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Thread: COVID19 Factors We Should Consider/Current Events

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    Quote Originally Posted by mkm5 View Post
    Regarding the Quercetin supplement I mentioned yesterday, my understanding is it has a similar effect as HCQ in helping to get zinc where it needs to go in order to fight or protect against viruses.

    I haven't heard about any bans on Quercetin yet, like they have with Ivermectin, HCQ, and N-AC, but I'm stocking up anyway.

    Research it and see for yourself.
    Amazon is still fully stocked with quercetin from several manufacturers.

    Early on, it was identified as an over-the-counter isophore, functioning similarly to HCQ, but not as effective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jovan Dragisic View Post
    Superspreader events do not exist, they are pure fiction. Do not use the term new normal in any context, it is a brainwashing term, you just spread the brain infection to normal hosts.
    I got tired of sneer quotes.

    But yea, it’s good to bring the point forward periodically.

    However, there /are/ superspreader events. Mind bugs.

    Exhibit A, ironically, “new normal” verbiage.

    And, propaganda from dept of HHS prime-time TV commercials singing an indie folk tune over kids on a playground - “You’re gonna be alright…”, promoting vexing.

    Quote Originally Posted by mkm5 View Post
    Regarding the Quercetin supplement I mentioned yesterday, my understanding is it has a similar effect as HCQ in helping to get zinc where it needs to go in order to fight or protect against viruses.

    Yes, also heard it improves Zinc uptake, which is important since same internet scrape said Zinc uptake alone is poor.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post

    These people are criminals, and everybody seems to be just fine with that.
    And criminally incompetent. Just like the election IT fiasco. “Stored on a /secure/ 3rd party server.” Boilerplate language.

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    Yes, that is my understanding as well.

    I wonder how many vodka & tonics it takes to get the same effect from quinine?! Probably too many, but I'm willing to give it a try if need be!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jovan Dragisic View Post
    You must understand though that you are many many levels away from proper mental hygiene. There is no “delta”, no “omicron”, nothing is bypassing anything by mutating, there never was any gain of function research, there is no SARS-Cov2 furin cleavage site, there never existed a young doctor in China who reported on Covid deaths who then got sick and died, no more people will get infected by anything than is normal for a respiratory season (I haven’t, I have never had the flu, I hardly ever get the cold and so on). There is only the normal respiratory season, which happens every year, will probably continue to do that until there are living people, and the indiscriminate mass slaughter of frail people in the hospitals for money, which will probably get toned down for a few years now.
    There is video of Fauci in October 2019 lamenting that people don't take the flu seriously enough, pondering how to correct the perception to get us to universal vaccination. This whole thing was almost certainly a fraud in every single respect. Too bad the general public has no immunity to Big Lies and high functioning sociopaths.

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    Quote Originally Posted by giampierod View Post
    1. I am eating crow on this point.
    Nothing to be embarrassed about. Back in November 2019 when I started following this thing (when everyone around me thought I was crazy for talking about it, before they decided it was the most deadly thing ever when the news told them so), I thought it was a really big deal. When it got here and one I knew was dying, and in fact no one I knew even got seriously ill from a COVID infection, my opinion changed. It's good to change your opinion when new facts arise that contradict it. I wish more people were capable of this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan DCNT View Post
    To Mark's point, perhaps the 2nd Amendment has not prevented a noticable difference between the US and Europe/Australia/Canada... yet. Perhaps things haven't gotten bad enough... yet.

    The Masters, the people who have made the Big Plan, are doing everything they can to win by demographics vs direct conflict. And I don't mean ethnically, I mean ideologically. There's a reason that they are socially engineering men to become less so. The food, the drugs, the promotion of sedentary, indoor lifestyles, are all driving testosterone levels down and creating this bloc of androgynous blob creatures who exist more in digital space than they do in their actual communities.

    They are creating this population of impotent, hormonal chimeras who lack any agency or sense of self-determination, precisely to avoid direct conflict, because they know they'd lose otherwise.

    I remain optimistic however, as history has proven that small, smart groups working together can overcome.


