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Thread: COVID19 Factors We Should Consider/Current Events

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    Since there's almost no way to avoid wearing a mask even to get into Walmart now, I decided to get one that is likely to irritate all the right people. One emblazoned with the thin blue line flag.

    Also, listening to NPR this morning, one could almost visualize the nice breathy voiced young newsbabe's slightly furrowed brow as she interviewed a business owner. The topic was trying to get his employees back to work for their wages when they could make more on the gubmint dole up for renewal in DC soon. Of course this mild consternation on her part couldn't quite make the connection between work ethic and the new entitlement program aborning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    Masks: They DON'T work, and they can be harmful.

    Why Face Masks DON'T Work, According To SCIENCE - YouTube

    Covid is different.

    Just is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexander Dargatz View Post

    While in this thread (and thus, to me, in the USA) it's still about death rate and case numbers, here in Germany the new headlines have moved on to something more perfidious: The delayed consequences of a Covid-19 infection. The crux of the matter being that when you had Covid and have recovered, even when you had only mild symptoms, you're at risk for "brain damage" among other things like kidney infarctions. And who wants dementia? See, even if the virus isn't as deadly as initially thought (about 9'000 deaths in Germany, compared to about 24'000 from the flu two years ago), even if the numbers are dwindling, we're not safe - you can get something worse than death from it.

    I remember that in May, when we'd been in full swing of masks and distancing, there were some headlines about children dying from Corona. I had predicted that a week earlier, because most people said "it's only bad for old and sick people".

    The older I get, the more I hate the fearmongering media.

    Have there beend similar headlines over in the US? They'll come soon.
    Where I live, we get a bunch of German tourists. I mean, in my country, on the seaside. I live in the swamp, actually smack down across Europe’s largest swamp. Nobody here is afraid of the virus, this city was bombed, sacked, periodically burned to the ground since the goddamn Roman Empire, the last time some 25 years ago. So anyway, the “first wave” thing was the general kind of lockdown. Some two months later, no cases, nothing, they open everything back up. There is a little bit of panic just in time for the general election, but nothing out of the ordinary.

    Suddenly, summer is here, you start getting restrictions, mask wearing mandates and shit. I start wondering what the fuck is going on. Turns out the restrictions always follow some bullshit click baiting news piece on RTL or ARD (German TV for the Americans in the crowd) about how people are too relaxed and partying too hard on the Croatian coast. Now, the gubmint can’t really go on and admit to people how much it wants German and Austrian euro tax revenue and how it is closely following German media to gauge the reactions ON FUCKING RTL and impose the same idiotic restrictions on the rest of the country, not just the goddamn coast. Meaning masks for everyone. Meaning no large gatherings. All because they can’t understand how little a shit everyone gives about RTL in Germany. I’m guessing everyone who sees some hard core partying will want to go there.

    Except if you’re French, they had an open air thing when they lifted restrictions, people started complaining, now that whole city is forced to wear masks even outside.

    Plus check this out, the same fuckheads imposing restrictions in Croatia by gauging the feel of the Reich by RTL newscasts and “saving the tourist season” are running daily press conferences. A few days ago the actual chief of the small time accommodation service providers guild (I am not making this shit up) goes on TV and says they need to fucking stop that idiocy, because every time they do a press conference, people start canceling bookings. Talk about destroying the very people you are trying to help. Obviously, they are keeping the daily briefings alive.

    Meanwhile, the “second wave” seems to be here in full swing, there have been a total of four fatalities in that time for a grand total of 120 in a country of four million since the pandemic
    started, but we need to prepare for fall, it’s gonna get messy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ltomo View Post
    This is the pivot I'm starting to notice when I bring up the microscopic death rate to people who are still afraid. They ignore the fact that death rates are plummeting and bring up anecdotal stories about someone who got the virus and lost 10% of their lung capacity or some other nonsense.

    I'd be curious to see if there are a few people who walk away from the flu each year with some kind of "permanent damage" as well.
    This is a good link to show/send people when they pivot and move the goalposts to the long term damaging effects:

    Yes, there are some people who get them. The implication, stated or not, is that instead of flattening the curve/trying to avoid hospital overruns (which may not even have ever been a viable goal given that it happens not infrequently during bad flu seasons, most recently 2018), we must now take every possible action to completely minimize, if not eliminate, every new case from happening, no matter the cost. It's the "If it saves even one life" attitude, now applied to, "If it saves even one person from having future/long term complications."

    It's not that those things don't happen, they do. But they're the exception, not the rule, and they also happen as an exception but not rule for the flu.

    Leaving aside principled discussions of civil liberties (which are important but just leaving them aside for now), the question always comes back to a complete failure to even attempt to grapple with the secondary, tertiary, and quaternary effects of lockdowns, and a failure to acknowledge that, while bad, this just isn't that much worse or different than any number of things we've weathered before without rewriting the very rules by which society functions.

    But if you wanna tl;dr it - that link is a good rebuttal to the "but the long term adverse effects!" pivot that we are seeing more and more of now that the deaths (especially when subtracting the long term care facilities, which are more policy deaths than true covid deaths) are not matching the level of panic and fear that has been stirred up about TX, AZ, and FL.

