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    I was listening to one of your podcasts where you mentioned that a major disadvantage of online coaching lies in the inability of the coach to queue a lifter in real-time. Have you or any SS coaches tried live video-conferencing through software such as Skype, FaceTime, or something similar? I'm thinking that a trainee could wear an earpiece or headphones to hear queues from a coach in something close to real-time this way. I realize that even this has it's limitations in video/audio delays and quality drops, but I'm curious if it's been tried and what the results may have been?

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    I haven't tried it any other way that the one I mentioned, which worked better than I thought it would. We'll ask.

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    I've done this through Facetime with an online clients to help fix a specific issue. I, and my clients, are not interested in trying to coordinate a regular session through Facetime, though. I think overall it would be frustrating and not that effective practically and logistically.


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