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Thread: COVID19 Factors We Should Consider/Current Events

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    Hundreds of Congressmen Influenced by China - YouTube

    After his little commercial he has Interesting take on why a lot of this stuff is happening

    Anyone that believes Biden was elected fairly and denies he’s in the pocket of the Chicoms is ignorant

    Willfully or otherwise

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Cox View Post
    Okay 2 questions since I'm curious. First question, do you have a link that discusses or lays out the timeline above and everything above?
    There are countless web sites that document the "Q Proofs"...demonstrating without a doubt that "Q" and the POTUS have been coordinating. However, most of these sites have been deplatformed because....?

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Cox View Post
    Second question is who exactly is the "Q Team"?
    Nobody outside the "Q Team" (as you call it) really knows, and you can understand why it must be that way, right? Plausible deniability is one reason. Safety is another. The most the President has said about it it is: Trump Discusses Q

    However, on October 14, 2019, General Paul E. Vallely (Major General, USA, Ret.) was interviewed by show host Mike Filip on AmeriCanuck Internet Radio of Canada.

    Gen. Vallely was asked by a listener in Mike’s chatroom, “Who’s the individual calling himself or themselves Q?”

    Gen. Vallely answered the following: “Q-Anon is information that comes out of a group called ‘The Army of Northern Virginia.’ This is a group of military intelligence specialists, of over 800 people that advises the president. The president does not have a lot of confidence in the CIA or the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) much anymore. So the President relies on real operators, who are mostly Special Operations type of people. This is where ‘Q’ picks up some of his information.”

    Retired General Paul Vallely confirms existence of Q in Interview

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Cox View Post
    Sorry, call me a bit skeptical on this. There are many things I tend to believe about what has transpired this last year, but as a retired vet myself, I'm always very wary and jaded with some of these conspiracies.
    It's ok, Steve. I'm skeptical too, especially since we're down to the wire now and, although MUCH of "the plan" has come to be, the meat of it...the climax...has not happened. If nothing happens and President Trump returns to civilian life, the Super Skeptics here will take great pleasure in the grand failure of "The Plan".

    I'm not sure why anyone would celebrate that failure..but, I'll accept my harassment. If there are criminals stealing from our country, purposefully directing our country down paths that benefit foreign adversaries to the detriment of the people, etc....I support any attempt ("The Plan") to take them down. We'll know if it failed very soon.

    But note how words...that's all the Q posts are...written words...have been attacked from every angle using tremendous resources. Every angle, that is, except a legal angle. And notice how the Press has never addressed any of the questions posed by "Q". That should tell you something.

    From 12/14/2020...
    Quote Originally Posted by Yngvi View Post
    Something big will only happen if the citizens make it happen.

    Qanon has done of a good job of getting people to question the propaganda.
    However, many people have theorized from the beginning that Qanon is really a pysop campaign designed to convince the 2nd amendment supporters to remain passive.
    Yngvi inadvertently made an important point above: The Q posts and the resulting movement is a peaceful movement. It is exactly the opposite of the MSM's portrayal. Remember that when you see false flags involving "QAnon". We believe in and support our Military. "Trust the plan" just means "Trust the military".

    Who surrounds the capital right now? Why is there a cage around the capital right now? Cages serve two protect those inside...and it prevents those inside from escaping.

    My gut tells me this isn't normal; something's gonna go down. It certainly looks like Trump is going down. The Q posts tell you otherwise. We'll know soon. I will say, everything lines up with the Q posts...this is the "necessary scare". Q laid out this insane military positioning around the country 3.5 years ago. I never truly believed it would happen, but here we are.

    I'll also say, if there had been no Q, Patriots (most Americans are patriots, they just don't realize it) would have completely freaked out...which is exactly what our enemies want/need. We are calm. We trust our military.

    And btw, there is no "QAnon". There are only Q posts. You'll find them here: If interested, start at the 1st posts from 2017 (Post #1) and read the first 50 to 100 posts.

    Here is a introductory video made by an regular Joe based on his understanding of Q:The Plan to Save The World

    I believe it's primary purpose was to Awaken the people of the world to the fake reality created by our MSM and our co-opted institutions. In my opinion, that goal was accomplished. MSM is dead. Everyone understands exactly what Twitter / Facebook are now. I NEVER would have believed that could happen 3.5 years ago when "Q" started posting on the "Chans" (anonymous boards) and over time confirmed it's relationship with the President.

    Bottom line: If Q's end-game fails, that means the President's end-game failed. Obviously, that is quite probable given the level of infiltration. I doubt many understood how deep the swamp goes.