    For example, for Texas to match NY State's per capita death rate, it would have to have it's highest total to date deaths repeat nonstop for 9 months straight, without NY adding a single death during that entire period. Will the Texas numbers go up? Surely. Will they be anything like NY's say, 3 months from now? I'd take the negative to anyone's $20 bet on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fulcrum View Post the photo from that article you linked almost no one is wearing a mask. Even the police. The article sounds like that year's flu spread was far and wide by the time the government said to "please wear a mask now, we have a flu outbreak". Maybe getting out in front of the problem is the better move this time.
    After reading various articles on Japanese mask wearing I was under the impression it was a cultural norm for them to wear masks all year round. Are you suggesting they only wear them en mass following instructions from their Government? It finishes off by stating "Japan's health ministry has urged members ... to wear a mask when outdoors". In the UK it's mandated we wear mask indoors; on public transport and from 24th July in supermarkets and general shops. I'm confused. Is COVID so different? Or does it mean that Japan were taking further steps of wearing them outdoors as an additional precaution to reduce the spread.

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    St. Louis couple charged for pulling guns at protest

    In that article when describing the charged couple they say they are "white" (not capitalized), but when they describe others like the DA they capitalize "Black"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satch12879 View Post
    I don't know who wrote this, but moving the embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, thus recognizing the Israelis' claim that the former is the capital and not the later was an incredibly enormously huge deal. Claiming Jerusalem as the capital was one of the cornerstones of the Zionist movement. It can't be underestimated as to how significant this move was.

    And ​the money is still flowing east.
    This. Trump is possibly the biggest Zionist POTUS ever. Aside from nuking Iran, sending in the Marines to clear out the West Bank, and getting little Kushner to personally bulldoze the Al Aqsa mosque, I don't know what more Trump could have done for Netanyahu. One year in to Trump's term, Bibi said there was no bigger supporter of the Jewish state of Israel than Trump, and that certainly hasn't changed now after all he's done.

    I am always puzzled about Zionist dual citizens in the higher levels of US government, as well. Chuck Schumer, for example, who describes himself as a "guardian of Israel" seemingly has no problem with the very effective hard border walls to keep the African illegals out of Israel and maintain it as a de facto ethno-state, but has a very different attitude about border wall funding in the United States.

    Trump's former mentor from the 70's, Roy Cohn, is worth DuckDuckGo-ing, too.

    I bet if they do push for some sort of vaccine ID/tracking, it will be based on the technology developed for Carbyne911. Ex Israeli PM Ehud Barak is on the board of directors, as well as Israeli military and intelligence, and others who have flown on the Epstein/Maxwell Lolita Express, according to the flight manifests. This includes one Nicole Junkermann who now works as part of our NHS service Healthtech advisory board and has access to the whole of UK public health data. Nice!

    Carbyne is a geolocation tracking and video streaming tool developed for state use, which can essentially hijack any private citizen's phone and start broadcasting location, share their data and stream video/audio without you knowing. It was developed as part of a trend towards "pre-crime" investigation techniques, which is real and not confined to dystopian sci-fi. You can bet your arse this pandemic will be the perfect opportunity to test public compliance and validity of these tools. Never mind your 4th Amendment rights.

    The government can now activate your phone camera to stream live video of whatever you are seeing
    Jeffrey Epstein was Ehud Barak's business partner as late as 2015 | The Times of Israel

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    NJ governor Murphy, who has kept gyms closed for roughly 128 days, has finally been defeated in court by the ever-defiant Atilis Gym Bellmawr.

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    Excellent news! Thanks for the update.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MatthewG View Post
    After reading various articles on Japanese mask wearing I was under the impression it was a cultural norm for them to wear masks all year round. Are you suggesting they only wear them en mass following instructions from their Government? It finishes off by stating "Japan's health ministry has urged members ... to wear a mask when outdoors". In the UK it's mandated we wear mask indoors; on public transport and from 24th July in supermarkets and general shops. I'm confused. Is COVID so different? Or does it mean that Japan were taking further steps of wearing them outdoors as an additional precaution to reduce the spread.
    Until this year they were generally only worn from about November to Spring, and probably only by much less than half of people.
    This was partly about seasonal viruses but more frequently about pollen allergies.
    After the war when much of the country had been firebombed to oblivion particularly around the Kanto area, they replanted a massive amount of trees, however the geniuses in charge of this chose to replant with cedar, which it turns out about the population is seriously allergic to.
    Possibly for this reason, people do tend to wear masks when outside of the house quite frequently anyway.

    The official current guidance here now is simply to wear masks, though the small print on this poster does advise taking your mask off outside in extreme heat during summer where you can maintain social distancing.

    I would say mask wearing on public transports here is nearly 99% these days since availability has improved.

    In Tokyo we seem to mostly to be getting clusters born of Host Clubs and Philippine Pubs and assorted "nightlife" venues.

    There does not seem to be much appetite for further restrictions here at the moment, although we are now well past the number of daily cases where they previously shut down schools etc (back since June) but while rising the overall active caseload is still lower - I expect this is the deciding factor.

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