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    Just a little insight into navigating the COVID world. My wife was turned away by "Mask Required" signs at the local HEB grocery store. She then went to a competitor that does not require them, and proceeded to spend over $300 on groceries. It is the store's right to do this, BUT as long as we have a choice, we will CHOOSE to patronize the least restrictive environments. Here is the note I shot off to them:

    Your silly policy of requiring a mask is your prerogative. Just a note to let you know that we do have a choice in where to spend our money. We don't have masks, and there has been 1 (ONE!) fatality from the COVID in Kerr County and a handful of current cases in the county (Out of approximately 53K people) we will take our chances and spend our money elsewhere. Again, your store, your choice, but the average $300 grocery bill from our family will go elsewhere. Which happened today in Kerrville. As much as we love supporting local Texas companies, it has become untenable to support yours.

    Unless this gets fixed, I guess we will have to change our pharmacy business as well.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David A. Rowe View Post
    I'm also not arguing against that slight deviations of the mean produce large disparities in the exceptionally small populations of the tails of an ethnic group.
    In some populations the variance in IQ tests (and similar) is significantly smaller than it is in others, and about 1 standard deviation lower: Smaller for IQ, admission tests, etc.

    IQ is a quantitative trait which is normally distributed within populations. People can be theoretically be found at every level of the IQ distribution. It’s just a question of probability.

    Notable gap. Notable differences. Perhaps you don't know your data? You're not getting your numbers right.

    Quote Originally Posted by David A. Rowe View Post
    the genetics of skin color, the same as hair color, cannot be sufficient markers to assume things about people,
    Agreed. Definitely.

    Quote Originally Posted by David A. Rowe View Post
    super strong correlation out there between poverty and crime, and it so happens that, specific to the United States, urban black communities have dealt with some significant issues that have set them back. There was likely some statistically significant impact on the communities from bias and discrimination,
    Every single behavioural trait ever documented among human beings is heritable: twins, adoption, GCTA analysis all find them. Behavioural predispositions have significant heritability. Aggression is familial and heritable. The environmental influence is minimal.

    Group differences exist. There is a legal mandate to eliminate such gaps – but nobody knows how to do it. When cognitive ability is accounted for, group income gaps do not exist. Equally, the same holds true for the economic mobility gap. Nor is wealth or income driving IQ differences – it’s simply not the case. They’ve looked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ayrsson View Post
    There is an even stronger correlation between poverty and IQ, and IQ and Race. The most popular and famous work on this is The Bell Curve by Herrnstein & Murray. The average IQ in Botswana is 65. The average IQ of Germany is 105. There are, of course, other things that define people's outcomes other than raw intelligence, such as character, inherited personality traits. But IQ is in itself a marker for ability to OVERCOME. Those with IQs above a certain range know that there are repercussions from committing violent crime; that perhaps fathering multiple children to multiple mothers without providing anything for any of them won't give the children their own best start (especially the boys); that everything blacks in the US have been through since the 1630s has been for the betterment i=of blacks, since if things had gone otherwise, they'd likely still be living in mud shacks in whichever sub-equatorial hellhole their ancestors were freed from.

    And what has been the purpose of Affirmative Action? To avoid "institutional white-on-black racism"? But there has been relatively little of that in the past 30 years. Is it to overcome the roadblocks caused by a lower average IQ than other groups and poor character traits? Definitely. Does AA bring in it's train a healthy meritocracy? No. This is why Tucker's recent idea of 'complete equality for all - a complete meritocracy' would never be enforced by those who shape the social and political fabric of the USA (mass media, politics and big business) - disparities of intelligence, character and psyche between different racial groups would become very obvious very quickly.
    I'm not sure what your point was in this. I do not support Affirmative Action in any way. I don't see evidence of institutional or systemic racism. I think there are endemic biases in all humans with regard to others they perceive as different, and if left uncheck or unchallenged can, eventually, have severe adverse effects or outcomes. Universally, poverty drives crime despite other demographics. You can argue correlation or causation beyond that, but it doesn't refute the level of abstraction where the poverty = crime fact resides.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ayrsson View Post
    Skin colour and hair colour are only two very small markers of racial identity. One's race goes deeper than mere melanin, which i understand is totally contrary to what your uneducated school teacher and indoctrinated university lecturer told you. Why do blacks excel at boxing? One prominent biological reason is the greater bone density of the black skull. Skeletal differences between black and white men and their relevance to body composition estimates
    Okay, now I really don't know why you're missing my point. Again. It may have been me not adequately explaining it, so here we go:

    Skin color and hair color are both determined by genetics = TRUE
    Ethnicity is more than mere skin and hair color = TRUE
    The amount of your genetics traits that can be directly correlated to what constitutes your ethnicity is both subjective and a minority of the sum total of your genetic traits = TRUE
    As mate choice expands, especially in countries where representative populations from all parts of the world are present AND where society is becoming less and less concerned with ethnicity over markers of success for discriminating between potential partners, the correlation between IQ and what constitutes race will become less and less obvious. = TRUE

    Germans aren't smarter because thy're white. They're white and smarter because they're Germans. Their environment has allowed for the selection that drove these traits to be passed on more frequently.

