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Thread: COVID19 Factors We Should Consider/Current Events

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    Big Tech is censoring posts about Uncle Joe Cornpop meeting Hunter's Ukrainian business partner.

    The media and Big Tech are the enemy of the people. A society based on liberal values cannot and will not do anything to combat them.

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    The communists at Facebook and Twitter, those who push the fine people and russia hoaxes, have decided you aren't even allowed to see this story.BREAKING: New York Post locked out of Twitter after publishing Biden bombshell | The Post Millennial

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    I think you C&Ped this fucking mess from the DNC platform. I think you're a fool. How 'bout that, y'all?
    Democrats as in the leadership of the party supports these proposals? You're high on your own supply.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    He didn't type a goddamn word of it. Look at the font.
    I wrote out that list in about 30 minutes last night, and below I point to where I got the ideas. You and others on this board are so intent on discrediting people who disagree with you instead of discussing what they say that you make up crazy stories. Trying to discredit me based on my use of “y’all” and “you guys” or the font I used is pathetic. You won’t discuss any view on its merits if it deviates a millimeter from what you already think. I also get the feeling that no one is you guys aren't terribly thoughtful about policy around here, so when you see someone who is you assume they must have copy and pasted their ideas from a party platform.

    I see why you guys have formed such an effective echo chamber. You make those who disagree with you jump through so many hoops before you consider what they have to say that they just give up or say it’s not worth writing in the first place. This is why you have such a distorted view of the world.

    Here’s the same list with the source for the idea in parenthesis. The ideas for any section didn’t come all from one place, but in general the ideas about election reform and Congress came from a book called Democracy in America?, the regulatory ideas came from American Prospect magazine, the social democratic stuff came from The People’s Policy Project, and the ideas about journalism came from a book called The Death and Life of American Journalism. And I’m not a zealot for these ideas. I just grabbed a couple books off my bookshelf that seemed appropriate and then went to a few familiar with websites with the hope of advancing the conversation—something that seems impossible here because you’re intent on intoning.

    Here are the specifics just to back myself up. It’s also really amazing you think establishment Democrats support this stuff.

    [Books abbreviations:
Democracy in America? Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page (abbreviated DiA)
Listen, Liberal by Thomas Frank (abbreviated LL)
The Death and Life of American Journalism by Robert McChesney and John Nichols (abbreviated DLAJ)]

    Election reforms:

    —automatic and universal voter registration (including enfranchisement of ex-felons and the currently incarcerated) (DiA, p. 277)

    —legalize fusion voting in order to encourage third parties (interviews with Thomas Frank; also seeing it work with the Working Families Party)

    —make election day a Saturday or Sunday, or both (DiA, p. 214)
—standardize election procedures nationwide so there aren’t 50 different systems (conversations I’ve had with The Carter Center)

    —add polling locations and make sure there are paper backups to votes (

    —in some way eliminate or reduce the effect of the electoral college so there are more than 12 swing states (I think I heard about the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact on Twitter, but here’s a link to their site: (National Popular Vote)
—make it so that every citizen can vote for representation in Congress and for President; if that means adding D.C. and Puerto Rico as states, then that’s the way it is (I’ve read about this in many places)
—make all primaries open (I began think about this after Democrats’ Iowa Caucus debacle)
—use ranked voting to eliminate the need for runoffs (DiA, p. 234)
    —create single-state “mega-districts” to allow for multimember districts with proportional representation instead of representation based on winner-take-all districts (DiA, p. 234)
—move inauguration day closer to election day (if you lose in the UK you get kicked out the day after the election) (Twitter)

    —make it so that all campaign spending laws which apply to unions also apply to corporations (DiA, p. 202)

    —create “democracy vouchers” so everyone has, say, $200 to donate to candidates during campaigns (DiA, p. 218)

    Congressional reforms:
—eliminate the filibuster (common proposal)

