gyms. The barbells allow you to narrow the grip, which takes a lot of the stress of the shoulders if you go narrow enough. I've been able to go much heavier using this method.

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    I was afraid to do dips for somewhere around 15 years after hurting my shoulder doing them as a youngster.

    After watching this video last year I noticed a couple of key points. Chase has his chest drawn down a bit and he doesn’t allow his shoulders to shrug up and down all that much.

    I started doing dips again a year ago and they have down wonders for my press and bench. I even feel that they played a key role in helping recover from an old neck/tspine injury that had been nagging me for years.


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