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Thread: COVID19 Factors We Should Consider/Current Events

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    This is exactly what I'm talking about. All the mask-wearers sat obediently on their asses, content with merely being displeased.
    At the very least they could've started removing their own masks and gone "hey cop, you got another pair of cuffs for me?" That was a perfect spot for some civil disobedience. If enough of them did it the police would've looked like absolute fools trying to arrest all those people. If they had to call in a bunch of "backup" to do it they would look even more foolish having a giant police response to a group of people not wearing masks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jovan Dragisic View Post
    Europe had a major shift about a month ago. Numerous officials, not necessarily heads of state but close to it, put it in plain terms that the lockdown stage will not be repeated. They have all realized how expensive it is to the state treasury. The first thing the media jumped on was comparing various economies and the fall in GDP figures. They tried to push a story of how exporting countries weathered the fall in GDP because of their exports, not because they didn’t lock up quite as much. As if you could go into perpetual quarantine as long as you had a strong car industry or whatever.

    When that failed to rouse the attention and new lockdown enthusiasm, they jumped on the case numbers again. As if the “record” rise in cases was not a result of amplified testing across the board. My guess is they are still hoping to see the dreaded rise in fatalities in the fall, which does not seem to be materializing. The only thing left to push now is a continent wide mask mandate and maybe some more bar, restaurant and gym restrictions. I don’t think European politicians are not on the side of the media at this point, the elections are far off in most countries, they just have no choice but to respond to the headlines. They have created a monster they can’t control.

    Really, the media is the primary enemy in this whole mess. With readership and revenue falling across the industry, they see this as the final chance to get back to relevance. The thing that is preventing them from succeeding is the clickbait phenomenon, which is completely out of their control. They can’t pace the panic, they just have to keep upping it until it reaches a level where nobody believes them.
    How are they dealing with/spinning the overall death toll?

    I hear from my relatives that Italy is still generally a shit show. They loosened up around Ferragosto, the big summer feast, people started to go back to normal, and the government immediately brought the hammer down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David A. Rowe View Post
    Maybe Western society is dead and has been. Maybe we've been mocking Europe while we lived on in the husk of the same dead god long-passed-on because not enough people remained who believed enough to sustain it. Or maybe it's just that enough people need to vote one more time to clear their consciences before they resort to other acts like civil disobedience or violent resistance to tyrants and zealots.
    Western society has experienced state repression for all of its history. The rumours of its death are highly exaggerated.

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    From April...
    Quote Originally Posted by Johnsonville View Post
    South Dakota as far as I can tell has had the most reasonable response to this whole thing.

    “South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) announced plans to launch a statewide trial Monday to formally test the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine”
    South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem announces statewide hydroxychloroquine trial to formally test its effectiveness against COVID-19 - TheBlaze

    And her response to people calling for her to lockdown the state:
    Noem maintained that the government has no role in keeping citizens locked in their homes, arguing it is instead individuals’ personal responsibility to wisely use the “expansive freedoms” granted under the federal and state constitutions to follow health officials’ guidelines.

    “The people themselves are primarily responsible for their safety,” Noem said. “They are free to exercise their rights to work, to worship and to play or to even stay home or to conduct social distancing.”

    That’s a hell of a leader.
    Now Gov Kristi Noem as a master troll - Twitter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    Australia comes to Ohio: IS THIS AMERICA — Ohio woman arrested and tazed at son’s outdoor football game — For not wearing a mask! – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

    Arrested by "police" not themselves wearing masks. Society doesn't get out of this intact.

    Like the Floyd video, we don't have the full context. I'd like to see what happened prior to this. Maybe she was issued a warning for not wearing a mask and then became belligerent and/or assaulted the officer in response. Although it's still outrageous that a cop was called to enforce or warn about an illegal unenforceable mask rule. WTF has happened to our country?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stefan Rott View Post
    This. Here in Europe people are drilled to expect the "second wave" to be more harmful than the initial spread of the virus. If the "second wave" doesn't happen, what will happen to the people's accumulated fear?
    I really don't think it's possible to avoid "second wave" panic. Flu season is going to hit. And when it does, a lot of people will be hospitalized with influenza-like symptoms, and many will die, just like every year. But now, unlike previous years, we're hyper-sensitive to these numbers. We're going to be shellacked with images and video of "overrun" hospitals and ICUs. It won't matter if they're COVID positive (although the PCR tests are apparently run at such high sensitivity that spring water has a good chance of testing positive).

    I keep thinking about how quickly everyone swallowed the assumption that asymptomatic people are contagious back in February. So much of the destruction this year is predicated on the idea that everyone at all times is a likely vector for transmission. People have tied ubiquitous masking and social distancing to being a good, considerate citizen. Why didn't we agree on the much more reasonable and much less destructive idea that being a good citizen involves masking and social distancing if you're showing flu-like symptoms?

    There is some relation here to how governments handle gun crime. There are ways to effectively combat gun-related violence and crime without doing too much damage to personal liberties, but those methods involve thoughtful planning and hard work. It's easier (and in many cases sexier) to just ban guns, law-abiding citizens be damned. Same thing here. There are people out there with COVID, symptomatic and sneezing and coughing and spreading it around. But instead of leaving it to citizens to socially distance or wear a mask if they're symptomatic, and leaving it to establishments to screen symptomatic people, government just mandates every single person be quarantined because it's easier (and a good CYA maneuver).

    What still puzzles me is how literally every corner of the globe has succumbed to this hysteria. 50-ish states in the USA and 200-ish countries on the planet and not a single one has looked at this virus and said "...nah, we're good?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stefan Rott View Post
    Oh, it will. But our only alternative then here in Germany is far left or far right. The middle fucked this up, so... it's 50/50, and none of these are better than the others. Dumbasses here all over. May you live in interesting times, or what?
    In your opinion, is the AFD really far-right, or the label the media uses is just a product of our 21st century sensibilities?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VNV View Post
    Next door, it seems Holcomb will be lifting the mask mandate in Indiana, not immediately, but around Oct 16. Probably sees the political writing on the wall, and his head on the figurative platter. There’s some recent word-salad interview of him justifying covid policies to-date with his medic on-hand giving nodding agreement to phrases like “big BIG improvement!”. Saving face before he scraps the mess.
    So here’s what I just sent to his office and his campaign, quixotically:

    Subject: Leadership

    This is happening next door and is disgusting.

    Woman arrested for not wearing a mask. - YouTube

    Show some leadership, cease and desist from the covid response mess now, and never allow what happened above happen in Indiana.

    It would be an indication of a truly new normal.

    May we all share in the strength of spirit of that woman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Schexnayder View Post

    The "cops" not wearing masks at the end is even more amazing.
    He put it back on at the very end.

    It got pulled down in the long protracted drawn-out struggle there with the lady, who was a 1/3 of his "girth", which is a whole 'nother conversation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gadders View Post
    This site Lockdown Sceptics is a good source of evidence that the lockdown has been overblown in the vast majority of cases.
    To be honest, seeing stuff like this is just kind of depressing at this point. There's so much evidence out there that the lockdowns were a horrible overreaction, that the masks are minimally effective, that the disease isn't really serious, etc, but the narrative still gets pushed just as hard, and people keep buying it

    A lady I do lawn work for was giving me the anxious spiel about "rising cases" the other day, and all I could do was nod my head and give her a "yep, you bet."

    It's creepy. The people who still buy the propaganda almost have some kind of mind virus. It's like living in a toned-down Twilight Zone version of of a zombie movie. Instead of "brains!" they just keep repeating "cases!"


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