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Thread: COVID19 Factors We Should Consider/Current Events

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    Quote Originally Posted by francesco.decaro View Post
    I was just checking to see if anything changed. It just shocks me to see so much incoherence in a set of rules.
    You make the vaccinated ones do two tests, which means admitting that they can get Sars2 and spread it. BUT they don't need to isolate, even if both tests come back positive.
    If you are unvaccinated but both your tests come back negative, you still have to isolate for 7 days.
    This goes against all logic.
    It's obviously a punishment vs. a reward
    Yup, they are following Israels tactics. Soon you will all have to isolate even if vaccinated unless you came from a supposed "green" classified country from their arbitrary rules that can change whenever and however the authorities so choose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quagmire View Post
    Table 4 from Denninger's blog post.
    He says

    This is a problematic claim.
    The NHS report does say that the current infection rates among many age groups is higher among the vaccinated. However, this does not mean it is the vaccine directly causing the increased infection rates. Here is a more(?) likely reason: people after vaccinations go about their lives more close to pre-pandemic times (the message has been, if you're vaccinated, then you're protected against severe illness and hospitalisation). The unvaccinated are being more careful to avoid the virus. Hence the living environment of the two groups is different.

    A similar argument was being made on this thread last year -- that the environment of people in New York was different than that of people in Wichita Falls, and hence the risks were very different.
    If that were so "The jabs are destroying existing immunity" what about measles which has an RO of about 15 compared with CV-19 which about 5 and measles has been virtually eliminated in countries which have high vaccination rates for this disease. However among some communities here which do not vaccinate children measles outbreaks have occurred. Measles which is highly infectious compared with CV-19 has been suppressed with MMR vaccine.

    Here is a list of what we have been vaccinated for here in Aus if you are interested.

    Vaccine history timeline - health.vic

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    Barry, I think you will enjoy this interview of Malone Telegram: Contact @RWMaloneMD

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgeYoung View Post
    The problem here is that these points do not reflect settled law regarding vaccine mandates. Vaccine mandates regarding the smallpox vaccine were upheld by the Supreme Court in 1905 as cited by "Jacobson v. Massachusetts" which ruled that you don't have the freedom to place other people at risk. This ruling was later upheld regarding vaccine mandates for children in school and was referred to as settled law. Recently the Supreme Court refused to hear a case against Indiana University's required vaccine mandate, further cementing this as settled law.
    "Settled". Keyword used by people who believe things are a certain way and can never change at any point. "Settled" law, "settled" science, and so on. But here's a fun fact...getting these COVID vaccines does not prevent you from putting others at risk. I have yet to hear an explanation on why they do anything about the delta variant at all. COVID vaccines key your immune system to attack the spike protein. Delta has a different spike protein. You may as well be vaccinated against the flu.

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    CDC’s COVID-19 Travel Warning List Dominated by Heavily ‘Vaccinated’ Countries

    Colpo’s latest

    Authorities keep insisting that once most of us get ‘vaccinated’, we can begin to travel freely once more. None other than the CDC is showing this to be a lie. It has compiled a COVID-19 travel advisory list, and over half of its “Do Not Visit” warnings are for heavily ‘vaccinated’ countries. Furthermore, people travelling directly from many of these same countries are now restricted from entering the US:

    CDC’s COVID-19 Travel Warning List Dominated by Heavily ‘Vaccinated’ Countries – Anthony Colpo

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    Would anyone be able comment on the other vaccine mandates we currently have non covid vaccines? Children and childcare workers are required to get measles mumps rubella, tetanus, among others. I personally the usual shit - mmr, tetanus, etc., among other vaccines. I wasn't exactly pissed at being asked to provide record of this prior to working with kids. By all means I think these vaccines have been great benefit for society. Polio vaccine saved a lot of people, for example. But didn't all of these vaccines have years of safety and efficacy evidence prior to mass distribution?

    Why couldn't the supreme court rule that in this case there's not enough evidence to support mandating everyone to get a covid vaccine that has by all accounts barely been verified or studied? It would seem prudent to do so before adding it to the list of shit we all should be required to get.

