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Thread: COVID19 Factors We Should Consider/Current Events

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    Quote Originally Posted by anticausal View Post

    So why don't they call themselves out for giving money to Hamas?

    They're pissing on you and telling you it is raining.
    Possible. It's also possible that it's not a conspiracy theory.

    At worst, Israel is guilty of thinking it could play a game of propping up one terrorist group and thinking that would negate another terrorist group from gaining too much power.

    Or - it's possible that it's all a conspiracy by Israel to get 1000 of it's own citizens raped and murdered so they could... have an excuse to invade the Gaza strip?

    Why Netanyahu helped fund Hamas and how that backfired for Israel - India Today

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    A couple of fascinating, unrelated things here: Insurance Industry Execs ‘Alarmed’ by Surge in Deaths Among Young People — But Stop Short of Blaming COVID Shots • Children's Health Defense

    Executives at the largest insurance companies in the United States are alarmed that teenagers, young and white-collar Americans in the prime of life are inexplicably dying at a record pace, causing a “monumental outflow” of death claims and drag on profits that is shaking the industry and causing some to take a fresh look at the problem.

    According to an Oct. 26 report in InsuranceNewsNet, U.S. insurance companies expected higher-than-normal payouts from excess deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Insurers saw death benefits rise 15.4% in 2020, the biggest one-year increase since the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic, followed by a record $100.28 billion — nearly double the historic norm — in total death benefits paid out by the industry in 2021.

    “The numbers were naturally forecasted to climb during the pandemic, but some industry and health authorities are concerned the rates haven’t greatly diminished as COVID infection rates have declined,” InsuranceNewsNet reported.

    According to InsuranceNewsNet, insurers are especially concerned by data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that show “mortality rates alarmingly rising for different categories,” including younger adult mortality rates that are up more than 20% above historic norms in 2023.

    I just spoke with Todd Yetman, brother of Gregory, the man hunted down by FBI for J6 related offenses.

    The conversation was sad, infuriating, and in some instances, funny.

    First, he said the FBI staked out their home for THREE MONTHS prior to the raid on Wednesday am.

    (Todd, Greg, and another brother live together in the home their father built in NJ).

    After Todd and his other brother left for work after 6am, Greg left the house around 7am to go to work. They all work for same company.

    That's when armed FBI agents and SWAT vehicles surrounded Greg.

    "Greg walked out, froze in the face of guns drawn, and ran."

    A woman who lives with them heard the commotion. When she opened the door, she faced armed agents who told her to get on the ground. She thought they were being robbed.

    About 30 armed agents stormed the house and property. They threw flashbangs inside areas of the property including the garage. This resulted in broken windows of vehicles and a boat.

    "They went nutty, tore up the house, stuff scattered everywhere."

    Agents told Todd, after he returned to the house that afternoon from work, to open his gun safe. When he refused, they told him if he didn't, they would break it open. Although not a defendant, FBI took his guns and ammo.

    Todd confronted the agents, asking "who killed someone?" They treated my brother like a criminal, Todd said.

    Vehicles were everywhere blocking the driveway and parked around the property. FBI and local law enforcement used helicopters, drones, and search dogs to try to track down Greg. That's when Todd again confronted agents.

    "Go get Hunter, go get Joe Biden," Todd said. "Everyone of you is corrupt, you're all Joe Biden's puppets." He demanded to know why they were not arresting Antifa and BLM.

    They then asked him not to be rude, lol.
    There will come a time when I cannot post things like this. I hope you see this coming.

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    Whistleblowers: FBI officials singled out agents who were former military for anti-Trump retaliation - Washington Times

    FBI accused of targeting Trump types; agents who served in military deemed ‘disloyal’
    Mr. O’Boyle lost his security clearance after he testified before the House Judiciary Committee panel investigating the weaponization of the federal government. His security clearance was suspended in September 2022 over allegations that he leaked information about a criminal investigation to Project Veritas that FBI officials said “compromised the case.”

    Mr. O’Boyle ended up homeless after he lost his security clearance and was suspended without pay, according to the disclosures.

    Officials in the FBI’s security division, or SecD in bureau lingo, suspended Mr. O’Boyle’s security clearance after his transfer to another field office. He and his family became financially stranded and homeless in their new city, it said.

