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Thread: COVID19 Factors We Should Consider/Current Events

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    California will secede far before Texas does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satch12879 View Post
    California will secede far before Texas does.
    I hope you're wrong.

    Meanwhile, Things That Don't Happen in Texas: TikTok videos of women being punched in NYC lead to 2 arrests: NYPD

    And things the do happen in California: California Won't Let Homeowners Insurance Companies Raise Rates, so They're Leaving the State Instead

    Stories about the state's crisis du jour have seeped into the mainstream media too. "The ongoing home insurance crisis in California is about to deepen as yet another company has announced its withdrawal from the state over profitability concerns," explained Newsweek earlier this month, reporting on the exit of Texas-based American National.

    However, the California Department of Insurance website's top item boasts that Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara "protects policy holders affected by wildfires from non-renewals." How's that working out for us? The state's insurance problems have plagued wildfire-adjacent homeowners for a few years, but it's rapidly spreading to homeowners in non-wildfire-adjacent areas. The state's "protections" are window dressing.
    AND, because things cannot be allowed to adapt to changing conditions: US government plans to unleash 'hunters' to KILL half a million owls in three US states to save its endangered cousin | Daily Mail Online

    The Government always knows what species is best for California.

    AND MORE from California:

    This also doesn't happen in Texas.

    And this is just one more nail in the coffin: Ex-Trump Election Attorney Facing Disbarment for Questioning the 2020 Election Results

    A California judge can disbar an attorney for questioning an election. Satch, I hope you're right, and I hope they hurry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carlos Cobo View Post (which I learned about here a long time ago and has been great) doesn't work for me anymore for most Wall Street Journal articles. Wondering if anyone else has that problem and has an alternative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jovan Dragisic View Post
    I resent you implying that I'm attacking farmers. I love the farmers, they are my clients!
    No, I am not implying that; I believe you are paying attention to the topic while the rest of us are paying attention to everything else.

    We now have FBI regularly harassing citizens about unapproved speech:

    The community notes on X at least say Abbot's new anti-semitism hate speech laws are unconstitutional.

    The job of a patriot and Republican is first to defend the state from invasion; even if it is at personal risk to the governor.
    Second is to defend freedom of speech.
    Third is to defend the right of American citizens to defend themselves.
    Fourth is to protect the integrity of the election system.

    As far as I know, not one of our Republican governors has banned mail in voting or created a mass-deportation program.
    Now, they are passing unconstitutional restrictions on free speech.
    They are allowing rogue judges and DAs to create kangaroo courts for US citizens while allowing criminals to walk free.
    They are not putting up strong resistance against the red flag laws.

    The minor things they have done can be undone in an instant.
    What are they actually doing that helps the situation?

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    Does anyone actually believe that during the middle of a war for their survival, the Germans dug up a million buried Jews to cremate them?

    The art of chutzpah is to mock your credulity. Man they were good. Selling ice to an Eskimo is child's play compared to what they pulled off.

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    If Texas does secede I hope flights to there are cheaper. I don't care about California.

    In Australia, there was a man who seceded from the rest of the country and formed his own over a tax dispute. Hutt River Province (not)in Western Australia.
    He had his own passports, currency and visa system. When he died not long ago his son the Prince and heir to the throne gave up and made a deal with Australia to pay back the tax owed. I think he have kept going and I don't know why they made him pay his father's taxes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Jackson View Post
    While we discuss the possibility of every single geopolitical event as a potential illusion and 'false flag' - it's worth remembering that Trump, the controlled-opposition guy you're going to vote for this year, said in 2021:

    "Israel literally owned congress... And rightly so!"


    Good luck!
    Man, nothing is ever good enough for you people. It's always the fault of someone else, and if it wasn't ze Jews... it would be someone else. It's not that people aren't doing terrible things, but rather they always have. Human nature has always allowed for treachery and evil.

    When are you going to stop pissing yourselves, accept it, and get on about living your life in such a way where you thrive regardless? Or at least just aren't annoyingly angry about it all the time?

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    Regardless of what one thinks about Easter, trying to overshadow it with a celebration of the mentally ill is such a clear slap in the face to a huge part of American culture that everyone sane should be bothered.


    And there is no possible way that these two things are linked, right?

    Because I'm told that they are only 2% of the population and only have these positions because they are so much smarter and better than me.


    "Religion is so primitive and stupid.
    A “soul,” separate from the body, that transcends materialism in some way we can’t rationally explain?
    Pure superstition.
    That’s why we must defeat Christians in order to support trans folx who know their true self was born in the wrong body."
    -White House Staffers (Probably)

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    Rip, I am sure you have seen this from Denninger- "More on the Bridge". It was linked on CFP. His thoughts on the Key bridge accident and the internet conspiracy junkies and their panic attacks are golden.

    Market-Ticker - The Market Ticker

    The comments following the Denninger piece also address the conspiracy nuttiness that pervades forums across the internet. Some of the commenters use fake IDs to try to mask their identity so their opinions must be taken with a healthy dose of skepticism.

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