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Thread: COVID19 Factors We Should Consider/Current Events

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    Quote Originally Posted by anticausal View Post
    Seminar, WFAC, February 2024

    I was there, and everyone who stayed for the Sunday evening Q&A reading this post will know exactly who I am. I think this is an acceptable risk, and I expect it will be sufficient to silence the usual suspects' claim of "hiding behind anonymity". Just refute the arguments or shut up.

    The weekend was time well spent. Thanks, Rip.

    If everything hums along as usual, you're probably right, but I wouldn't count on it. The current pattern of the Empire's aggression towards Russia and China has been banking on past performance as well, and that isn't working out so well for them.

    The first civil war was fought for the birth of the empire, while the second will be fought as it stumbles about wounded, trying to stave off its own death. My question at the Seminar's Sunday Q&A was on this point. There's basically two schools of thought: Clown World collapses and we balkanize, or Clown World "manages" this crisis, secures total control over the citizenry, and we all essentially either become slaves or something resembling those guys living in the sewers in Demolition Man. I think it is unwarranted defeatism to just assume it's going to be the latter.
    Russia and China have their own weaknesses and foibles too. They should be respected, but they are not omnipotent. Overestimating your enemy is just as dangerous as underestimating them.

    What makes you think you shouldn't count on it? They have the ascendancy currently and aren't likely to lose it. Sure they'll come apart at the seams as collectivists always do. But that doesn't mean that we will win. It just means that they will crash and burn.

    I'll make a quick and dirty analysis of what "victory" would look like.

    First we have to identify the enemy. The enemy is an ideology/cult loosely arranged around all the negative aspects of human nature; envy, spite, malice, greed, resentment, laziness, bitterness. The avatar of this is the movement of marxism. Karl marx didn't create these negative aspects of humanity, he just gave it form and allowed people to utilise and weaponise it. But for the purposes of identifying and targeting the enemy, we can call the enemy idea "marxism" and the enemy people "marxists" It's not perfectly accurate, but like any good sharpshooter fallacy, it doesn't have to be. It coalesces the enemy and allows it to be targeted the same way they created "capitalism" and retroactively identified it as "the system that was created" This isn't true by any means, no-one invented "capitalism" what they are describing is free enterprise and legal recognition of contracts and private property. But describing it as a "created system" translates it to their perspective and allows them to target it.
    Naming the enemy as marxism does the same for us.

    Now we have two enemies. Marxism, the idea, and marxists, as the physical enemies.

    You can't fight one and not the other. You can't kill an idea, and you can't debate an enemy that's attacking you. Both have to be destroyed at the same time.

    Fighting the idea is easy in theory. It's not hard to argue against the worst aspects of human nature. It's not a hard sell to point out how "nice" motivations are driven by envy and jealousy. Ideally in a perfect world you'd just be able to refute bad ideas by saying "that's marxist" the same way ideas are instantly killed by use of the spell "das raycist!" That would be the end goal where normies understand that marxism = bad because it's the worst parts of human nature. Demonic even. It becomes a spell in return.
    Getting there requires institutional power as it is a cultural phenomenon. There's a reason marxists took the long march through academia first. Because if they get to teach history, no-one will know why marxism is bad. Secondary to this is cultural avenues. Media, tv, tech companies etc. If instead of showing White Women with Black dudes, commercials would need to show marxists for what they are.

    In order to defeat an idea, you need a mechanism for mass education/indoctrination. Currently education and media are those domains, both of which are firmly held by the enemy. Which leaves only 2 options, take that ground, or destroy it and rebuild your own. And secondary to this, defend from counter attack and re infiltration.

    Fighting the marxists themselves is also quite easy, as they are not yet at the level of open guerilla warfare, and the last time they were it was sufficiently low level that it was indistinguishable from background crime. But in order to do this the executive and judiciary need to be clean and free from infiltration. Which leaves the above scenario as victory requires the Police, Lawyer system and judiciary to be infiltrated or reinvented. And sadly I don't think inventing parallel systems will work in the case these institutions. (Sharia may want a word in this regard though but that's a whole nother bucket of smelly fish)

    So to summarise. Victory looks like the repudiation of marxism as an idea, to make it as radioactive as National Socialism is today. This requires an ideology of sorts, a positive ideology is the opposite of a negative ideology, a slogan that everyone understands and repudiates marxism. "You can't steal your next meal" or something similar to morally repudiate the idea of weaker people ganging up on stronger people to steal their stuff. "Might does not make right" is the equivalent moral slogan to repudiate the strong preying on the weak" It would also then require proselyting this into the world.
    Defeating the marxists themselves is physically simpler as there's only 2 groups. This would mean jailing the low level violent offenders who commit crimes, the antifa lot. Secondly removing the higher level marxists from their positions, the ones who don't commit crimes but shelter the ones that do. McCarthyism essentially, you can't let marxists remain in academia or other high positions of authority. This will require using power against them offensively.