    The disclosure said FBI supervisor Sean Clark and Ms. Perkins were behind the scheme to punish Mr. O’Boyle. They allegedly transferred him across the country with the intent to suspend and financially devastate him.

    “Clark bragged to at least one other FBI employee in SecD that he was going to really ‘screw’ O’Boyle,” the disclosure said.
    The FBI is, of course, offended:

    “It is wholly irresponsible of The Washington Times, and this reporter, to include outrageous and demonstrably false allegations that the FBI singled out former military employees. It is offensive that The Washington Times chose to publish, on Veteran’s Day, such baseless, unsubstantiated claims and include the names of FBI employees, one of which is a veteran. The FBI has not and will not retaliate against individuals who make protected whistleblower disclosures. We do not target or take adverse action against employees for exercising their First Amendment rights or for their political views. The FBI is proud to have many veterans in our workforce and we thank all veterans for their service,” the FBI said.

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    The employees of the FBI should all commit hare kare and do us all a favor.

    Truly the scum of the earth at this juncture... "He's just doing his JOB".

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    It's TIME to get REAL about Bill Maher (video, 10 minutes 34 seconds)

    In this video, Academic Agent doesn't do any voice over. He just shows you a few clips and lets you have your own thoughts on them. Watch it before continuing, if you don't want any of what I have to say below coloring what you see.

    The first clip is fascinating in that I could not even comprehend these things being said about any other group of people than Europeans. I hate to have to point it out, but note that Sharon Osbourne is also Jewish (I couldn't help but wonder, so I looked it up). So the first clip is two Jews sitting around, smoking weed and celebrating the replacement of the English. How is this acceptable in any way? How desperate are these people to be hated by their hosts?

    The last clip is also fascinating. To accomodate a group of nomads, they attempted to end history and make the entire world nomadic through globalism. And now there is something of a panic in Jewish circles as they realize how miserably globalism is failing. In an important sense, globalism really was in many ways a Jewish experiment. Understanding this helps us see why "globalist", "cosmopolitan", etc are often attacked as "antisemitic" by the media and many Jews. It is an attack on one of their most cherished programs, which they openly cherish not just in a general sense, but specifically as Jews.

    Yeah, yeah. I fully understand it's not all Jews. It's never all anyone. A sub-group of psychopaths always tries to latch on to any movement that secures influence or power. It's just the way things are. Having said that, a few years ago I watched this debate between Rabbi Shmuley and Bret Stevens from the New York Times:

    "Is Trump Good for the Jews?"

    What I found most striking here was not where they differed, but where they agreed. Most of their differences were just standard red vs blue bickering. But when they got to the topic of immigration, amazingly their opposition melted, and they both came into strong agreement that Trump had to be corrected on immigration.

    At about 11 minutes into the video:

    Bret Stephens: "Now this worries me because to be anti-immigrant strikes me as antithetical to the liberal values that have been so good for us as Jews. Had a Trump administration been in power in 1950 there's no way my mother--a displaced person with seven dollars, and no means to support herself, and no skills--would have ever been admitted into this country. And yet a generation later her son is the elitist snob at the New York Times, paying many fold in taxes than what it cost the United States to bring us here. Each of you is one, maybe two generations away from some poor schlemiel who came from, like my grandfather, from Bessarabia or Galicia or one or other country. And I bet they didn't come with PhDs and with great skills. I bet they didn't speak a word of English. I bet many native... many Americans here thought of them as smelly Jews with Bolshevik politics. And in my case, many of them did have Bolshevik politics, I'm sorry to say."
    I'm very glad the taxes on your NYT salary made up for those Bolshevik politics, Bret.

    At about 28 min into the video:

    Rabbi Shmuley: "So Bret is absolutely right that the Jewish community has to speak out about immigration. And tell the Trump administration that, amidst our phenomenal gratitude for leaving the Iran deal, for supporting Israel at the UN, for promoting and protecting Arab Muslim life in Damascus and Aleppo, that America is what the Statue of Liberty says it is: it's a place of refuge."
    Note also that the poem on the Statue of Liberty was written by a Jew. Tucker Carlson has mocked that poem several times on his show. "The zeroth amendment", as some on the dissident right have referred to it. So if it wasn't before, it should now be clear why Tucker is "antisemitic" to the rest of the media and to many Jews.

