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    Hi Coach,
    Just been reading the book (again) and listening to the podcast and had a few questions in general if I may.

    1) " You have to do low weight and high reps" + "To rehab its all about control at the end of the range, not raw strength". These 2 statements have been part of almost every rehab I have ever been given by both military and civilian physios. Any idea where they come from and is there any truth to either in your experience. Seem to be more about risk aversion to me but.........

    2)How much do rep ranges matter or is more about tonnage? ie 2x 100 vs 4 x 50 or 10 x20?? All the same tonnage but what would really be the difference in strength or physique as I alwats though in general a stronger muscle was a larger muscle but then bodybuilders would be winning powerlifting meets?

    3) Proabably been answered somewhere but I can't find it. I am 42 5'9 195 at about 20-25% bodyfat. Not interested in abzzzz but I dont want to get much fatter. I know GOMAD has no part in my diet but where would you put me nutritionally on my LP. Should I be eating at deficit and allowing the excess bodyfat to make up any caloric requirements, at maintanance level and allowing the fat to do the same or just going for it and trying to take off the increased bodyfat later. Just curious as the general theme seems to be that to get stronger you have to get bigger (appreciate that this is more aimed at skinny folk), yet in the book whilst I still eat a lot as a fat guy it seem I will be able to gain strength whilst losing fat. You also say in mumerous places that muscle and fat gain come together as does muscle loss and fat loss but that traiing effects the ratios. So wondering how to lose fat, whilst getting stronger given that it seems adding some fat should be required??


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    1. I have no idea, except the Cover Your Ass observation.

    2. Pages 63-65 PPST3.

    3. A Clarification | Mark Rippetoe


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