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Thread: COVID19 Factors We Should Consider/Current Events

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry Charles View Post
    A close call between, John Kerry, AOC, and Maxine Waters, but Kamala is the GOAT.
    Massachusetts says your welcome. Thank us for Ted Kennedy. And you must surely love Elizabeth Warren D-MA, right?
    And we gave the world John Kerry. Mitt Romney? We gave that RINO the start to his political career, twice elected governor as an alleged Republican.

    And we have a deep bench of up and comers ready to go full Communist Manifesto in Congress.
    I wish I was kidding. May God have mercy on us all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GammaFlat View Post
    For the sake of credibility: Those vaccinated may have done so for a reason (health problems vs. "I'm healthy and therefor do not need vaccine") thereby skewing the death rate some. Unhealthy people die more than healthy people.
    No Masks, Please, We’re Rational | City Journal

    Unfazed by data, scientific research, or common sense, the maskaholics are back. In response to an uptick in Covid cases, they’ve begun reinstating mask mandates. So far, it’s just a few places—a college in Atlanta, a Hollywood studio, two hospitals in Syracuse—but the mainstream media and their favorite “experts” are working hard to scare the rest of us into masking up yet again.

    Never mind that at least 97 percent of Americans have Covid antibodies in their blood as a result of infection, vaccination, or both. Never mind that actual experts—the ones who studied the scientific literature before 2020 and drew up plans for a pandemic—advised against masking the public. Never mind that their advice has been further bolstered during the pandemic by randomized clinical trials and rigorous observational studies failing to find an effect of masks and mask mandates. Scientific evidence cannot overcome the maskaholics’ faith.

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    not all heroes wear capes - by el gato malo - bad cattitude

    "90% of cameras in SE London have been disabled or stolen as the Low Emission Zone is due to come into force on Aug-29"

    Funny how even hyper liberal places suddenly become not liberal when its their pocket book on the line, is it not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    This is hilarious. We won't even build a gym in California because of the regulatory environment, and these idiots want to build a CITY.
    They can afford the necessary bribes. You're not big enough.

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    Been binging on a little Unz today.

    Secret Intelligence Leaks vs. Basic Common Sense

    During 1940 the determined efforts of President Franklin Roosevelt to involve America in the war against Hitlerís Germany were blocked by the overwhelming opposition of the American people, running at 80% according to some polls. A group of young Yale Law School peace activists had launched the America First Committee and it quickly attracted 800,000 members, becoming the largest grassroots political organization in our national history. The leadership of the AFC included many of our most prominent business and journalistic figures, and famed aviator Charles Lindbergh, one of our greatest national heroes, served as its top spokesman.

    With American antiwar sentiment so seemingly strong and resolute, various political stratagems were employed to reduce it. In late October 1941, just few weeks before the attack on Pearl Harbor finally settled the issue, FDR announced in a nationwide radio broadcast that he had obtained a German map that revealed the secret Nazi plans to seize control of Latin America, which Hitler would then use as a base to attack the United States as part of his bold plan of world conquest.

    Our President declared:

    Hitler has often protested that his plans for conquest do not extend across the Atlantic Ocean. I have in my possession a secret map, made in Germany by Hitlerís government Ė by the planners of the new world order. It is a map of South America and a part of Central America as Hitler proposes to reorganize itÖThis map makes clear the Nazi design, not only against South America but against the United States as well.
    Probably millions or even tens of millions of Americans believed FDRís words about that direct threat to our national security and therefore softened their resistance to our countryís involvement in the European war. But as historians have long since acknowledged, the map was a forgery, probably produced by FDRís own close British collaborators. In an earlier private conversation with the British ambassador, FDR had warned that his secret activities with the British would probably lead to his impeachment if they were revealed.

    I think few Americans at the time were willing to publicly accuse our President of such major falsehoods, but from a distance of more than eighty years, what strikes me is the sheer absurdity of FDRís accusation. Germany had no significant navy and had been stymied for over a year by the barrier of the English Channel, only 18 miles wide. Yet apparently a large majority of the American media and the American public were willing to believe that the Germans could easily cross the thousands of miles of the Atlantic Ocean and gain control of the countries of South America, whose total population was considerably larger than that of Germany itself. So the excitement of being privy to a secret intelligence document seems to have triumphed over rational thought in the minds of many people, including eager journalists.
    Why Everything You Know About World War II Is Wrong

    At first, my focus had been on more recent historical events, but I soon began doing a great deal of reading and investigation into the history of World War II as well, gradually realizing that a large fraction of everything Iíd always accepted about that war was completely incorrect.

    Perhaps I shouldnít have been too surprised to discover this. After all, if our media could lie so blatantly about events in the here and now, why should we trust it on matters that had happened long ago and far away?

    I eventually concluded that the true history of World War II was not only quite different from what most of us had always believed, but was largely inverted. Our mainstream history books had been telling the story upside-down and backwards.


    Numerous other leading scholars and journalists, both contemporaneous and more recent, have come to very similar conclusions, but they too often suffered severe retaliation for their honest historical assessments. For decades William Henry Chamberlin had been one of Americaís most highly-regarded foreign policy journalists, but after he published Americaís Second Crusade in 1950, he vanished from most mainstream publications. David Irving quite possibly ranks as the most internationally successful British historian of the last 100 years, with his seminal books on World War II receiving enormous critical praise and selling in the millions; but he was driven into personal bankruptcy and narrowly avoided spending the rest of his life in an Austrian prison.
    They've been forcefully squashing narratives since long before we started noticing social media censorship. When a narrative can't be questioned, you should assume lies are buzzing around it like so many flies around a decaying corpse.

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    This is a favourite argumentation strategy of the bolsheviks.
    They have no honour, no rules and no morals, but they want you bound and tied by strict rules of engagement.
    They want you to think it would be dishonorable to speak out or take action.
    If you are too smart to be convinced of that, they want you to participate in idle bickering, one-upsmanship and other forms of pointless internal quarreling.

    Everyone here is taking active measures based on their own situation,competencies and decisions; even if it is as simple as getting strong, refusing to mask up, refusing to take the vax or pulling your kids from the public school indoctrination camps.
    For the people in New York City and State, supporting or attending the anti-illegal alien protests is currently the most important measure to address injustice.

    The victim asks for affirmative action in admissions, undeserved employment or unearned welfare; the man seeking justice demands admission based on merit, fair pay for fair work, full compensation for their contributions to the country, self-determination of his nation and the unhindered freedoms promised in the constitution.
    America First.

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    I am seeing chatter online that we are about to go into phase 2 of "in this together" here soon. Some companies are already asking their staff to "mask up". How else can we beat the imaginary coof.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenni View Post
    That's about how I feel. I'm not going to agree very much with someone who is the type of person to be in politics. I'll settle for "headed approximately the same direction on a number of ideas." I'm open to changing my mind about the Hindu. But for now, your post pretty much sums it up for me.

    I can't have what I want. What I want is a leader who has done the shit he/she is asking us to do. I want a leader who's led troops into battle, survived hardship, had to self reflect and adapt to survive. I want someone self-possessed and driven enough that they can't be threatened or cajoled. That person doesn't exist in the political realm, probably. The choices are paltry and not worth us.
    I'm not sure that person exists at all in this age, and if they do they probably are already fucking exhausted and want to retire. Problem with the presidency is that anyone who'd REALLY be a good president sees it as possibly the heaviest responsibility a human being can take on. Everyone else sees it as an opportunity of some kind, and those are the people really driven to attain it. The qualities that make you best at the job do not line up well with qualities that win elections.

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