    In order to do that, the following institutions need to be purged and re established, or new structures set up:
    Law Enforcement
    Tech companies

    So we have a plan now, create an ideology to repudiate marxism, actually spread it into the world to fight the war of ideas.
    And there are 7 physical targets to take back from the marxists in order to physically prosecute the physical war against marxists.

    So 10 goals in all.

    Easy right? Easier said then done.

    Based on the current state of the "dissident right" or whatever you want to call it. As well as it's history of actions which give a guide as to what's possible. How likely is that to occour?
    How much organisation and co-operation is required to achieve these goals? Which of these 10 goals are "in progress" even? I would say education, tech and media have potential to be replaced by something better. Bot out of those 10 strategic goals, only 3 of them are in progress.

    I just don't see how these 10 goals could be achieved.

    I certainly agree that clown world will collapse of it's own accord. However unless something happens to change. It will just be rebuilt. It doesn't matter that your enemies government collapses in the middle of a war if you don't actually take advantage and invade during the confusion.

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    I think Matt is making too many logical jumps with his Russia analysis.
    However, it is a good time to reevaluate our understanding of Russian goals, political theory and objectives.

    Alexander Dugin is the father of modern Russian geopolitical theory.
    Dugin's beliefs and those of Russia, by extension, compose a complex web of pragmatic nationalist/anti-globalist strategy.
    In order to win against our common enemy, we need to overcome the ancient hatreds between our peoples, as well as those between the obsolete political ideologies that still divide us. We can resolve such problems amongst ourselves after our victory.
    What would happen to Russia if they rejected the Muslim portion of their country?
    We saw this in the 90s; they would face a long Jihadist war that would weaken them to the point they could never hope to escape from globalist/WEF imperialism

    What would happen if they rejected the Jewish portion of their country?
    We saw that in the late 1800s/ early 1900s; they would face financial war and ideological subversion, leading either to civil war or World War Three.

    What happens if they reject the half-asiatic portion of their country?
    China or an ascendant alliance of Turkic peoples will soon lay clam to half of their territory.

    An interesting article about Dugin's thoughts on American Libertarianism
    But in the American elite, which is made up of people from a wide variety of backgrounds, at some point a critically large number of non-Americans have accumulated. They are predominantly Europeans, often from Russia. Many are ethnically Jewish but imbued with European or Russian-Soviet principles and cultural codes. They brought a different culture and philosophy to the United States. They did not understand or accept American pragmatism at all, seeing it only as a backdrop for their own advancement. That is, they took advantage of American opportunities, but did not intend to adopt a libertarian logic unrelated to any hint of totalitarianism. In reality, it was these alien elites who hijacked the old American democracy. It was they who took the helm of globalist structures and gradually seized power in the United States
    as emphasized throughout this book, White people tend to be more individualistic than other peoples, implying that they are less likely than other peoples to make invidious distinctions between ingroups and outgroups and they are more likely to be open to strangers and people who dont look like them. Because Whites are low in ethnocentrism and high in conscientiousness, controlling ethnocentrism is easier for them. Their subcortical mechanisms responsible for ethnocentrism are weaker to start with and hence easier to control [via messages from the media and educational system enabled by top-down inhibitory control over the modular processing typical of the lower brain].

    We may not align completely with the Russians and their true intent can never be certain; but, we have a common enemy and the Russians do not express a desire to wipe us out.
    As the saying goes: "No Russian ever called me a cracker."
    We can confidently say a future where "we are all speaking Russian" would be much better than the South Africa Plan (Holodomor 2.0, Electric Boogaloo in the former USA) or facing another world war.


    Myorkas is the first Cabinet member impeached since the 1870s!
    House Impeaches Mayorkas In Historic Vote | ZeroHedge

    In addition, documents obtained by Judical Watch show standard Secret Service protection for candidates, like RFK was declined only after being personally rejected by Myorkas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anticausal View Post
    The only effective way to nurture and maintain a true nation (i.e. an actual group of people and their posterity) is to severely limit immigration, thus allowing a genuine national identity to establish itself and develop over time (a nomadic nation, similarly, would severely limit entry to the group, which is one of the reasons Jews do not proselytize in the traditional sense). But the exact opposite of this process is what has been taking place in the US and Europe since the end of WWII. And during this time, limiting immigration is one of the things that the Jewish diaspora has opposed most vigorously across the West. This is clearly a problem, and it can't just be swept under the rug.
    This is very interesting what you have written here. We had a national identity here, but recently it has been severely eroded so much so that to carry an Australia flag is considered by a violent monitory as the flag of occupation. Our nation is being pushed into a nation of them and us, i.e. "First Nation" people and the white folk that have a European heritage more specifically English. The national Australia day is now considered by the angry folk as "invasion day".