    I'm not too worried about the covid19 vaccine effect on anyone's health. Have our military not been given all manner of experimental vaccines and they're generally fine? Besides the fact that I know a lot of people that have put all manner of terrible shit in their body, more than a halfass vaccine, and I see them walking around just fine. I'm not really on board with all the fear mongering that the covid vaccine is gonna be the thing to do my ass in. Pretty sure I'll be fine too.

    In any case I find it a stupid endeavor for our entire globe to be fixated on a damn disease that's 99.75% of people recover from anyway, and the one's who don't are usually some combination of fat/old/unhealthy. I'm more angry about the lack of anbody's ability to comprehend basic statistics and possible consequences/2nd&3rd order effects than than anything else.

    I don't know exactly what's going on but I doubt the entire globe is on the verge of becoming a completely non-free and corrupt dystopia. Might be a bit of an overreaction. I'd like to believe we might have actually accomplished something in the last several hundred years. I do think I've witnessed a larger amount of stupidity this last year and a half than I'd care to admit though. My guess is that the end result of all this will be somewhere in the middle of what the far lefties and far righties are both wetting their pants over.

    Quote Originally Posted by Buckshot View Post
    I've been following this thread since the beginning but finally feel compelled to add my two cents. How interesting when someone, "Mr. Young," feels compelled to invest time posting wordy nonsense and accusing others of laziness while citing Jacobson to imply that our present situation with vaccine mandates isn't absolute, tyrannical bullshit. Jacobson involved a legislative act - a Massachusetts state law - obviously to anyone who has read it, or better yet understood it, distinguishable from Biden's unconstitutional use of an executive order to attempt to enforce his mandate. For what it's worth, Jacobson was subjected to a $5 fine for his refusal to be vaccinated.

    Biden knows his order is illegal (not to mention ineffective even if it was legal) and that the courts will find it so, but when the inevitable winter wave of cases occurs he will be able to blame the courts for interfering with his attempt to "fix things." His administration exists solely to point the finger elsewhere for its failures.

    Also, and though it's not directly relevant to this specific issue, the argument that the law is "settled" is equally as foolish as the argument that science is ever "settled." Both continue to evolve, though the law does so more slowly. If the law was actually settled here, it would be settled in favor of the executive branch lacking powers assigned to the legislature.
    I think this is a pretty fair statement. The supreme court would probably rule this shit is stupid. I'd also mention that this country has survived it's fair deal of bullshit administrations and inept government. Somehow, society hasn't been destroyed yet. I think we'll figure this out at the end of the day, if history is any tutor. It's like the world has forgotten the last 10,000 years of ebbs and flows of stupid shit that humanity has seen. During that time, we generally have improved as a species, from the time that we used to do shit like chop people's heads off for sport. Everyone's worried that this one, particular demonstration of idiotic government that has been put into office is the one that will end it all for us. I think we'll recover from it in time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgeYoung View Post
    However, if the posters on this board want to continue to narrative that COVID is just the flu and mortality rate isn't that high, why would you care? Shouldn't you just be resting at home after making a quick run to the nearest tractor supply store to pick up your meds anyway?
    Excuse me, COVID is not the flu, but the common cold. The only way in which it can kill you is if you go to a hospital and have a professional put you on a ventilator (or if you are really fat). And I have been trying to get infected for almost two years now, to no avail, first without thew vaccine now with it. Where is my badge?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgeYoung View Post
    Rationing is going to happen as the treatment will not be available to everyone.
    Nobody is saying to give it to everyone. Only to the specific demographic groups that need it.

    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgeYoung View Post
    However, if the posters on this board want to continue to narrative that COVID is just the flu and mortality rate isn't that high, why would you care? Shouldn't you just be resting at home after making a quick run to the nearest tractor supply store to pick up your meds anyway?
    I think your the one being lazy as it appears you have failed to read but most of all understood the many nuances discussed in this forum.

    Telegram: Contact @VaxStats

    For all those years I have been involved with data, I thought I knew how one could hide and torture data enough to get the result one wanted.
    But this....I have never seen this low yet.
    One of the subscribers brought up a concern that VAERS is hiding data in the following fashion now.
    In one row of the dataset they managed to pile 726 death events.
    So, when you analyse the data, you would count individual IDs of the reports.
    But here, ONE distinct ID contains 726 deaths!