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    Another important quote from the article:
    Other signs that an employee was a “right-wing radical and disloyal to the United States,” according to Ms. Perkins and Mr. Veltri, were failure to wear a face mask, refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccination and participating in religious activities.
    I am sure any actions by an FBI or CIA agent that could be seen as "disloyal to Israel" also are grounds to mercilessly punish an agent.


    More people in power going crazy:

    Nikki Haley, declares "Israel doesn't need America, America needs Israel." - The Donald - America First | Patriots Win
    "Israel doesn't need America. America need Israel." -Presidential candidate Nikki Haley
    Can anyone tell me one thing, however small, that Israel has ever done for the United States?

    Congressman from Florida wears Israeli Defense Forces uniform at the Capitol.
    GOP Rep. Brian Mast Wears Israeli Military Uniform to Capitol

    Florida legislator says all Palestinians should die.
    Florida Republican lawmaker sparks outrage with genocidal remark - Hindustan Times

    There have to be hundreds of this type of incident at this point.

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    "In war, the first casualty is the truth." We have been at war for quite sometime now, and EVERYBODY is lying:

    Chauvin Did Not Murder George Floyd - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

    “Did, in fact, a racist white cop actually murder a man named George Floyd, a civil rights leader in Minneapolis, on Memorial Day 2020,” asked Tucker Carlson in Episode 32 of his Xwitter podcast on Friday. After documenting just some of the consequences of the presumed murder, from decriminalizing theft to defunding the police, Carlson added, “The answer is, well, no. He didn’t murder George Floyd.”

    His findings … “did exonerate the police officers — there was no evidence of asphyxiation or strangulation.”

    Carlson zeroed in on the most critical of the revelations, the diagnosis of how Floyd died. Sweasy, for one, knew how he did not die. As she revealed in her deposition, Sweasy spoke with Hennepin County Medical Examiner Dr. Andrew Baker the day after Floyd’s death.

    “I called Dr. Baker early that morning to tell him about the case and to ask him if he would perform the autopsy on Mr. Floyd,” said Sweasy under oath. “He called me later in the day on that Tuesday and he told me that there were no medical findings that showed any injury to the vital structures of Mr. Floyd’s neck. There were no medical indications of asphyxia or strangulation,” Sweasy added.
    How George Floyd Actually Died - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

    The line in Floyd’s autopsy report that caught Quincy’s attention was this one: “Taken together, the gross and microscopic (H&E-stains) features of the lesion are most suggestive of an extra-adrenal paraganglioma.” This rare tumor was found in Floyd’s pelvis. Baker recognized the tumor, argues Quincy, but he failed — or refused — to understand its potency and significance.

    These tumors, says Quincy, produce the most potent hormones in our bodies, namely adrenaline and noradrenaline. The class of hormones they belong to is called catecholamines. “When the tumor goes off,” he tells me, “that is what’s called a catecholamine crisis. It might as well be a bomb.”

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    To quote Nicolas Gomez Davila:

    Thinking is often reduced to inventing reasons to doubt the obvious

    I think the 20th Century will be remembered as a century of pathological thinking, convincing Western populaces to repeatedly doubt the obvious.

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    Believe me the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN etc. hate this country no matter what you think. I have read enough to know. They probably couldn't even fake how happy they'd be if Israel is destroyed.
    Apparently, the intelligence services and the generals thought Hamas would never attack. Egypt also tried to warn Israel. Doesnít this tell you how fucked up this country is? Israel wonít survive without a miracle short of Divine Intervention.

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    starting strength coach development program
    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    "In war, the first casualty is the truth." We have been at war for quite sometime now, and EVERYBODY is lying:

    Chauvin Did Not Murder George Floyd - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

    How George Floyd Actually Died - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics
    First, I believe George Floyd died by his own actions, and thatís a shame. Furthermore that he died from a rare adrenaline producing tumor in his pelvis, while possible, is orders of magnitude less likely than a psycho being arrested and all the controversy that comes with that.

    Regardless, if everyone is lying, which has an element of truth, that statement includes Tucker as well as you and me.

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