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Thread: COVID19 Factors We Should Consider/Current Events

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    Quote Originally Posted by lazygun37 View Post
    I guess you didnít read the long post I just made on precisely this topic. Never mind.
    *Nevermind FTFY

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    Quote Originally Posted by lazygun37 View Post
    If we do nothing, it's capable of killing more than a million of people in the US. And even if the current restrictions were followed religiously, it's still on track to kill at least several times more people than even the worst flu season. And these are *not* just people who were about to die anyway. Also, unlike car accidents and smoking, it's highly infectious. So we can't just leave it up to people to "do the right thing" -- because even of the vast majority of us did, a relatively small fraction of idiots would be enough to screw things up for all of us.
    You are repeating the same old official speculation as if it is fact, and refusing to listen to the many experts who have argued powerfully that it is nonsense.

    There is no evidence to suggest that it will kill over a million people in the US.

    There is no evidence to suggest that it is 'several times worse than the worst flu season' (in fact the best evidence we have right now suggests the exact opposite - Roussel et al. SARS-CoV-2: Fear Versus Data. Int. J. Antimicrob. Agents 2020, 105947)

    There is no evidence that mass house arrest and the destruction of the economy (already predicted by some to be substantially worse than the Great Depression in terms of GDP) have, or will have, any impact on the spread of the virus.

    I would like to remind you that our respective governments' own statistics are still showing a lower-than-average mortality rate so far this year compared to the last 3 years. You have no respectable basis on which to cling to your fear. Stop accepting and start thinking.

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    Skin in The Game perspective re. death rate by occupation. Medical profession doesnít rank in the top 25. Risk asymmetry / financial reward / job security anyone?....

    25 Most Dangerous Jobs in America – 24/7 Wall St.

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    I was listening to a recent podcast which estimated that for every 1% extra unemployment there are an additional 40,000 deaths. How much unemployment will we have after another month of this shit, never mind the possibility that this runs into 12 months to a year. Wave goodbye to the West if we get to that point, most would rather have died of the virus than live (and live only in the sense of outright survival) in the squaller and misery of what will follow.

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    The well known phrase springs to mind "Lies, damned lies, and statistics"

    I think it's about time people went back to school and opened up some standard history text books dating back to the last 900 years, especially those of us residing in the UK.

    Lets think about the government policies made by us in the past; when exactly did our "Governments" do the right thing? What do you think happened to the Native Americans when the colonists expanded through the Western America Frontier, what happened to the farmers cattle in the UK during the "Foot and Mouth" crisis in the UK 2001, what about the so called weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Did these government experts ever consider the damage they did to the Native American people both short and long terms, the 6 million cattle burnt to death in the UK, the Iraqi people murdered along with serving armed forces from both sides of the pond. These experts only care about the interests of the few. Why in 2020 of all years would the world governments start to care about the people it's meant to serve. Everything they do serves their own interests.

    Looks like the so called "best" British news broadcaster the BBC in the UK have a suggested solution for how we can all lives to combat a crisis like this one.


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    Quote Originally Posted by CommanderFun View Post
    I am a "non essential" human being, and am starting to feel a lot like what those guys who set out in boats to kick off the Viking Age probably felt.
    No need to go that far into history, you are feeling exactly the dudes who went out to massive protests to kick off the Arab Spring.

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    Default You know nothing about economics

    Quote Originally Posted by BrunoLawerence View Post
    You do realize that the problem isn't necessarily people becoming sick or the unfortunate fact that some people will in fact die from this that is driving the "flattening of the curve", right? The problem is overwhelming a healthcare system that cannot support the rapid spread of this virus. This is something that often gets lost when discussing mortality, rate of infection, etc. The entire point for everyone staying home at the moment is to prevent the rapid spread of the virus and allow the healthcare system to function. "Flattening the curve" doesn't necessarily reduce the "area under the curve" (total number of infections), but rather spreads it out so the healthcare system can deal with it. This is how you prevent the unnecessary deaths.

    For the healthcare system to deal with this there are 2 options; 1) increase the total number of resources within the healthcare system or 2) controlling the spread of the virus though increased testing, home quarantine, avoiding crowds, washing hands, etc. Given the scant lack of resources we have at the moment (see lack of PPEs, lack of ventilators, etc) we are left with option #2. I personally draw the line regarding the current societal measures at the point where the healthcare system can't keep up with the spread of the virus. It is a far more expensive and timely battle if you get behind and are trying to pay catch-up. What do you think would have happened to the economy if we did nothing?

    Also, if you are concerned about adding $2 trillion dollars to the national debt, perhaps now would be a good time to discuss with your member of congress about repealing Trumps tax cuts. Total bill for that was also $2 trillion, and the majority of that went to the wealthiest people in the country. Getting that money back and using it to pay for those individuals who are unable to work would certainly help, wouldn't it?
    You know nothing about economics. Tax cuts are done to create revenue for the government - which the Trump tax cuts did at record levels. The problem is the Congress increased spending more than the amount of revenue being collected - like they always do. Tax cuts are for revenue generation that is it. Stop wealthiest American bullshit. Homeless people do not create jobs you fucking moron

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    Quote Originally Posted by markus1 View Post
    I'd like to see the statistics where covid is shown to be:

    A. The underlying cause of death


    B. An associated cause of death.

    Are the covid numbers we are seeing in the news all in category B. Partly in category B, or all in category A.
    In CT if you die and happen to have the chinese virus, you are deemed to have died FROM the virus.

    I wonder how many states are doing this? I mean, we have 500K a year from heart attacks, if you happen to have the virus is the cause now the virus? 7,500 people die every day, day after day after day. How many of them are now "DEATH BY COVID!!!!"


    BTW, here are the fraudsters in CT. They lied about a 6mo dying from the virus. poor baby died from something else but happened to have it. never let a death go to waste.

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    Article from Reuter: " Barely a month before Europe embarked on a scramble for masks, ventilators and testing kits to fight coronavirus, governments told Brussels their healthcare systems were ready and there was no need to order more stocks, EU documents show."
    Exclusive - 'Things under control': how Europe sleepwalked into the coronavirus crisis - Reuters

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    "Sometimes Big Brother provides really interesting information."


    How much is Utah still going out? Google knows.

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