    Take a look.
    ID 1669577
    DEATH; This spontaneous report received from a consumer via company representative concerned 726 patients of unspecified sex, race and ethnic origin.
    The patients height, and weight were not reported. No past medical history or concurrent conditions were reported.
    The patient received Covid-19 vaccine ad26.cov2.s (suspension for injection, route of admin was not reported, batch number: unknown and expiry date: unknown) dose was not reported, 1 total administered, start therapy date was not reported for prophylactic vaccination. The batch number was not reported.
    Per procedure, no follow-up will be requested for this case.
    No concomitant medications were reported.

    On an unspecified date, the patients died from unknown cause of death.

    It was unknown that whether autopsy performed for reported patients. This report was serious (Death).; Sender's Comments: V0: 20210860208-COVID-19 VACCINE AD26.COV2.S-Death. This event(s) is considered unassessable. The event(s) has an unknown/unclear temporal relationship, is unlabeled, and has unknown scientific plausibility. There is no information on any other factors potentially associated with the event(s).; Reported Cause(s) of Death: UNKNOWN CAUSE OF DEATH

    So, the death count of last week is now not 595 as I reported yesterday.
    It's 1320 in a single week!

    If they are going to continue this, screwing up already screwed up stats, I don't even know if this worth doing as this is a complete circus at this point!
    You can find this report and read it for yourself in the raw file published yesterday under 2021VAERSDATA.
    - OpenVAERS Data - OpenVaers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manumission View Post
    Jacobson did not "rule that you don't have the freedom to place other people at risk." Instead, the court in Jacobson held that a state legislature is authorized to enact mandatory vaccination laws as part of its police power. In our federalist system of government, the police power belongs to the states - not the federal government.

    Not only is the new mandate outside the scope of the federal government's power, it was also enacted by Presidential fiat rather than through duly enacted legislation. In our system of government, the legislature makes the laws, not the executive branch.

    There are federalism and separation of powers issues here that were not present in the Jacobsen case or the Indiana University case.
    You seem to have a serious misconception regarding how this works and what is being mandated. The mandates are not directed at the states, but rather federal employees, federal contractors and health-care workers at facilities that receive federal funding. This is within the scope of the federal government regarding the vaccination of their employees and who they choose to do business with. States can still do as they please. For example, if you open up or are employed by a starting strength gym, there is no federal mandate requiring vaccination. That is unless this gym is receiving federal dollars. If so, then they would be required to get their employees vaccinated if they want to continue to receive said dollars. There is also no new law that is being created, but rather the enforcement of laws that previously exist. Therefore new legislation does not need to be passed and your point about "duly enacted legislation" is moot. Any private companies can also choose (but are not required) to enforce vaccine mandates for their employees as terms/conditions of employment. Certainly you can refuse the vaccine if your employer (whether that is the federal government or private company) requires it, but they don't have to choose too continue your employment.

    No one is stepping on state rights. If your employer wants you be be vaccinated (and in this case the employer would be the federal government) they have every right to do so according to already existing laws which have already gone through repeated challenges at the supreme court. If you are unhappy with your employers requirement you are free to quit and find a new job, but your options for future employment may be limited. Enjoy your freedom, but it does come with consequence.

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    starting strength coach development program
    CURE COVID IGNORATE, DENUNCIA-BOMBA DI TRINCA E FUSILLO AI PM: “Farmaco antiSARS finanziato UE Inutilizzato in Pandemia” - Database Italia

    If you guys can manage to translate this in english, this sounds like incredible news (mabye I'll try to translate the good stuff if I can find the time).
    Basically these lawyers are making a lawsuit based on the documentation which shows that we've had the actual cure for Sars and SarsCov2 since 2005, apparently a compound called Cinanserin (?) which interacts with an enzyme in the virus which is present in all types of Sars viruses and stops its replication, unlike the focus given to the spike protein. But it was obscured for years until recently apparently.
    They seem to have a lot of proof to go by and could sue the government health minister and others for denial of treatment, which also manifested itself, as we all know, by censuring any demand by experts and MDs to use vitamin D and all sorts of home therapies.
    If the people can resist and not vaccinate themselves and keep giving into this craziness, we might have a chance at finding enough proof and enough people willing to risk their lives to show it.


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