SS Radio #44: The Meat Business SS Radio #44: The Meat Business

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Thread: SS Radio #44: The Meat Business

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    I genuinely appreciate this podcast, Rip. I've had a few steers killed at local plants over the years and I've never had a good experience. Hogs, yes, cattle, no. I would deliver a very fat steer to the plant and receive something that resembles venison with fewer steaks than one would expect and thin ones at that. Always plenty of ground beef, though.

    More recently I've purchased all of my beef from a local small retailer. It's more expensive, but at least I get to see what I buy and the quality is generally good.

    Then I watched your podcast and your guest mentioned buying boxed beef. I contacted a small packer an hour away that I used to sell hogs to. Turns out he is a distributor for one of the packers in the High Plains and can sell me boxed beef. I was able to purchase a box of prime whole sirloins for a reasonable price. I can't wait to dig into them.


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