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Im not sure of the dosage because I didnt start it early (I was feeling Covid for about two weeks before my hospitalization), only during the week before my hospitalization where I was pretty much a fevered mess. So I dont know what I took. My wife gave me pills and I swallowed them.
For others reading: timing and dosage are critical. Take it as soon as you think you may have been exposed. Follow the i-Mask+ protocol: I-MASK+ Protocol - FLCCC | Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance

Note, the dosage recommendation has doubled: 0.04mg/kg of bodyweight. If you're 100kg (220lb), you need to take 40mg daily, with a fatty meal.

If you're late and get admitted to the hospital, follow the math+ protocol which includes an Ivermectin dose of 0.06mg/kg of bodyweight. That's 60mg for a 100kg (220lb) guy: MATH+ Protocol - FLCCC | Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance

If you follow the studies on this stuff, you'll notice that late administration and lower dosages result in worse outcomes compared to faster treatment at higher doses.

Have the stuff on hand and take it if you get exposed. It stopped my wife's symptoms in their tracks, prevented me from getting it (unless I was asymptomatic anyways), and has helped several friends with similar and undeniable results - around 12 hours after the first dose.

If you have long Covid issues or an adverse reaction to the vaccine, check the FLCCC's website for treatment protocols. I've seen Ivermectin work for both.