    Botswana/Ethiopia/Somalia/etc. are black and not smart because their environment selects for it. I don't know if you've ever been to these countries or similar ones, but I have. Jesus, is it obvious. I don't know how they even have people there. They're unfathomably horrible if all you have experienced is the decadency of the Western world. They have extreme cultural AND environmental forces driving this.

    It's also why Africa is called "The Dark Continent" and has extremely diverse genetics -- environmental isolation and difficulty. Life, everywhere else (except secluded cases), is easier to maintain by comparison. Antarctica doesn't count. Penguins run that shit.

    You want to ensure that the black urban communities AND poor white communities in the United States don't succumb to cultural or social pressure. My position is ALL government subsidies and affirmative action programs constitute the external, and the "Crab-Bucket" mentality and fatherless homes drive the internal social pressures.

    There isn't any meaningful negative environmental pressure in the United States.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ayrsson View Post
    Look at the recent situation with the Mcloskey's. That anti-white gang that broke into his private residence were threatening to kill them and even their dog. That's a microcosm of something that is the same that could come but on a much larger scale. Things happen much quicker in the USA than they do in South Africa. When there is a tacit 'permission slip' (enabled by the police standing down - something not even seen in South Africa!) that white lives are the lowest on the scale of human value due to ludicrous stories about a fabricated criminal past that the whites of the 21st century are as guilty for as their long since dead ancestors, then you have a mixture that results in wanton murder on a mass scale.

    Fabricated victim status > organisation by self-hating white Leftists and other nefarious types > funding by global billionaires such as George Soros & Tom Steyer > backing of their mission by billion $ mass media outlets ACROSS THE WORLD.

    If their enabling by media, financiers and weak/cowardly officials continues, what's to stop these hordes descending on white residential areas for a mixture of 'cleansing' and looting?

    Leftists target whites because Western Civilization is a product of the white mind, and they wish to overthrow what remains of Western Civilization. Just like the 1960's counter-culture (counter to what? Whites!).
    You guys love to circle jerk on this conspiracy stuff. That is to say... I don't disagree that people with a lot of money can have confluences of interest, and in that they expend their resources and leverage their power politically, socially, economically, and even militarily to protect and further those interests. Sure. Fucking obviously. It's been around since human history began. You need to wrap your head around the fact that the "Globalist Cabal" is just powerful people doing Powerful People Shit, and that the only thing they have in common is hubris, self-interest and greed. That's it. Human nature is driving this shit storm, and it only exists because people lack the character and discipline to stand up to it.

    All of this could go away if people just said no. And went back to work. But they're not.

    I'm looking around, and I'm seeing that ideas, and not ethnicity, are the real problem here. So, in the most pragmatic way possible, I'm going to evaluate everyone I meet on an individual level. If share enough of my ideals and want to coexist peacefully, then I will support them. If they show up and threaten my community or family then they will have a very dark last day. Because I have family and neighbors, some of different ethnicities, who are equally prepared to stand beside me and end them as quickly and violently as possible.

    Whatever their skin color.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    We know who is at risk of death from COVID. They need to stay safe, i.e. home.
    Here's the thing. As far as I remember, from the beginning of this thread, you have not denied that COVID is 1) a novel pandemic 2) Infectious and 3) potentially very dangerous to a certain segment of the population. Some on this thread have missed this point about your input on the matter (see my last sentence.)

    The crux of the matter has always been that there is caution and then there is severe [policy] over-reaction.

    It is possible to acknowledge that COVID is to be taken seriously AND that it is being assimilated and mired in political hubris. The resulting extreme over-reactions and stifling restrictions (many of which are outright severe distortions of our rights) are what rational people are upset about. The story is being told in real time and as it unfolds we are seeing more and more how our elected officials, with few exceptions*, are using it for their agenda.

    Yet, those that are ALL IN™ cannot compute this, even just a little. Amazeballs.

    * The governor of South Dakota is killing it and she is a total smoke show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gerald Boggs View Post
    I was going to add “And all this silliness is confined to the cities and really has no effect on my life beyond it's entertainment value” but I figured I was beating a dead horse. And I still don't, as you just did it for me. Last time I was in Detroit and it's suburbs, it was day and night between them. The Black leaders of Detroit drove Whites out of downtown and that's just fine. Downtown was a wasteland and life looked pretty good in the surrounding communities.
    It is not limited to the cities anymore. What happens in the cities does not stay in the cities. What happens in California does not stay in California:
    California as a state was ~85% white 50 years ago. Today, the state of California is ~35% white.
    The United States was ~87.5% white in 1970. Today, ~60% (less than 50% of residents under the age of 18 in the United States are white)

    If we increase immigration (as our new democratic majority wishes to do: More Americans want immigration increased than decreased for the 1st time in Gallup poll's history), we will likely see the same percentages as South Africa in ~30 years. Many of our current 70 year olds will live to see this.
    If we get the open borders that Soros and our democratic leaders support, we will likely reach those percentages within 20 years.

