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Thread: COVID19 Factors We Should Consider/Current Events

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    They told us it would be safe. They lied. Of course we knew that from the start.

    Thousands of mail ballots may be lost, Pittsburgh-area official says | TheHill

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    Tell us about this. Why are they trying to get out of Paris?

    JP nails it, as usual: The Most Dangerous Disease in the World - YouTube

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Cavazos View Post

    But such a measure would not be taken by Trump, it would only come from Biden/Harris. And if Biden wins the election, gare-an-teed the transition to a COVID-free world begins very quickly. We would stop testing asymptomatic people, the media would stop reporting on "cases" (see: positive tests) surging, schools would open up, and blue state governors would suddenly change their tune during Thanksgiving and Christmas, encouraging "safe" gatherings. Shortly after inauguration everything would be back to normal.

    I have no idea what will happen if Trump wins. The immediate thought is that the COVID hysteria will continue unabated. But blue state governors and major metro mayors must be looking at their financial and political situations--massive unemployment, people fleeing to red cities/states, kids failing in school because of the disaster we knew online learning would be--knowing they're untenable. It's impossible to think they can keep it up for another four years.
    Agreed. Well said. A Biden win takes COVID from an existential threat (which it isnít) to a modest problem of modest concern (which it is).

    Biden claims you cant fix the economy until you understand the virus. That is a perfect weasel line and fits all possible futures. Iím sure he didnít write it. Heís not close to smart enough.


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