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Thread: COVID19 Factors We Should Consider/Current Events

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry Charles View Post
    I don’t think so. What do you have in mind?
    Successive governments from say the Daddy Bush and Clinton eras have used the US diplomatic, military and intelligence apparatus to push the US into conflicts, trade deals and an attempt at an international system of government directly antithetical to American national interests, but useful for various international “governments “, essentially organized crime syndicates. This is essentially a slow moving coup, and it is still continuing with the Biden administration.

    Quote Originally Posted by mkm5 View Post
    Jovan, I couldn't agree more, other than this. What if he was simply placed there to rile up Patriots so the system can get a digital footprint on "the enemy?"

    Those 65,000 new agents are being hired for a reason.
    Trumps very first moves were executive orders to unilaterally pull the US out of the TPP and TTIP. These were Obama era deals which had undone twenty years of WTO negotiations in order to enable Volkswagen the control of American industry. You don’t issue executive orders like these and survive unless you have the backing of a serious bunch of people in the establishment.

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    As of today, there are more accused pedophiles at CNN, than Americans who have died of the Omicron variant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    I guess if you still live in New York, you're just fine with this. It's not like you didn't see it coming. And it's just started rolling.
    New York has a long history of being a piece of shit corrupt state, and the people keep voting it in.

    If anyone remembers Spitzer's reign of terror as "a mutherfucking steamroller", this sort of rule-with-an-iron-fist idea may sound familiar:

    Legal Affairs

    "The purpose of the Martin Act is to arm the New York attorney general to combat financial fraud. It empowers him to subpoena any document he wants from anyone doing business in the state; to keep an investigation totally secret or to make it totally public; and to choose between filing civil or criminal charges whenever he wants. People called in for questioning during Martin Act investigations do not have a right to counsel or a right against self-incrimination. Combined, the act's powers exceed those given any regulator in any other state.

    Now for the scary part: To win a case, the AG doesn't have to prove that the defendant intended to defraud anyone, that a transaction took place, or that anyone actually was defrauded. Plus, when the prosecution is over, trial lawyers can gain access to the hoards of documents that the act has churned up and use them as the basis for civil suits. "It's the legal equivalent of a weapon of mass destruction," said a lawyer at a major New York firm who represents defendants in Martin Act cases (and who didn't want his name used because he feared retribution by Spitzer). "The damage that can be done under the statute is unlimited.""

    Now, in addition to the AG having all that power over the financial affairs of the people, the Governor has control over their health and physical freedom. Checkmate New Yorkers. You let it happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenni View Post
    If you're managing rent/property values in NY, you could probably move almost anywhere in the south fairly easily.
    I'm not. I'm struggling like hell to turn my part time job into a full time one, currently bureaucrats are fighting to keep that from happening and I am stressing a lot that I might lose even the part time job entirely. It is not easy to find work around here. It's going to get even harder if the supreme court doesn't pull through.

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    Quote from the BBC on Biden's plans for responding to the omicron variant: "1,000 military medical personnel will be deployed to hospitals nationwide over the next two months, five times the current amount"
    Didn't anyone tell the president the military is short medical personal and always has been. Every medical person you take away from the military, is one less to care for our military. Sucks to be them, and that's what they'll get told "Suck it up"

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    Quote Originally Posted by TommyGun View Post
    Great question. The research universities are dependent on federal money to conduct their research. The Feds decide what gets researched.So solid, legitimate grant proposals do not get selected for funding if there is a chance the data and conclusions are, lets say, not entirely aligned with the narrative. Don’t blame the universities, they wont bite the hand that feeds them.
    That's a great point. Really a travesty for the scientific realm, and given the number of old/sick people we could have saved with some effective treatment, a humanitarian crisis too.

    Quote Originally Posted by anticausal View Post
    SF Bay Area update after the new statewide CA mask mandate: social mood mostly unchanged. Slightly more emphatic warnings from door greeters, but no one else cares, just like they didn't care two days ago. Everyone just sheepishly continues to wear their masks and leave me alone.
    Thankfully we don't have to wear them in the gyms.

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    Fun and I are in the same boat. Stuck here in the great socialist utopia of NYS. I've lived in this state my entire life and its tragic to witness its decline. This is not the same place where I was born and raised. I'm in the west end, just south of Buffalo and while the bulk of the rural and upper middle class suburbs lean to the conservative side, we are being outvoted by the urban epicenters, which are all as left as any place in California. I built a state compliant AR last year and was a bit surprised by all of the negative reaction I received when I discuss the project, even though it is within the parameters of our disgraced former governor's "safe act" and completely legal to possess. People whom I considered reasonable at the time recoiled in disgust and questioned why I felt the need to own such a weapon, even though it is really not an AR at all with the fixed magazine. Even when I describe the "safe act" modifications, people can't fathom why I'd want to own a firearm that looks that scary. When I reply that its for home protection, I hear "that is what the police are for". Very, very sad. Fortunately my wife and I nearly have the house paid off and are reading to punch out, but I still have just a few years to go before I can retire. Hopefully we'll survive here until we are able to move south to the land of the free. It'll be a glorious day when I move to a state where can dump a 30 round mag into a target just for shits and giggles. Not that I believe in wasting ammo, but it can be my final salute to this place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anticausal View Post
    Check out this guy on the subway, tube, or whatever the hell they call it over there defying the mask mandates.

    Well done! Now just imagine how much more powerful this would be if someone else on the train took off their mask in solidarity, walked over and asked to shake his hand (emphasizing the rejection of elbow or fist bumps) to thank him for standing up. In fact, why leave it to chance? Just team up with a like-minded person to play the part. We could probably create some great viral propaganda if we "stooped" to this level.
    England's last man with two functional testicles. Someone buy him a plane ticket to Florida or Texas. He is welcome.

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    Adverse events reported from the COVID-19 vaccines: A descriptive study based on the WHO database (VigiBase®)

    “RESULTS: A total of 103,954 AEs were reported till January 24th, 2021 from 32,044 subjects. There was a total of 424 deaths.”

    As of today Dec 21, 2021 there are 2,803,086 AE’s reported in VigiBase®

    Assuming the same 3.24 AE’s per person and the same 1.3% death rate per person, that would project 37,089 deaths from the 2.8 million AE’s reported so far. This does not include the Underreporting Factor (URF) estimated to be between 40-100x.

    - VigiAccess

    And this is coming from a guy who is a huge supporter and promotor of the vaccines and the narrative in general.
    CDC Director is Wrong Re Myocarditis Numbers 5-11 & CDC Cannot Count Vaccine Doses - Huge Blunders! - YouTube

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    Quote Originally Posted by David A. Rowe View Post
    Brief update. ....

    Oh well. Not much you can do for other people, I suppose. There has been more common sense displayed here than I thought. Except for the state health department and some of my family.
    Do the nasal wash protocol that Peter McCullough stole from the Japanese: about a teaspoon of povidone iodine in a cup of warm normal saline. Caught early enough, it kills all of the shit in your throat before it gets to your lungs.

    Quote Originally Posted by CommanderFun View Post
    I'm not. I'm struggling like hell to turn my part time job into a full time one, currently bureaucrats are fighting to keep that from happening and I am stressing a lot that I might lose even the part time job entirely. It is not easy to find work around here. It's going to get even harder if the supreme court doesn't pull through.
    Maybe you could be a coach. We're hiring.

    And this headline cuts right through the bullshit: Hospitals Choosing Patient Death Over Ivermectin


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