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Thread: COVID19 Factors We Should Consider/Current Events

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiva Kaul View Post
    Data is what you have, what you see. But what about data you havenít seen? Thereís (effectively) an infinite amount of it, so you have to reason about it in a different, less tangible way. What is an infinite reservoir of data called? A distribution.

    So, no - it goes both ways.
    What is a small reservoir of data called ? A distribution. Thatís what makes it so useful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Harlin View Post
    And inspiring. The suit should be massively punitive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Harlin View Post
    Sad part is really gonna be how much of a coin flip the outcome of the suit is gonna be. This all goes back to my response to the rise of the horse dewormer narrative. Of course people are going to get desperate and try that, because you stupid fucks won't let them get the prescribed meds for humans.

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    Page 159 of the PDF
    Table 2e. Characteristics of Antiviral Agents That Are Approved or Under Evaluation for the Treatment of COVID-19
    The information in this table is derived from data on the use of these drugs for FDA-approved indications or in investigational trials, and it is supplemented with data on their use in patients with COVID-19, when available. 

    Information on CQ, HCQ, and LPV/RTV are available in the archived versions of the Guidelines. However, the Panel recommends against using these agents to treat COVID-19.
    on page 161, directly after explaining the approved dosing regimen for Remdesivir, is the dosing regimen for Ivermectin.
    is this a tacit approval by the NIH for the use of Ivermectin?
    Robert Malone seems to think that this is classified as an approval made in this “silent” update to the NIH website (albeit the recommendation on page 125 is neither for nor against).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    Keep reading the thread.


    Very Important re: shipping/supply chain disruption. It's California's fault. It always is.

    The California Version of The Green New Deal and an October 16, 2020, EPA Settlement With Transportation is What's Creating The Container Shipping Backlog - Working CA Ports 24/7 Will Not Help, Here's Why - The Last Refuge

    Sacramento should be nuked from space. I am totally serious.

    It gets even better.

    A lot of truckers, and mostly bigger companies, just threw in the towel and conceded to placing orders for new trucks ...

    ...but BEHOLD!!!! you are still screwed:

    Chillicothe Kenworth Parking Unfinished Trucks Waiting for Parts - Scioto Post

    I received my new KW dumptruck a few weeks ago, I had to wait about 9 months from the time of the order.
    My salesmen told me just by dumb luck, because of the odd-ball drivetrain I had ordered they managed to have the parts, micro-chips in particular, to complete my truck. It still took a long time though.

    According to him, there are approx 5000 truck-units sitting there in that fairground parking lot mentioned in that article.
    Its just not "chips" too. Air bags, windshields, a whole host of "supply chain problems".

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    Dark Horse discusses the demonetization of FLCCC from PayPal and the temporary removal of the McCullough peer reviewed myocarditis paper from Elsevier as just a couple of examples as to why the mainstream public haven't heard much from highly professional academics and physicians that speak contra to the accepted narrative.
    Consensus science by intense coercion and censorship (from Livestream #100)

    Just following orders ha. We need a serious Nuremberg 2 to deal with these evil fucks!
    MUST WATCH: Avi Yemini steps in for woman violently arrested in Melbourne

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kitsuma View Post
    There is no data. There are only lies and propaganda.

    In this environment, the distribution curve is always in the shape of a middle finger and behind it stands a bunch of assholes laughing at us.
    Best post in a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CommanderFun View Post
    This all goes back to my response to the rise of the horse dewormer narrative. Of course people are going to get desperate and try that, because you stupid fucks won't let them get the prescribed meds for humans.
    Goes straight to what Fat said:

    Quote Originally Posted by FatButWeak View Post
    The proper term is "immigrant", not "migrant." They invented the term "migrant" to invoke images of migrating birds, butterflies and other wildlife. Migrant birds belong there. They leave someplace where they are native and seasonally migrate to another place/climate where they are also native to feed, reproduce whatever. Migrant wildlife belongs there..

