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Thread: COVID19 Factors We Should Consider/Current Events

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    An interesting take on the vaccine from Market-Ticker: The West's Obituary in [Market-Ticker]
    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    I don't know. It is presented here for your consideration. I will say that a virus with a 99.991% survival rate and an effective $2 treatment doesn't need a vaccine, deadly or not.

    Antibody-dependent enhancement - Wikipedia
    Rip, we were talking about this 30 years ago. I will always remember being in Dr. North's office (a very well known virologist at BYU who made a lot of money in poultry vaccines) with several friends. We had a wide-ranging discussion on using viruses in this way. We were all so excited about the potential to rewrite DNA, cure cancer, save the world, etc. Oh the therapies we would invent! Then Dr. North sternly interjected, "If you can carry a therapy, you can also carry death...and you may not even know it. Don't ever forget that." The entire room fell eerily silent as we all just sat and stared at each other.

    If we were talking about it 30 years ago then undoubtedly some asshole has been working on it for the past 30 years. And from the link you give below about Dr. Panic's actions with foster kids, it looks like there is no shortage of Dr. Frankensteins who get off doing bioweapon research. There are a lot of people who think the world is grossly overpopulated. Funny, they never volunteer to unilaterally reduce their consumption of scarce resources.

    It's looking like he is really turning out to be one evil man.

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    Biden, Dems To Introduce Bill This Week That Would Grant Citizenship To 11M Illegal Immigrants: Report - Breaking911

    "Undocumented individuals" not "illegal immigrants". Excuse me.
    "Noncitizen" not "aliens".

    The level of gaslighting and mental torture they're inflicting on us is becoming hysterical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anticausal View Post
    The real problem is the media. We could turn everything around in a year if we were the ones programming the masses. As much as Trump effectively poked at the media, he still always yielded if they squealed loud enough. He also never engaged effectively with alternate media. He used it to get elected, then left it alone. Probably his biggest mistake. He should have made a dramatic show of leaving twitter and moved to alternate media day one of his presidency. And he should have never sat down for a single long form interview with anyone from legacy media. His boomer habits did him in.
    Right on; I commented months ago that Trump is too desperate for the fawning adoration of the liberal media, but was essentially laughed off stage. By a bunch of boomers, coincidentally!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yngvi View Post
    Islamic terrorism predates the establishment of the United States by centuries, if not a thousand years.
    They should not be mistaken for friends or allies.
    They are not always enemies either.

    The United States, Europe and the rest of the western world have repeatedly enacted nonsensical Middle East policies; the policies are decidedly counter to the interests of the United States and Europe.
    Nonsense, the first instances of islamic terrorism occured in the postcolonial era. The only reference I could find to islamic terrorism predating the 60's is a 7th century tribe (Kharijites) with an extinct doctrine distinct from Sunism and Shiism. The connection is a reach considering the ideology behind islamic terrorism is a Sunni one. I do not consider historic terrorist acts by muslims to be Islamic terrorism if they weren't religiously inspired and were commited in a struggle for independence, like those against the Dutch in Indonesia or against the Spanish in the Philippines.

    Our Middle East policies are perhaps counter to our (yours and mine) interests, but as mentioned in my OP plenty of people are getting rich from it or benefiting otherwise. Which policy, past or present, do you find nonsensical and why?

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    It appears that reality has caused a bump in the road of implementing a gender-neutral fitness test. Here's the first bit of an article in the Stars and Stripes: The Army could adjust how it scores its new Combat Fitness Test to account for the “biological differences” between men and women, a service spokeswoman said Friday. The reevaluation of the ACFT comes weeks after Congress delayed its implementation over concerns the new test created an unfair disadvantage to female soldiers.
    Army considers change to Combat Fitness Test scoring for male, female soldiers - U.S. - Stripes

    I remember back in the early 80's, a 50 year old male had to run faster then a 18 old female to pass the two mile run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wiigelec View Post
    I know, right!

    It’s crazy to think that—despite tropical plant fossils in Antarctica and seashell fossils on 13,000 foot mountains—we meager humans can’t stabilize this whole disorganized mess, by levying a few strategic taxes and eliminating questionable energy sources.
    Real carbon taxing has just never been tried!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by wal View Post
    I checked and the sun is definitely heading back your way, spring for you folk in a few weeks. It has been the coolest summer this year we have had for some time. Have hardly used the evaporative cooler. (swamp cooler)
    The natives here in FL have said that the previous few weeks before last were the coldest they can remember. Certainly the coldest in my not quite a decade here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wiigelec View Post
    Itís all in the science:

    To The Horror Of Global Warming Alarmists, Global Cooling Is Here

    ...or opinion? Sorry, canít tell the difference any more.
    Oh, they pivoted on that shit long ago, that's why it's "climate change" now instead of "global warming".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cody Annino View Post
    [June 30, 2020] Just give it two more weeks, Rip! Then you'll see, and you'll be sorry!
    (this^ didn't age well)

    Excess deaths are pretty high in Texas for the year....and its still going.
    That's a huge are above the high-95%CI for average death.
    In fact its one of the starkest examples (an individual state) out there.
    Is this all the people who couldn't get there cancer treatments? or all suicides I have been hearing about?
    ...cause that'd be A LOT of deaths to just conjure up.
    Or, are these faked death certificates?
    That would be hard to do.

    - Texas lockdown were early on, may have worked for a spell, then lockdown-fatigue/complacency set in.
    - Population might not be so healthy to have such a huge amount of excess deaths.

    So compare to California:

    one could argue:
    - CA harsher lockdowns did save lives (sure destroyed their economy).
    - they "made it" to the vaccine phase of this mess.
    - I see the old averages are wacked due the recent/previous bad flu is C19 even a big deal then?
    - Their population might be healthier.

    ...discuss !

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    Reporting in from the shithole known as Austin. Havenít had power for about 30 hours. Fortunately gas stove still works and iíve managed to keep the water running. Roads are still fucked and Iím about to walk downtown and see what grocery stores are open. Apparently we canít rotate blackouts here, so some customers have to go without power until ERCOT gives austin energy permission to draw more power.

    Iíve heard that frozen wind turbines are to blame for this energy crisis. Anyone have any insight?


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