    —increase funding for politicians’ staff so research and constituent services aren’t being conducted by sleep-deprived 20 year olds with a second job (DiA, p. 218)
—require politicians to record on a public, centralized website every advocacy meeting they have, plus copies all white papers, draft legislation, and written policy recommendations they receive (DiA, p. 206)
    —consider banning politicians from receiving compensation beyond their official salaries (for, say, speeches or travel), or, at the least, require politicians to disclose fully and publicly all compensation to minimize abuses (DiA, p. 207)
—expand and fully fund the Congressional Research Service (DiA, p. 208)

    —eliminate blue slips for judicial nominees (

    —eliminate the rules which allow one-party rule of the House of Representatives (the “Hastert rule” especially (DiA, p. 224)

    —make it so that only 35 or 40 reps have to agree in order for a bill to be given a floor vote in the House (currently 218 have to agree) (DiA, p. 225)

    —abolish the fucking Senate, honestly; it’s an outdated House of Lords (a lot of people talk about this)

    —put cameras in Congress which show what’s going on in all parts of the chambers (I don’t know where I heard this but Congress makes it so CSPAN doesn’t show what’s happening in the gallery)

    Journalism reforms (both of these ideas are from DLAJ; I’m not going to look it up)

    —create journalism vouchers in order to increase readership and diversity the marketplace of ideas; give everyone, say, $200 to spend on a newspaper of their choice (media outlets couldn’t receive vouches unless they received some minimum amount)
—periodicals in which less than 25 percent of their pages are made up of advertising should pay only 5 cents for postage for each of their first 300,000 copies sent to subscribers; there should then be a gradually increase from, say, 300,000 to 500,000 and onward

    Judicial/justice system reforms:

    —Term limits for federal judges (18 years sounds good) (common proposal)

    —Have the president end judicial review by declaring that Marbury v. Madison was wrongly decided; 9 unaccountable people shouldn’t be making laws for 330 million (Democrats have a better option than court packing
    —end cash bail for most crimes so people aren’t in jail just because they’re poor (this is talked about all the time)

    —prosecute white collar and political crimes so it’s not just the powerless who suffer consequences (Public Citizen’s report White Collar Crime Pays, Page not found - Public Citizen cameras in the Supreme Court 

    —legalize marijuana and expunge the records of everyone who’s been convicted (talked about everywhere (except this board)
—release everyone who’s incarcerated due to marijuana possession (very common proposal)

    —ban private prisons (very common proposal)

    Foreign relations:

    —Congress must approve the use of all combat troops and cannot deploy those troops for an indefinite period of time (Cato Institute,
—train soldiers with barbells (naturally) 

    —end the practice of campaign donors becoming diplomats (Elizabeth Warren proposed this in her presidential campaign)
—fully fund and support the State Department (Foreign Affairs and other outlets have covered this,

    Educational reforms:

    —move away from schools being funded by property taxes so as to integrate society and stop, or at least mitigate, racial conflict (Elizabeth Anderson’s book The Imperative of Integration)

    —fund all schools equally so there’s equality of opportunity; if we’re serious about everyone starting at the same place, we can’t disadvantage elementary school students
—end common core (this is just common sense)
—end the use of the SAT (
—all schooling from 3 years old to 6th grade would be based on the Montessori method (I have experience with Montessori and saw it work well)
—fully fund professors instead of relying on adjuncts (I have a lot of friends and family struggling as adjuncts)

    —most professors would be employed based on their ability to teach and only minimally on what they publish (I went to a tier-1 research university and a lot of my professors couldn’t teach for shit)

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    Social democratic reforms:

    —some number of weeks of paid family leave so we don’t have the obscenity of mothers (and fathers) going to work when they should be bonding with their newborn (The People’s Policy Project’s “Family Fun Pack” The Family Fun Pack)
—some number of weeks of paid sick leave so employees aren’t coming into work sick (The Leisure Agenda ❖ People’s Policy Project
    —expand social security so seniors can live with dignity (every Democrat supports this, at least rhetorically)

    —universal health insurance disconnected from employment (I don’t care how you get there, but it’s got to be universal; I favor single-payer though) (common proposal)

    —make the minimum wage $18/hour and index it to inflation (common proposal)

    —allow union members to unionize through a majority sign-up process (this is the only big thing unions have pushed for at the federal level for over a decade)
—allow the federal government to negotiate with drug companies and import drugs from Canada (Donald Trump said he supported this at one time)

