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Thread: COVID19 Factors We Should Consider/Current Events

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    Must watch: Leaked Zoom of Fed Gov employees, attorneys, contractors plotting Coup D'état

    Combined with: Trump Issues Executive Order Making Some Civil Servants Easier to Hire and Fire

    You don't think these tech-idiots haven't been mapped by NSA? In the least, I expect a Federal Government Clearance.
    Data problems again: More votes than registered Voters

    DHS was authorized to secure this election. I wonder if covert, anti-counterfeit watermark technology was used on the ballots?
    How do you catch a dangerous animal? Set a trap?

    These people are stupid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BustedBack View Post

    I suspect it’s one word: Californians
    Immigration from outside the US as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Larousse View Post
    Let us not all get our panties in a bunch yet. Conservatives now have the Supreme Court and the Senate. This is going to go to court and we very well could all be good standing with another four year Trump term. Now the future past that on the other hand is scary.
    You are assuming that conservatives want a new Trump term

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    Watching your US election with fascination and depression anticipating a Biden victory when I thought Trump would win (I’ve long since ignored bullshit polls).

    I just can’t help thinking combined with Covid 19 that corruption is the source. As usual, most wise signposts say “follow the money”. Relations between the US and China, who are longstanding rivals and duelling economic powers, have sunk to their lowest level in decades. China the gifts us the Covid out of the blue when they could’ve EASILY prevented the global spread, and hey presto - ruination caused and Trump (likely) out. Rugged individualism, freedom and bravery was taught to me in school in the UK as the American DNA. What the hell is going on over there?! Surely the fabric of the USA can’t have mollified to the degree whereby the economy and law and order take second fiddle behind BLM, social justice warriordom and other fluffier agendas?

    Fingers crossed that Trump can pull it out of the bag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CommanderFun View Post
    Everything is fucked, but that's okay, have some legal drugs.
    Let us escape together....But on a much more serious note, I am glad someone will not be put in jail because a stinky sticky plant was in their pocket. Also, MJ can be grown at home to avoid the ridiculous taxes they will put on it. WIN-WIN!

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    As I said before... All these lockdowns, masks, etc., are running the virus through a nice little NLP as it carves out adaptations for each difficulty imposed on it. Also prepare for more draconian measures to make even stronger viruses:

    Denmark plans to kill up to 17 million farmed mink due to coronavirus mutation | Fox News

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    They're not even going to try to hide it. Do they think we're actually retarded? Or are they just flexing on us?

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    Destabilization. The optics and theater are obvious. Too obvious. While the legal challenges and leaks continue... someone should be digging into secondary and tertiary effects.

    The virus is endemic now, folks. Not because it already was, but because it is no longer useful.

    Pro tip: don't let your gas tank go below 3/4 for the next 2-3 weeks.

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    We're just going to have to accept that the last time that our votes meant nothing it was our lack of representation in the British parliament and what that ended up leading to. At least the British had the decency to just tell us go fuck ourselves instead of belittling us with "every vote counts."


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