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Thread: COVID19 Factors We Should Consider/Current Events

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    Quote Originally Posted by shabu View Post
    The laughs keep coming in australia, now that the government has decided to "let 'er rip" every dumb fuck with the slightest symptom of a cold is now queuing up for testing, throwing the health system into shambles.

    213,789 active cases
    0.8% in hospital

    A total of 4 deaths from this current round so far.
    As of 12/19, these were the numbers:

    Australia, deaths by state:
    Victoria 1,280 -
    NSW 621 -
    Queensland 7 -
    ACT 14 -
    WA 9 -
    SA 4 -
    NT 0 -
    Tasmania 13 -
    Australia 1,948

    The population of Australia is 25,902,500.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuciusSulla View Post
    In the words of PJ O’Rourke, ‘don’t vote, it just encourages the bastards’
    My dad used to say this. Nice to know where he got it from.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CommanderFun View Post
    My prediction is democrats' main thrust this year will be divided between two agendas. One will be pushing "voting rights" legislation (as in giving more rights to vote to people who shouldn't be able to, and to enshrine universal mail-in voting).
    Schumer Says Senate will Vote to Ditch Filibuster to Advance 'Voting Rights' Bill - Making it Easier for Democrats to Steal Elections

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Grantham View Post
    That was my point.
    Then what do you think? Not about junk blogs or silly stuff that gets posted, but about deceptions committed by those working in your field and its vicinity. People expect you to have a public opinion about this.

    The rest of the scientific world is losing patience with the silent treatment. In Viral - the recent book coauthored by the Broad Institute's Alina Chan, endorsed by computer scientist Scott Aaronson, among others - you can find a withering assessment of Peter Daszak, who prominently funded research in your field.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mkm5 View Post
    As for the stock market? It makes zero sense to me how it can keep going sky high during a "pandemic" and economic crisis. It likely won't end well for us. Same script as 2008 probably.
    See the bit about the fed artificially inflating it. The Federal Reserve has got to go. They've basically handed the key to our entire economic system to Blackrock, and they are using it to not only subvert legitimate market forces but also trying to force changes in culture. Central planning at its worst.

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    Something to keep an eye on.
    It appears Bolsenaro was over the mark.
    Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro hospitalized for intestinal obstruction

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    Quote Originally Posted by Subby View Post
    Police operate day to day in America with it's 400 million guns. They arrest criminals and dangerous people in the drug trade all the time. A population that is well armed and has few hesitations about committing to violence. If crack dens filled with armed high criminals get regularly raided successfully, how are you personally going to present a greater obstacle? Remember if your killed, you're an old white dude that's on the wrong side of the political fence. The media will castigate you as a trump terrorist and your governor will proclaim his allegiance to the thin blue line and say what an awful situation it is and how horrible it is that white supremacy leads to dead cops. Your death in a shootout will allow cnn to keep the lights on for about another week.
    I mean, sure they arrest armed people, but this is a whole SWAT team going after one guy. If they do that individually for every gun owner, it would take them a very long time to disarm the entire population.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Subby View Post
    What is that?
    In very imprecise words:

    Apparently, the SARS-CoV2 virus has got two spike-like structures, S1 and S2, joined in the middle by a furin cleavage; that's a zip-like mechanism that affects which of the two parts becomes predominant in the virus' behaviour. One spike affects how easily the virus spreads, the other how serious the consequent infection is. Depending on the position of the furin 'zip', the virus can oscillate from difficult to spread but serious, to mild but very contagious.
    Control of the furin cleavage is, according to some, one of the main keys to controlling the infection; in some virus mutations, the mechanism is affected by the level of zinc in the body; this explains why for some variants, HCQ, azytromicine and zinc supplements seem to have had a positive effect on patients that got the virus. This might change in future variants, so it will be important to find out which other mineral affects the furin's mechanism.

    Important note: furin-based mechanisms control a lot of other metabolic cell processes, so just blocking it altogether is a no-no; a way needs to be found to block the specific furin cleavage in the SARS virus, without affecting the other furin-based mechanisms that are essential for the normal functioning of human cells.

    The importance of the furin cleavage is that its presence, and its position (in the middle of the two spike parts) is new for SARS-like viruses. Apparently, no natural SARS-like virus has got a mechanism like that, placed exactly in that position, and acting in precisely that way.
    According to some, this would suggest that the origin of the virus might not be entirely natural; in other, more tranchant words, some people think that the furin cleavage was placed there on purpose.


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    Canada showing some balls for once….

    The Pfizer Inoculations Do More Harm Than Good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    In my office right now, I have a shotgun and 3 handguns within 4 feet (1.2m) of me right now. And that's just my office. You Australians are an odd lot. They have really beaten the balls off of you, and you have some serious misconceptions about life in a nominally free society.

    You seem to know a lot about Texas. Where do you live again? Let me help you out: in Texas, any law-abiding citizen can carry a firearm in the car. I have a License to Carry. When I'm stopped for a traffic violation, the officer comes to my window, tells me his name and agency, and asks for my driver's license and proof of insurance. I provide these as well as my LTC (which requires a background check to obtain). He says, "Are you carrying a weapon now?" I say, "I am, two of them." He says, "Where are they?" I say, "I have one in the console and one in that brown bag." He says, "Thanks, just leave them alone while we're talking." I say, "Absolutely, officer." Happened two weeks ago, in fact. I don't drive in states like Maryland, New Jersey, New York, California, etc., where the state laws are similar to Australia's.

    You're wrong about the Bundy Ranch too.
    Technically in my state of SA I can carry a gun in my car too as long as it isn't being brandished. I can throw it on the back seat. Not that it matters because it's still in Australia.

    My point is that the existence of guns isn't the insurmountable obstacle that people like to think it is. It's more of a maginot line and there are more ways to undermine and encroach than there are to use it to affect change. There's not many steps between crime prevention and civil war.

    If 400 million guns can't be seized from the populace overnight, the government will just reduce the number of gun owners by making it hard to be one. The trend line goes down.

    Re: Bundy Ranch what did actually happen? I was vaguely interested in it insamuch as I assumed it was a noteworthy event but not enough to research it. All I gathered is that the fed government wanted to run a water pipe through bundy ranch and it was a long running issue untill some fed agency sent agents to force the issue. The bundy family responded by calling out a few hundred supporters which caused a standoff. Eventually the government backed down and ran the water pipe somewhere else and continued on their merry way.

    What did happen?


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