    Environmental reforms
    —end subsidies and tax breaks to fossil fuel companies so they have to compete on the free market (personal conversations with friends who work in a certain state capital)
—protect wildlife and nature as much as possible without lowering our standard of living (common sense)

    —build out public transportation within cities and which connects cities like the U.S. govt built the highway system in the ‘50s (common sense)
—force oil and gas operators to put aside money so that there’s money to seal wells when a project is finished (recent articles, such as: 403. Forbidden - Bloomberg
    —create a moratorium on oil and gas drilling on public lands and protect national and state parks (

    Police reform:

    —as much as possible make it so police deal only with violent crime (common proposal these days)

    —criminalize police unions so as to increase civilian control over police departments (conversations with a friend who’s a member of the city council in a large city)

    —criminalize the ability of anyone but the government to fund the police (recent articles, such as: The Little Cards That Tell Police '''Let'''s Forget This Ever Happened''')
—end the practice of military grade weapons being transferred to police departments (common proposal)

    —get the police out of schools; other countries don’t have police in schools and we should be able to figure out how to do it too (common proposal)

    Regulatory/misc. reforms:

    —criminalize non-compete clauses for all but the most necessary cases (
    —as much as possible criminalize the practice of mandatory arbitration for customers and employees (

    —have the FTC enact a rule against exclusive dealing and similar practices that monopolists use to block new rivals, handicap customers, and deprive customers of choice (
—extend patents for artistic/literary works to the end of the author’s life or, if that happens within 30 years of the creation of the work, end the patent 30 years after the patent was filed (common proposal)
—end the practice of drug companies obtaining new patents for trivial reformulations of old drugs (

    —eliminate the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (
—have the FTC use simple market share and concentration thresholds to decide if a merger is legal; this would force businesses to grow through product improvement and investment instead of gobbling up competitors. A sensible rule which was used in the 1960s, a time of high growth, made it so that a merger was illegal if it created a firm which had more than 10% of market share (
—consumers should have the right to repair products their bought either with independent repair shops or on their own (;criminalize the ability of governments at the state and local level to give private companies advance notice of FOIA requests (Amazon asked for these protections:

    —Do what many inside the Department of Homeland Security are demanding and return its component departments to the agencies they were under before 2002 (the provocative, inflammatory way to say this is “Abolish ICE”) (Ken Klippenstein, who reports on DHS, spoke about this recently:

    —nationalize the credit card companies and reduce the fee customers have to pay to 0% in order to help small businesses; there’s a 3-5% private tax flowing from every retail business in America to VISA/Mastercard/AMEX (Matt Stoller talks about this idea:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Abraham View Post
    ...So, if I had my way Id make these reforms:

    Build Back "Better"

    Quote Originally Posted by Sib View Post
    You actually think that agenda is depolarising?
    Sounds like a perfect agenda to me, comrade!

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    Incredible, nothing at the top of Drudge about the Hunter Biden bombshell. What cucks!

    I am so glad you all referred me to other news sources - has been posting news that paints the status of the election in a totally different light than Drudge, that pollster Nate Silverman, MSNBABCNN, etc.

    LOL what losers the Progressives are; they'll probably STILL lose, even with the USPS, apt. block ballot farmers, Tech Giants, MSM, civil servant class, education unions, etc. ALL on their side!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sib View Post
    You actually think that agenda is depolarising?
    Patrick's proposals read like a litany of policy decisions pulled straight from Reddit. I wonder what he does for a living?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    He didn't type a goddamn word of it. Look at the font.
    Oh my God, I just realized why you think the font is important. I typed the thing in a word document and then copy and pasted it into my web browser. Anyone who's ever typed a long post on a forum and then lost it due to the browser crashing or not being logged in or something knows why I did that. And you think that's evidence that I didn't research these ideas myself. Hahaha.

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    starting strength coach development program
    More from college football..... Nick Saban has tested positive. Two things...

    1) he's older. And he seems, outwardly, to be very healthy.

    2) he's going to be PISSED he's going to miss a game.


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