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Thread: COVID19 Factors We Should Consider/Current Events

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfsully View Post
    You imply, I think, that bacteria are the real culprit in covid because of masks, because masks can get full of saliva and probably bacteria, and maybe it’s the bacteria from masks that are killing people, not covid. Again, a huge leap for which there should be ample evidence if it were true, but there is not.
    In a similar way: mask mandates and usage have been extremely commonplace around the world for months now. If there was any empirical evidence that they did anything to prevent deaths, "cases," or any other measure of spread, it would be shouted constantly from the headlines of every media outlet. The fact that, as of November 2020, the best they can manage for "proof" are hypotheses about droplets and viral loads.

    In fact, the data we do have suggests very strongly that general mask usage doesn't do crap. It's a religious talisman in more ways than one: a way for panicked, scared people to believe they have control in an uncontrollable and uncertain situation, and a visible marker of faith and piety, that the wearer is, if not a Good Person and believer, at least someone who has submitted to the faith.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfsully View Post
    Mask use is very high up here in Massachusetts, but we are not seeing any pattern yet of mask-related illness. Exactly how helpful masks are to contain spread of Covid is debatable, but the downsides arenÂ’t health-related.
    Even if masks work pretty well, they present the same basic problem as social distancing and lockdowns. All of these solutions are the same as taking your TB medicine for a month instead of nine months. The entire premise of Starting Strength is that if you stress an organism, it will adapt and get stronger. As I'm sure you know, evolution does the exact same thing.

    What does evolution do when you geographically isolate a species (lockdown & social distance) for many different generations and apply different stresses (masks, etc.,)? It gives you a swath of biological diversity all adapted to its own niche environment.

    To use the common parlance: While the damn thing was still a novice, we should have let it spread easily. We're taking this thing through a full-fledged NLP and will start on the viral version of the Texas Method before too long.

    Places like MA, NY, and CA will blame those ignorant, foolish non-compliant bastards for their case numbers staying steady and/or rising. Perhaps the problem is that these totalitarian shitholes have done good work building viruses that travel further, linger longer, and infect easier. To which they'll respond with more draconian measures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark E. Hurling View Post
    Methinks you need to leave Hamilton out of this. Now Jefferson? That fucker was capable of anything.
    Hamilton is like the good guy in the trio.

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    Written article with citations and a video debate regarding the validity of masks

    Masks Don’t Work: A Review of Science Relevant to COVID-19 Social Policy | River Cities' Reader

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jovan Dragisic View Post
    It seems Western Europe is determined to enter a strong statist era, unlike anything in history. My guess is that they want to increase public debt by issuing as many state and EU bonds as possible, thus trying to get the euro closer on par with the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. They probably see this as the last chance they will get. In order to do this, they need to find a reason to run up the debt by fucking up threat economies as much as possible. In normal times, you would get the US treasury secretary or maybe even the president come and explain the rules of the game - think Obama and Geithner during the euro crisis. But we are not living in normal times, are we? Since the US is heavily divided internally and will have to run a huge deficit of its own starting next week, the time is ripe. It’s as if Keynes, Stalin and Alexander Hamilton had a bastard child that came back eighty years later with a vengeance.

    They can pull it off for a month, the Spaniards are already setting shit on fire.
    I don't know, Jovan. Maybe, maybe not. What you say implies that they have a plan. Making plans is not what politicians do. They are only part of a plan. Yesterday, Merkel said: I hope and believe that these new restrictions will work. Dear Mrs. Chancellor, hope and believe is what I expect from the Pope, from you I expect rational arguments and acting to serve the country and the people living in this country. That's your job. You don't do your job, Mrs...

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    I'm very curious to see what nonsense the Democrats try pulling when they lose this election.
    My guess:
    1. Voter fraud in swing States (and they will claim Trump was using fraud)
    2. Trying to overthrow the Electoral College
    The Sneaky Plan to Subvert the Electoral College for the Next Election - YouTube
    3. Attempt to use the courts to remove Trump (not sure how this would work)
    4. Using the 25th Amendment to claim Trump is unsuitable
    5. Cause enough uncertainty with any of the above or other BS they can conjure up in order to try installing Pelosi as temporary president.

    One thing is for sure, the Dems will try to incite violence and riots with their "useful idiot" goons (BLM and Antifa).

