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Thread: COVID19 Factors We Should Consider/Current Events

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    I sent this video to two of my daughters, one with a 9 month old baby, and the other due any time now. There was a link to making homemade baby formula to be used if the mom has any issues with nursing.

    The link was blocked stating it violated "community guidelines."

    I thought this might be more than useful considering the current state of this administration thinking starving babies is just business as usual.

    Apparently, the algorithm disagrees with me.


    Introducing Food to Baby ? Transitioning Your Baby From Breast Milk to Food ? Dr.Berg - YouTube

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    This is complete bullshit. The "other treatments" haven't been tried in severely ill patients, because the "other treatments" haven't been approved for use by the Bureaucrats in Charge.

    We don't know. Because the data is shit. As I have mentioned. It is very difficult to deal with your extreme level of obtuse.
    I'm aware that you do not believe the data largely because you do not trust the people providing the data. I get it that you don't think that people are capable of making the right decision when money is on the line. I can't say that you should not have that opinion because that has apparently been your experience. However, that's not been my experience. Remember that scientists are an arrogant bunch. Many would jump at the chance to be the first one to show that the paradigm is wrong. Many would rather be right than wealthy.

    I'm not saying that the data are perfect, but folks smarter than me have estimated that at the end of the omicron wave, about 40% of the country was infected. 200,000 death would give an infection fatality rate that is in the ballpark of the ifr of influenza in this population. Maybe they're not as far off as you would like to think.

    Although I don't really appreciate the obviously snide BS that gets slung in my direction, I must say that I appreciate you engaging in the conversation and I truly respect your willingness to allow posts that you don't agree with (iow for putting up with my obtuseness).

    to answer a couple of other posts...Someone indicated that the VE against infection with the original virus was 60% but failed to provide a reference. If they're willing to point me to where it says that, I'm happy to look into it.

    I have watched the Kary Mullis video years ago when it was about HIV. His invention was ground-breaking but his concept of PCR bears very little resemblance to what is being done now. It is a bit like Alexander Graham Bell saying that you can't send text messages through a telephone.

    Shiva. You are well aware that you are misrepresenting my point. It's lame.


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