    However, the people are now awake.

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    Intersting. I wonder when they were wrong/lying? Now or then?

    Made for a funny film: The Terminal (2004) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers - YouTube

    Quote Originally Posted by Buddy Rich View Post
    Lt. Gen Thomas McInerney on John B Wells

    Long but worth a watch. His segment starts at 1:36:00

    Battle of Domination - John B Wells Live - YouTube

    Gen. McInerney said Trump won 79 million, Biden 68 million. He said the 2 Georgia Senators lost fraudulently. He said they have awesome data to prove it.

    He said the Pillow Guy was at the White House but they would not let him see the President. He said leadership of the fraudulent election committed high crimes and treason. He said Special Ops took Pelosi's laptop. He said Pelosi and McConnell set up the Jan. 6 Capital riot.

    He said Marshall Law should be invoked and military tribunals started. He said Covid is biological warfare by China. He said every rep. that voted for the snap impeachment should be tried for sedition.

    He said Biden used cyber warfare to win primaries after losing NH...He said if Biden does take office "we'll have to play it by ear."
    A fella would wonder what this gentleman could have to gain by fabricating such stories? Can't think of much.

    I don't think Trump is a liar, but he is certainly a bullshitter. My impression thus far is that both Gen. McInerney and Gen. Flynn are straight shooters. So I tend to believe them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haghstull View Post
    Barry I’m not trying to be mean or snarky or whatever. I’m not trying to piss anyone off. But if your audience finds it “almost impossible to understand” one-comma sentences like the one you quoted… could it be that that says more about them then at does about you lol

    Why bother? They don’t need to be censored. Why censor men like he and Simon Parkes?? When the other side has lunatics who think the Italian mafia stole the election over the internet or they’re in custody battles with aliens representing them, you don’t want to silence those people! You want EVERYONE to see how crazy they are!

    You are out of your goddamn fucking mind lmfao. North Korea is a totalitarian hellscape with a history of human rights abuses more severe and extreme than anything in thie history of the modern world. You think he holds onto power via popular support? I’m speechless.

    The substantial element of your country is the large gap in enthusiasm between the candidates.

    The explanation is that Trump’s unprecedented popularity was bought at the price of impressive unpopularity with the other half of the country. Biden couldn’t unite the country with his personal ability or promise as a president, but he was able to unite them together under their shared need to avenge Trump’s betrayal.

    Let me put it through this lens to help underscore how determined and united this coalition was:Richard B. Spencer and I voted for the same person. I was a paying member of the DSA until mere weeks ago, and Richard B. Spencer is an avowed Neo-nazi. We’re polar opposite poles of the political spectrum. Words can hardly express how unprecedentedly powerful a political force would have been needed to unite us, even for one election cycle.

    Words can hardly express the power of Donald John Trump.

    George, I love you and I don’t want to hurt your feelings… but you authored posts a few pages back about thinking that a 2017 animated sitcom starring Joseph Gordon-Leavitt was authentic Soviet propaganda. Could it be that the same lack of awareness that caused you to miss so badly here is clouding your judgement about the election fraud narrative? I think you’re the type who has a sort of need to believe that the people on the other side of the culture war are STUPID, not different from you, and in my experience people who persist in this belief rarely develop very clear pictures of the world.

    You say conservatives have been talking about election fraud for decades. I want you to show me passages by conservative authors alleging election fraud in ’04 and ’16, because I don’t believe you.
    Free T-shirt to the first person who can tell us what this troll has been going on about for the past few weeks. I have never seen the ability to talk without actually saying anything more amazingly on display.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    Free T-shirt to the first person who can tell us what this troll has been going on about for the past few weeks. I have never seen the ability to talk without actually saying anything more amazingly on display.
    I wish I could. My eyes roll back into my head every time I try to read his posts.

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    Unfortunate news from New Jersey - several days old, but just saw this: New Jersey gym owner staying open in defiance of lockdown order says state seized defense fund and emptied bank account

    I guess the state can seize Legal Defense funds. I did not know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    Free T-shirt to the first person who can tell us what this troll has been going on about for the past few weeks. I have never seen the ability to talk without actually saying anything more amazingly on display.
    How about I say academia, that clearly counts and is a summation, even though it isn’t.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wiigelec View Post
    not a us citizen and state resident?
    If I try to sue any state government, my own or any other, over the election, and that's assuming I even had the money to launch something like that, it will be dismissed for lack of standing.


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