Nutrition and Rehab Camp at WFAC: Time to sign up Nutrition and Rehab Camp at WFAC: Time to sign up

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Thread: Nutrition and Rehab Camp at WFAC: Time to sign up

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    Although I've heard Mr. Santana lecture on aspects of nutrition before, I went ahead and attended the recent Nutrition Seminar held at Starting Strength Dallas on Sept 14th because...well...I'm carrying to much body fat and I have not been addressing it very well. To steal Rip's line: I am not the nutrition guy, either.

    Well worth the trip and every penny spent. Bob presents a lot of valuable information in a relatively short amount of time, and provides straight forward guidance with respect to modifying diet in support of your individual goals. Some of the presentation material I was familiar with; other sections were completely new to me. I walked out with some strategies I could implement immediately. No bullshit, no fads, no advice based on what's the popular diet strategy of the day (Keto?)--just solid information based on actual science and practical observations on what works and what doesn't.

    The chance to get the download directly from Bob is worth attending by itself--getting Will's lecture also should make this one hard to pass up. I may have to attend this one, also.


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