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What do you mean here? Is it because a lot of people would switch to even worse regular cigarettes and cigars? Thanks.
Yes, this is absolutely correct. It is not merely my opinion, but one voiced by countless medical experts the world over.

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The question now is, will other groups start to rebel against their tyrannical governors after seeing this shit? It would not be far fetched to say that there are groups of pissed off people out there waiting for an excuse to escalate protests against the lockdowns and this may be it.
Let this forum serve as historical evidence, that you and I, dear friend, have predicted the future.

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As it is right now, the 3 cops left loose there in town should probably think about turning themselves in to avoid being lynched. Lynching is not just something done to black people.
You are correct that lynching is not something unique to black people. The great irony, however, is that the last time white folks fought back against the tyranny of a corrupt government, and literally sought out to lynch the police, was in Tennessee during the famed battle of Athens. In 'civilized' territories, like the proud Northern states (minnesota especially), lynching is uniquely reserved for innocent black people whenever white people decide its time to remind them to stay in their place.