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I'll continue to cheer every time a cop gets shot.

Just doing our jobs. LOL. Yes, you are the bad guys.
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Yes, it's very hard to understand the guys who work as Democrat thugs in blue administrations. It's like they grew up worshiping the Stasi/KGB/Gestapo, playing brown-shirt when they were 8 instead of cowboys and Indians. They actually arrested people for singing the National Anthem after their piece-of-shit school board declared them to be trespassing.

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Civic duty? Like this? WATCH: Parents Violently Arrested After Singing National Anthem While Objecting To Critical Race Theory Being Taught To Their Children – enVolve

I agree that the parents elected this school board, and that maybe they will wake up next time. But I'm talking about the cops here, who do not work for the school board.
Here's the Canadian version, polite jack-booted thugs: Login • Instagram