    Migrant peoples do not belong in Europe; they are not native to Europe. Also, unlike migrating animals who return to whence they came, these peoples are staying there for good, unless expelled. Don't use that term, "migrant."

    The term "immigrant" is proper. Hell, the term "refugee" might be proper. I don't really know. But to use the term "migrant" is incorrect. Do NOT use the words they shove down our throat.

    See also "plant based," "diversity," "climate change" and "dudes who cut their dicks off but insist on being called ma'am."
    Ivermectin is merely a horse dewormer. That's it's only use, you see, and it poisonous to humans because, after all, we are not horses. This works perfectly on stupid people. "Masks save lives. Just wear the damn mask." "There have been no deaths from the vaccines. Stop being an anti-vax CRAZY and just take the jab!!" "Vaccinate your children if you love them." "Follow the Science. Believe the Science." They have done a great job of completely transforming society over the past 18 months, and we have permitted it to happen.

    Here's Denninger's take on this very thing: You DESERVE This Outcome in [Market-Ticker-Nad]

    Along with the Australians (MUST WATCH: Avi Yemini steps in for woman violently arrested in Melbourne) we are a bunch of shameful cowards. Society is collapsing around us, and we have not merely permitted it to happen, we have gleefully participated -- out of the sense of communal responsibility that has been indoctrinated upon us by the government schools we grew up in.

    This is what the end of the American Experiment looks like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jovan Dragisic View Post
    No apologies necessary, both of your posts are great. Personally, it seems to me that the excess deaths are due more to various forms of malpractice (social, medical) rather than vaccine side effects. This will likely go on for several years, as the social and medical system have been turned upside down. The crazies will point to undiscovered Covid or whatever.
    Thanks for the kind words. Please specify what "various forms of malpractice" you refer to and also please explain what you mean by "the social and medical system have been turned upside down" and how that would get otherwise healthy teenagers dead.

    Quote Originally Posted by IlPrincipeBrutto View Post
    This. So much This. One hundred times this.
    Thanks for saying it.

    When words lose their meaning, people lose their freedom (Confucius, I believe).

    Anyone who enters a country without proper papers/procedure is an illegal immigrant; they can transition to the status of refugees, if they apply for it and their application is successful.

    My only disagreement with your post, which I largely agree with, is that they do not even deserve the term "immigrant."

    Immigration, an immigrant... the movement of people groups from one country to another have been a hallmark of the history of humanity for millennia. It is in the modern era, with the advent of formal state governments, the codification of rules, and criteria being defined as to who is and who is not allowed in, that the concept of legality became part of discourse and practice.

    There are millions of people in this country who were born abroad. Many (although not all) love America for what it was, what it promised and offered, and what it is, despite all the leftist garbage (CRT/kneeling/"defund the police") that has corrupted so much of this awesome and wonderful country. These whom I refer to at the very least entered by paying every fee, filling out every required form correctly and truthfully, obeying every requirement and fulfilling every law, and waiting the corresponding period of time.

    This type of foreigner who enters the U.S. through the system, with the system knowing and authorizing it - that's an immigrant.

    Fiston Ngoy and all the people who have surged the border since January 20 (to borrow Biden's words from a debate - numbers which have broken records, overwhelmed Border Patrol, and demoralized Border Patrol officers).... these are not illegal immigrants.

    These are illegal aliens who must be summarily arrested and deported from this country.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TommyGun View Post
    Not so fast. A place like Cairo Is is a second or third tier option for container transport. It is unlikely to see the volume which will match the optimistic projections.
    Correct and my apologies, particularly to David A. Rowe, for failing to note the desire for an immediate alternative. Cairo is indeed a few years from coming up to speed, so not an answer to the current mess on the Left Coast. But once it does, the transportation from it is pretty abundant. The Canadian National, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, and Union Pacific railroads all pass nearby along with I-57, I-24, and I-55 as well.

    Heartland indeed. Lotsa big transportation arteries around there.


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