    Quote Originally Posted by David A. Rowe View Post
    ...But because of the segregation, self-imposed, that cultural and family force has to come from inside of the black community. And no genetic or cultural force can truly overwhelm the POTENTIAL of the individuals. It is reliant on them to actually realize it, though.

    I'm also saying that you have to have a pragmatic position to what YOU will do with another individual. After all, all of us NOT In the tails of a demographic still need to live together and function as a larger society.

    We're also a long, long way off from anything resembling what is happening in South Africa happening here in the United States. What happens here might end up being worse, though, but it won't be the same...
    That is a good statement. The majority of people can overcome either poor genetic tendencies or poor culture/environment to live good, productive lives as good people.
    The intelligence variability seems to be a bit narrower and more tightly linked to genetics (in most cases, extremely good environmental conditions compared to very bad environmental conditions seems to produce an ~10 point difference in our highly imperfect, but generally valuable indicator of the IQ test.)

    As an individual living in the United States, I currently will demand a moratorium on new immigration, deportation of all illegal aliens and reformation of the voting system.

    You are right, it will not be the same. Current sentiments and trends lead me to take an agnostic position on the matter; I believe there is a very real possibility that it could happen as soon as 20 years from now, however the variables are in flux. We will determine our own destiny by what we do over the next 5 years.

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Jackson View Post
    The time is 15:00 (BST) on Thursday July 7th 2020 and I'd just like to say GHISLAINE MAXWELL DID NOT KILL HERSELF.

    Since Black Lives Matter UK's tweet on 28th June, officially denouncing Israel and Zionism:
    - The BBC have banned any presenters from continuing to wear Black Lives Matters badges
    - The Premier League (soccer) have "distanced" themselves from BLM, despite just a week or two ago put on a show of solitary by making the teams kneel prior to kick-off, put "BLM" on the backs of their shirts instead of the player names, etc.
    - Most incredibly Keir Starmer (took over from Corbyn) of the Labour Party has suddenly done a complete 180, and wiggled out of showing further support for the movement.

    The tweet that ended it all:
    "As Israel moves forward with the annexation of the West Bank, and mainstream British politics is gagged of the right to critique Zionism, and Israel’s settler colonial pursuits, we loudly and clearly stand beside our Palestinian comrades. FREE PALESTINE."
    They are still planning on erecting the monuments to "mass migration" to replace Britain's past heroes. Right? Because, that is what the ethnic Brits truly wanted?

    London to Erect Statues Celebrating Mass Migration

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    Quote Originally Posted by georger View Post
    This is a nice, narrow point in this sprawling discussion: my reading is that the circumstance of a novel pandemic means my actions in terms of becoming infected or not do, in fact, directly impact the risk that others -- some of whom are quite vulnerable -- will face of being infected and some pretty nasty sequelae. A bit like with drunk driving - we aren't just concerned about you, the driver. Real question: are libertarians generally against legislation that punishes operating motor vehicles while under the influence of intoxicating substances? Or do you simply reject the analogy when it comes to exposing others to increased risk of a non-treatable infection?
    This may be one of the most leading questions I've ever read, georger. I think you are missing the point that what is rejected is the notion of legislature attempting to force a citizen to do something. Drunk driving is not the same thing. Those are laws enacted through the democratic process: they are generally agreed upon rules from the people, not the government.

    Hence why these masks orders are precisely that - orders, as if we still live in a country ruled by Kings and Queens and Dukes. Put this shit up for a vote and see how many people go for it. If you think it'll pass, try going to any store where the manager doesn't actually ask people to wear anything and see how many occupants still wear one. And nevermind the fact that enacting this as law would be the only way to actually enforce the use of masks anyway.

    Just this afternoon Governor Abbott announced a mask "order" in Texas, openly admitting that non-conformers would be warned, maybe fined, but absolutely not imprisoned. Government "force" without any actual force.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jdcuth View Post
    Hi this forums discussion surrounding the civil unrest experienced in the US has made me think of something. Some people I know have had a dispute with neighbours and since then have been harassed by them and, more recently, some thugs have obviously been hired to throw bricks through their windows. The police have been as useful as chocolate teapots. In the US, if your home was invaded and you used lethal force, would the law be understanding?
    Depends on the state. In Texas, if you break in to my house when I'm there, I am expected to shoot you. It's understood that I'll shoot you. It is absolutely legal in the State of Texas to use lethal force in the defense of life AND property.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Schexnayder View Post
    Just this afternoon Governor Abbott announced a mask "order" in Texas, openly admitting that non-conformers would be warned, maybe fined, but absolutely not imprisoned. Government "force" without any actual force.
    "Do Something. Even If It's Wrong."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    Depends on the state. In Texas, if you break in to my house when I'm there, I am expected to shoot you. It's understood that I'll shoot you. It is absolutely legal in the State of Texas to use lethal force in the defense of life AND property.
    Perhaps much of the politeness in the Old West came from similar expectations. Not a bad thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Schexnayder View Post
    Just this afternoon Governor Abbott announced a mask "order" in Texas, openly admitting that non-conformers would be warned, maybe fined, but absolutely not imprisoned.
    What do you think will happen when a guy who can't afford the $250 fine doesn't/can't pay for it?


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