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Thread: COVID19 Factors We Should Consider/Current Events

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    Corruption By Design

    Project Veritas exposes more odour:

    FDA Exec on Camera Reveals Future COVID Policy "Biden Wants To Inoculate As Many People As Possible" - YouTube

    What do you think of this Rip?

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    Quote Originally Posted by anticausal View Post

    Don't be so certain they will succeed. There is only so much hell they can unleash, and all of it involves risk.

    The biggest problem at this moment is the subversive moderating voices like Jordan Peterson. Only yesterday he was softly nudging the Truckers to declare victory and go home.
    Agreed about Jordan Peterson but since day 1 he has always shown his true colours and in the middle of his strained-faced sermons about green-haired feminists and trannies and "the importance of telling the truth", he has always advocated against group think, group behaviour and group action by Western men. He has always offered disenfranchised Western men a place to powerlessly gather & wallow in the political dead-end of individualism and multiethnic anti-collectivism. This latest J.P diarrhea makes perfect sense.

    I have been trying to think about how to refute your other point, about the protests and elites, without sounding black-pilling myself. The reason this isn't yet it, is because these guys aren't protesting Trudeau's government or Covid-19 restrictions- they are going up against globalism and, as relatable, white, working-class Western men, they represent an impediment to globalism's existential obsession with efficiency. They won't let these people threaten their legitimacy. They don't even need to crack their skulls or put them in the gas chamber - they have plenty of ways of economically snuffing them out.

    The three stores of power are:
    Political power - government force, the military, etc.
    Social power - your word, free speech, someone like Greta.
    Economic power - the power of corporations.

    What is left open to us if we want to institute change? They/we don't have $100 Billion or financial organisation. The truckers aren't even allowed to receive donations from private citizens. Bitcoin isn't going anywhere. So, economic power is off the table. They don't have control of, and can't compete with, the power of Big Tech and corporate media, so the same goes for social power.

    Ironically, it is democracy. Democracy is the only game in town, but things will have to get much, much worse and affect many more minds before people wake up. In your lifetime, 100 million migrants (or more) will arrive in the West. Globalism will continue to seek to dissolve the idea of nation states further. Efficiency will be pursued at all cost, think the proliferation of the thinking behind Amazon's robots. When sportsball and Pornhub no longer cut it for the people, then we'll have a chance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan DCNT View Post
    It's interesting, if you look at the "conservatives" that orchestrated the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, they have something in common with Mark Levin, and many other pro-war "conservatives."
    The neocons are just progressives in (really bad) drag, which are, of course, Leftists. It's been this way since Lincoln, but it's much easier to keep getting screwed by them and believing their toothless talk about freedom and the Constitution than to admit being a sucker.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    If you ask the government and their media, it will be demons LONG before it will be the vaccine.
    I'd be surprised if there were any demons available for these B listers, considering how many A list politicians and media personalities are clearly hosting them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Jackson View Post
    It's a weird world we live in when Rogan has been proven to be a whore and a dramatic tennis prima donna has been proven to be even more redpilled and based.

    Rogan really is just a Hollywood martial arts jock-hippy pothead with some kooky hobbies. Useless champagne socialist. Disgusting.
    His beliefs suck, but his real issue is he values being liked over everything else.

    It's impossible to do the right thing without being willing to be hated for doing it. Sure, that risk is often only in your own head, but the disposition and the will to be the odd man out has to be there regardless. But we have a few decades (at least) of showboating do gooders, most of whom mostly, or only, offered "raising awareness" as their service to humanity. Applause is the drug.

    Joe has enough fuck you money to literally change his tag line to "nigger, nigger, nigger" and be fine, but he doesn't even have the spine or balls to tell the truth.

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    It's not just "wear the pointless mask," it's "wear a different mask." Fuck these people. On a plane you are backed into a corner and basically can't do anything and these pieces of shit know it.

    When and if this alleged pendulum swings back to the right, airlines should be banning things like nose rings and pink hair.

    Normally I'm fairly libertarian and just tolerate the bullshit and their ugliness, but nah, those days are over. Crush and humiliate the left as they attempt on us today.

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    I cannot believe what I am seeing with my eyes, and had to pinch myself to make sure that I was not hallucinating. I appear to be awake.

    The New York Times expressed it's support for Ottawa truckers peaceful protest :

    NYT editorial board backs Freedom Convoy's right to protest | Daily Mail Online

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    Quote Originally Posted by francesco.decaro View Post
    If someone doesn't protect their bitcoins properly, it's their fault for having them stolen.
    If you prioritize security, no one will take it. Even quantic computation would be a pretty huge effort on the government's part to guess the seed of 1 wallet, let alone hundreds millions of them, some of which are empty or most of which wouldn't be worth nearly as much as the cost of stealing it.
    But yeah, if we want actual ownership of our money, we need to learn how to handle it, just like you would with a piece of land, or with other commodities; you don't just buy them and let them rot, or hide them in plain view, right?
    That's my question I keep asking. How does one protect his bitcoin from force? I'm trying to figure out what I'm missing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmdrfunk View Post

    It's not just "wear the pointless mask," it's "wear a different mask." Fuck these people. On a plane you are backed into a corner and basically can't do anything and these pieces of shit know it.
    I literally moved so I wouldn't have to fly again in the foreseeable future. On one flight I was threatened with an emergency landing of the plane if my mask went below my nose "one more time". On another flight I saw a stewardess insisting that a small child keep putting his mask on between rounds of vomiting. God only knows what these psychos are doing in schools.

    These middle aged female enforcers think they can get away with anything and just cry for mercy if it ever turns south. They absolutely have to pay, and not in some abstract sense. It has to hurt so bad that they never even dream of being in a position of authority again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mkm5 View Post
    Yes, if I remember correctly, it's called Soylent Green.

    Here's FJB joking about that time he put a dead dog on a lady's front porch. I haven't heard a laugh track like this one since the 70s.

    Not a lie, c'mon man, those are his real teeth too.

    Biden: "I mean I'm not being solicitous, it's just true." - YouTube
    Did anyone else catch the "political persuasion" remark??


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