What to do about extreme “nerd posture” and the squat

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Thread: What to do about extreme “nerd posture” and the squat

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    Default What to do about extreme “nerd posture” and the squat

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    If a trainee has above normal kyphosis of the TSpine and extremely internally rotated shoulders, to the point where they can’t get much surface area of the back on the bar and cant get much palm on the bar, then what is the recommended modification?

    He’s been training for a while without much visible improvement, although we were able to rid him of a shoulder issue thats been nagging him for years. He’s in his early 40s, but has the upper back posture of an 80 year old.

    As the weight progresses he is losing the ability to keep the bar in position.

    Horn stretch doesn’t do much for this individual. Wide 3 finger grip gets more back on the bar, but at the expense of tightness.

    I’ve considered going the extended wrist with wraps route, safety bar squats, or as a last resort high bar squats.

    I really feel like the traditional PT corrective exercise procedures aren’t going to do jack shit, but I’m open to ideas.

    Full disclosure: This is someone I coach.

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    Under these circumstances, I think he uses high-bar. Everything will be less-than-optimal anyway.

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    Roger that - thank you sir!


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