    I think all the efforts of the Dems will fail:
    1. Covid wasn't as deadly as they hoped.
    2. The false BLM/Antifa narrative only gained a small following.
    3. Even the MSM couldn't polish the turd that is the Biden/Harris campaign.
    4. Members of the Democratic Party have been walking away, leaving primarily the most corrupt and despicable members, which they obviously can no longer hide from most voters.
    5. It is all too clear now that the Dems have been pushing a candidate who is involved in a deep crime syndicate. They will be forever known as the 'Biden Crime Family'.
    6. Big Tech's censorship has been pushed so far it seems like it will backfire badly for them. They put all their eggs in the "Blue basket" and now they will have A LOT to answer for. They are likely to lose Section 230 protections under Trump.
    7. The quack Fauchi and his ilk can no longer be taken seriously. They have been wrong time and time again and people are realizing this. Now the WHO is only being propped up by Bill Gates and China.
    8. The true colors of many Democrat governors has been revealed. They all played into the COVID hoax and they can't backtrack now. They took multiple all-expenses-paid trips to China and then attended Event 201 to plan COVID. Now their COVID hoax is falling apart before their eyes.

    Too bad, Democrat traitors. You thought you could trick almost everybody into Medical Marshall law. You thought you could bring about Agenda 2030. You thought you could convince people to force vaccinate. You thought you could push for your high-tech control grid and eugenics agendas. You thought you could install at least 4 years of self-admitted Marxist puppet leaders.

    Now you Democrats have A LOT of explaining to do. You will now be out of a job since Democrats will now forever be thought as of criminal traitors that conspired to topple a legitimate President.

    You Democrats failed with the Russian Collusion hoax, the Ukraine hoax, the impeachment hoax, and now you failed AGAIN with the COVID hoax. Now you Democrat rats will get to live in fear of being indicted and charged with sedition.

    The desperate Democrats will try to burn their own cities in order to push their agenda. They thought that by colluding with China and the world banking institutions, they would have established a comfortable position in the New World Order technocrat fantasy. Now they will be left without a job since the majority of voters will actually vote for people to fix their cities and states. Decades of Democrat-run decline has resulted in near bankruptcy and a plethora of social problems.

    The Democrats got too greedy and bit off way more than they could chew. The pendulum will swing the other way.

    Trump for 2020, now let's get some real work done and make a positive change!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Harlin View Post
    Bannon had Sidney Powell and Lieutenant General
    Thomas McInerney On the war room today. The General is the one sounding the alarm on this. Around the 25 minute mark in the 11am hour.

    War Room Pandemic LIVE >> War Room: Pandemic
    2 minutes where Sidney Powell talks about that voting operation

    Also during that interview, Sidney Powell confirms she will be FBI Director. If that actually happens, the games are over.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe
    Please let this be bullshit: Democrats colluding with CIA to launch intelligence operation that ALTERS voting machine results: Report


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    On a semi related note, the COVID spread in Belgium has started to slow down days before the lockdown came into effect. Ditto for the UK. I except the same will happen in all European countries that have imposed lockdowns. Since it takes at least a week before lockdowns are able to produce effects, there is no rational way to connect the two. Especially since Sweden is not alone in staying sane this time around, about half of Europe has followed suit.

    So the whole police state thing was really for nothing. I’m sure the government that locked everything down will attribute the “success” to their measures though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfsully
    Mask use is very high up here in Massachusetts, but we are not seeing any pattern yet of mask-related illness.
    I haven’t heard of a confirmed illness due to a mask, but there’s always somebody out there doing something like wearing underwear on their face to make a point, right?
    That’s good to hear, but it says more about your hospital's ability to discriminate patterns, than the actual existence of those patterns.

    Cloth masks, in general, are not a big deal. I personally couldn't care less. (In February, when COVID-19 was scarier, I obtained some reusable OV/P100 gas respirators. I even wore them around in March and April.) What is a big deal is profound overconfidence about health interventions coupled with indefensibly narrow appraisal of their costs.

    Quote Originally Posted by jfsully View Post
    Let me elaborate: nobody using a mask properly, and the vast majority using the mask improperly, are not getting sick from the mask.
    Quote Originally Posted by jfsully
    Yes, there is a theoretical risk of illness from moldy masks, or whatever, but this remains theoretical. If your mask is gross, wash it or throw it out. Not hard....Exactly how helpful masks are to contain spread of Covid is debatable, but the downsides aren’t health-related.
    You (and I) do not know these things with any certitude. The risks of improperly reused PPE - a national emergency in March - are no more "theoretical" than their benefits as population-scale interventions. Again, the problem isn't PPE, it's the sloppy thinking that is now encompassing our lives.

    My other point was that bacterial pneumonia is not likely to be nearly the factor today as compared to 1918, precisely because we know about antibiotics. Nobody working in doctors offices or hospitals caring for patients with breathing problems is unaware of the likelihood of bacterial pneumonia as a cofactor.
    Fauci's paper was about a public health concern -- national stockpiles of antibiotics -- which you seem to be interpreting solely through the lens of clinical practice.

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    BRAVO !!! 👏👏👏
    Great speech, takes balls to say it
    Kids shouldn’t be wearing masks!

    Bryce Mitchell issues ANTI-MASK statement after win


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