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Thread: SSR #43: The Beef Industry Episode

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    Interesting podcast about the US Beef industry, particularly in terms of antibiotics/hormones. As part of the remainer (anti-Brexit) arguments we frequently hear that if we leave the EU we will start getting food from the US that will be of a lower standard and full of chemicals. "Chlorinated Chicken" is one particular example that gets raised a lot.

    But as usual, the answer is choice. Just label the stuff and let people vote with their wallet.

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    Default SSR #34: The Beef Industry Episode

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    I would like to add that you don't want to be around stresed cow. I know, I milk them for a living. Also, anyone who don't understand the diffrence between boy and girl should see adoult cow and bull. Cows are delicate and smooth. 24 month old bull have a 130 cm thick neck and his forehead is a weapon. I saw one bull throwing other 800 kg bull in the air with a single move of his head. You don't belive it until you see it. Amazing animals.

    Vegans are grass feed beef. We will eat them and continue to make gains.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    Enjoyed this one! My wife and I just started watching YELLOWSTONE . It is about a ranch up in Montana in case you haven't heard of it. My wife started asking questions about the business, and this episode posted. Excellent timing!!!

    I prefer corn finished over grass finished also. Up until a few years ago I didn't know what "corn fed" actually meant. I thought it meant the calf was raised in a lot, and only fed in a bucket. LOL.

    I appreciate what your guests had to say about how the farmer, ranch, and agribusiness sees the rest of the population as being "to far away from the land". I completely agree. It would definitely be good for ALL youth to have worked on a farm or ranch as a summer job. A lot of them might actually find they enjoy this kind of work and go into it, instead of only being shown 1 path (academic) to make a living. As a matter no fact, I think most young people would be better served if they were presented with a vocational path, rather than a college path. The majority of them will flunk out of college anyway, when they would actually thrive in a trade or agriculture. This would make them "More useful in general".

    I really enjoy these off strength topics. Keep em coming!!!


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