    A pretty funny example of the creation of androgynous blobs in the West, for longer than you intended to consider, is that, when I explained the concept of "pick up lines" to my fifty-something Russian oil company exec at our ESL lesson, and asked for examples of what a pickup line would be in Russia, he deadpanned: "Poshli v teater." (Let's go to the theater). We've been trained to think that's like Fred Flintstone dragging Wilma by her hair (whereas it's probably biological and natural), which has gotten us females who get offended if you hold the door or offer to carry their bags for them (the latter happened to me in Moscow! So maybe this is an urban/rural divide, rather than East/West or Old/New World).

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    Quote Originally Posted by FatButWeak View Post
    This is website twaddle. This is what lawyers and marketing teams do - control the opinions of those who use a business's services and those government meddlers who would interfere with a business's performance in their duties. This is not a statement of "the science" or anything else of technical, medical or scientific merit. Are you a child?
    Dr Kory is the guy among others that formed that website if you think it is twaddle take it up with him. Can I help it if their advice is that their protocol is only a "bridge" to Vaccines. He testified to the US Senate about his protocol for containing Covid , do you know better than him?

    Quote Originally Posted by David A. Rowe View Post
    wal, there are many, many factors at play here you're not considering.

    Look at this data, and sort for Deaths by Age - All Groups: CDC COVID Data Tracker

    Pay very close attention to the ages most affected. I don't believe this data is good, but it's a big part of what the CDC uses to drive their decisions.

    1. Is the initial increase in death actually a sharp exponential curve mid-season with a sharp drop off, or is it a drastic increase of testing with an unreliable test/assay driving a rough awareness of the actual infection of the population?

    2. What does the second season say for the infection death rate in the population? Does it look like "vaccines" had a significant impact on death rate? Death is, after all, one of the primary metrics for determining the efficacy of a therapeutic or "vaccine" is working.

    3. What does the current season look like for death rates? Why might that be?

    Factors you and the CDC stubbornly seem to ignore (not, necessarily, in this order):

    1. More of the population has become aware of various treatments including prophylactics, but primarily the supplementation of vitamin D3 in order to become vitamin D3 replete (=> 50 ng/ml). Impact? Unknown, because nobody tracks this. We do know that it virtually eliminates death in all but the oldest populations with the most comorbidities, or perhaps the truly immunocompromised individuals. We're not really tracking that, either.

    2. The average comorbidities for deaths, admitted by even the CDC, is close to four. These comorbidities increase with age, and likely in part due to Metabolic Syndrome from a life of not enough physical activity, strength training and eating well (enough).

    3. Herd immunity acquired through natural immunity. While it confers less protection against variants given the antigens generally change due to mutations, natural immunity has been proven to be more effective and for far longer than whatever benefit has been acquired from the "vaccines." Therapeutics have never been tracked appropriately, and our only indicators are what the protocols did in general populations at the country level. I'm counting Indian states as countries because of population.

    4. Prophylactic use of hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and iodine/iodide remains virtually untracked in the population, and has some vast unknowns and questions. There are some studies showing efficacy, but they aren't at the scale where we know for certain. None of them carry any statistically significant risk, though. Perhaps ivermectin at 0.2 mg/kg of body weight has a very low effect for old, comorbid and/or vitamin D deficient populations. Maybe it doesn't even work that well as a prophylactic in the general population. It does appear to be effective for a therapeutic, still.

    5. The apparent spread and number of symptomatic cases related to Omicron variant have seen a dropping of extant monoclonal anitbody infusion use due to them having no efficacy as a therapeutic. The antibodies that worked for Delta do not work on Omicron, at all. Why, then, would the antibodies acquired from either the "vaccines" (theoretically) or natural infection from the novel SARS-COV-2 virus be reducing symptoms including death?

    6. It is a long-held truth that virus variants, due to the pressures of natural selection, see the mutations that make them more transmissible and less deadly "win out" and remain more prevalent by epidemic or pandemic spread. Why does this seem to be virtually ignored by everyone, and what effect(s) may be present, primary/secondary/tertiary, given the widespread use of these "vaccines" on the population? Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) comes to mind as merely one possibility.