    The left leaning government here has already tried and failed to alter the constitution to give the "First Nation" folk a legal right to ask for reparation for being "invaded" by Cook and to give power over land use, even private property. In the meantime this government has imported over 5000000 extra migrants allowing huge numbers from Muslim and African countries, the economy they say requires this huge number to keep Australia afloat. We cannot accommodate this number, we have no infra-structure in place and not enough homes.

    As far as the Jewish folk here are concerned they are being verbally attacked by pro Palestinian sympathizers every opportunity who also take up the "First Nation's" folk flag along with the Palestinian death flag and connect the so called "struggle" of the Aboriginal folk against the white "invader" with the Jewish colonialists in "Palestine" i.e. Israel. Jews just want to go back, it is that bad.

    So with all this conflict our Federal government does nothing and lets the pot boil.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    I think he may have a different approach to the purpose of the German Einsatzgruppen, strange though for someone who I think is Jewish. Mark where do you find these folk?

    I would always prefer reading something disturbing than something dull.

    Ron Unz,

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    The part of the Carlson-Putin interview that made a lot of people, including myself, uneasy was the comment Putin made about not stopping until de-Nazification had been completed.

    In the Western World, everyone willing to speak the Truth is labeled a Nazi.
    We know several European countries and political parties around the world could be considered "Nazis", so it sounds to English speaking audiences as if he has bolshevik imperial ambitions.

    I believe Putin was referring to the actual Nazis who fought a war with Russia; Russia is paranoid about its borders being invaded by people from the west and that is their general understanding of the definition of the term, Nazis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yngvi View Post
    I believe Putin was referring to the actual Nazis who fought a war with Russia; Russia is paranoid about its borders being invaded by people from the west and that is their general understanding of the definition of the term, Nazis.
    I'd say that this is about right. I don't think he means the literal ones though, but anyone with ambitions of conquering Russia.

    And I doubt he'd label anyone currently being called a nazi in the US or Europe as one.

    It's really easy to think everyone uses words, particularly political ones the same way, but I'd often find, when talking to Europeans, that we'd be talking past each other until we defined terms. Even more so with Arabs and Indians.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    That's what a real leader sounds like, and it's one of my favorite recordings of JFK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    I prefer Miles Mathis's take on WW2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Subby View Post
    What makes you think you shouldn't count on it? They have the ascendancy currently and aren't likely to lose it. Sure they'll come apart at the seams as collectivists always do. But that doesn't mean that we will win. It just means that they will crash and burn.
    I see where you're coming from. You're looking at it as a process of winning within the frame of the current zeitgeist, and then trying to ride the beast that the technocrats and Marxists created. This would indeed be very difficult, if not impossible.

    I don't think trying to find a competing ideology is going to work. I think looking at this thing called "ideology" with Marxism as a subset is the wrong way to look at it. It all works in favor of "Marxism" of some type or another. It's all culturally entropic and dependent on an impossible vision of a future "new man"--a synthetic replacement for religion and nation that is inherently fragile. I think these slick attempts to find a way to work in an ideological, secular frame is one of the reasons Hitler failed so miserably. It was almost pure reaction that never completely left the Marxist frame, even if the rhetoric tried to invoke something more organic.

    I think ideology is in the very early stages of being abandoned. Religion and nation will ascend, and the groups that make this switch most effectively across the West will culturally dominate their neighbors. It's going to be a pendulum swing that most alive today cannot even imagine. The amount of momentum on this front will also depend on how effectively Russia revives Christianity over the coming decades. But if ideology continues to dominate, I think it will be an indicator that Clown World regroups and wins, and we all become post-human slaves. But even that scenario will be very fragile, and ideology will still eventually lose out to nation and religion in the long run. Or maybe wal turns out to be the one who is right after all, and this is all just the beginning of the end of the world.

    Just so my timelines aren't confusing, I think the collapse will come relatively soon, possibly within a decade, but the rebuilding and cultural revival will take several generations. And I believe it is that rebuilding/revival that we need to get a head start on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    Just pissed that they were caught. The imperial presidency just continues to evolve.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ads View Post
    The forgetting is mandatory

    European Farmers

    A personal anecdote that may be of no interest - I went cold turkey on 'news' and social media (X) for the last 2 weeks of January. The peace it brought to a restless mind was profound. Unfortunately, like an addict, I find myself taking a sneak peek at the nonsense and feel shame. So much pointless bullshit.
    Internet addiction is a nasty disorder which can lead to some real life issues. It has been widely reported that the "algorithms" are designed to suck you in and like all other types of porn, internet interactions can be debilitating. My remedy is to spend a lot more time engaged in real world interactions and activities than on the internet. I am in the early stages of my ignore muscle NLP.

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