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Thread: COVID19 Factors We Should Consider/Current Events

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    Here's a fascinating new development in federal law enforcement: U.S. Capitol Police plan to open a Tampa office. Why?

    The US Capital Police with an office in Tampa. The "insurrection" happened 2 1/2 years ago, and these guys can't seem to get anybody charged with the crime of Insurrection. So the logical thing to do is open a field office.

    And another fascinating development: Hawley to Garland: Explain this 25-agent FBI raid over a simple assault allegation – HotAir

    The FBI raids the home of a man charged with simple assault, after the local authorities declined to prosecute him. Assault not being a federal crime, and there being no circumstances that would have made it a federal crime. Granted, the man and his wife don't like abortion, and are publicly pro-life. The federal law enforcement apparatus has become the Democrat Party law enforcement apparatus.

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    An article that is really about Trump as the Undemocratic Anti-Christ. And Ukraine is Jesus. Who must spill its blood to save us.

    Why Ukraine Will Win | Journal of Democracy

    This is Hill Porn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smokeyjones View Post
    Putin himself expected the capital to fall within days.
    How do you know that?


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