    The most infuriating thing, though, is that we frankly don't know anything for certain. Because studies, data tracking and analyses are so corrupted, improperly performed, and "poisoned" at this point to know for sure. That also doesn't say anything for the outright suppression of information, data, institutions and individuals trying to act as a counterbalance for rational discussion and refinement of our understanding. It leaves individuals and groups in the general population, like this board, attempting to make sense of the entire debacle while the innumerate effects, on health or otherwise, ravage the world's population and economies.

    Are we wrong? Certainly to some degree. We're biasedly using incomplete information to abstractly form an conceptualization of what is actually occurring in reality. But are we more wrong than what the WHO/CDC/PHE/HPS/HPA/HPW recommend? I'd say no.

    I offered my own infection experience, which tends toward the more extreme for this variant, as an anecdotal example to learn from. A little piece of ground truth from my AO in the battlespace as part of the larger war. Even then, while I felt like shit for two weeks, I was never at risk of death at any point. The only reason I went into the hospital was because it was a) the only facility open and b) capable of determining if I had a more serious, antibody-resistant bacterial infection. I was there for three hours. Most of that was waiting on doctors and a chest X-Ray. I only wonder what would have happened if we'd had the ivermectin protocol on-hand to begin immediately after a positive antigen test instead of 3-4 days into the infection.

    They didn't even check for infection -- they just assumed it was all COVID, but had no issues saying I wouldn't be as serious if I had taken the "vaccine" directly after telling me monoclonal antibody treatments weren't working.
    Dave I do not have two lifetimes to answer all that, you maybe 100% correct, but since Mark said you are a modern day Jed Clampett, well I need to know does oil really bubble up from the ground like Texas Tea?

    Quote Originally Posted by anticausal View Post
    Can you do me a favor, wal? Can you spell out what you believe the risks of the "vaccine" and the risks of covid are for each of these cases: 15, 25 and 45 year old male. Furthermore, since the vaccine clearly does not completely negate COVID risk (and might even enhance it), what is the net reward of taking the "vaccine" in each case? And finally, in which of these cases does your perceived net reward justify the risk?

    I'm not even sure exactly what you believe about all this, so this might provide clarification.
    What do I believe? Mark can tell you that, however my opinion is and I could be wrong is that the Ivermectin protocol that the FLCCC provide may help, but since the main proponent of it Dr Kory himself ended up with covid I would have serious doubts, they even doubled the the intake after this. As far as the Covid vaccine goes I believe it is the only shot left in the gun unless you want to live on the moon. Could I die from a vaccine injury, maybe, but I am dead already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wal View Post
    So does that answer your concern? If you read this statement say they vaccines prevent severe outcomes from Covid and Ivermectin is a supplementary additional treatment. Their protocols are only a bridge, surely that is plain enough.
    What concern? What are you talking about? Once again, I was pointing out that if you think that the "Ivermectin king" getting Covid somehow invalidates Ivermectin, then every boosted person getting covid invalidates the vaccines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Subby View Post
    Yet more fucking depressing lows from australia.

    Tennis guy Novak Djokovic got an exemption to play in the aus open by the the state. He gets into the airport and the federal government then cancels his visa and tries to deport him.

    Fortunately it got thrown out and his visa is reinstated by a judge.

    The worst part is seeing a decent chunk of the country angry at him for "not following the rules"

    Absolutely disgusting crab in the bucket mentality.
    Who cares about tennis? It is a boring game which has about as much appeal as cricket, netball, and American football. Tennis Australia needs a TV audience, what better way than give Novak a medical exemption which would be stopped at the boarder and then pay for his appeal which would have been granted anyway because the appeal process takes months. Will you be watching? Not me, I am going to watch the paint fade on the back wall.

    Quote Originally Posted by coldfire View Post
    I wasn't looking for any answers. I was pointing out the flaw in your argument.
    You sound like my Mrs.

    Quote Originally Posted by CommanderFun View Post
    It's like you're not just skeptical of ivermectin as a COVID treatment, you seem to actively want it to not work. Do you hold a lot of Pfizer or Moderna stock or something?
    I am skeptical about many things, If Ivermectin works that would be great, but if the premier website calls it bridge to Vaccines who am I to argue.


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