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Thread: COVID19 Factors We Should Consider/Current Events

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    My co-worker who has a bumper sticker on her car "Trump 2020" was told by our boss "I don't like that sticker, in my parking lot" and left the building. I looked into it, and he could actually fire her for that. Crazy shit, she was super worried and now is in fear of losing her job, but doesn't want to remove the sticker. It is his business and he has the right, but what a shitty thing to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    What with "muslim" being a race and all.
    I stand corrected. The intention to ban muslims from entering the US is islamophobic, not racist.

    Quote Originally Posted by RJPinAZ View Post
    Also interesting that Indonesia, with its 225 million Muslims, was not included in the travel ban. Maybe because it wasn't actually a "muslim travel ban", rather it was targeted to those countries known to have lax vetting of travelers leaving the country.
    It's more likely that the Trump administration wanted to maintain good relations for economic reasons. Iraq was scrapped from the list for strategic reasons (ISIS was ongoing). Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE are not on the list, but Venezuela is. Strange if the goal is to prevent terrorism.

    The claim about lax vetting is not true. It's very difficult to leave totalitarian states like Iran & Syria. It's easy for you or your relatives to piss off the regime, meaning you can be imprisoned and tortured for wanting to leave. That's one of the reasons why, even in peacetime, people pay smugglers. Most normal countries don't "vet" people that want to leave. The US can still deny visas if they don't have enough information from the country of origin.

    Quote Originally Posted by Barry Charles View Post
    Which statements are true?

    A) Trump put children in cages at the border.

    B) Obama put children in cages at the border.

    C) Trump put children in the cages that Obama built at the border.

    D) Trump banned Muslims from traveling to America

    E) Biden has publicly stated that poor children are just as smart as white children.
    All true, except D.

    I do believe Trump terminated the family case management program, that ICE said was effective at having people appear in court. Separating children from their parents is a new policy decision made by the AG under Trump. Based on this, I'd say that Obama's immigration policy was slightly less inhumane.

    Quote Originally Posted by Soule View Post
    Hes not racist for saying Mexico sends its worse. That very quote that has been misinterpreted over and over and yet it actually proves the opposite. Hes saying that the finest people from this country arent legally immigrating to the U.S., but some of the people who are crossing the borders are criminals. You could argue that this is fearmongering manipulation, but its not racism.

    What does he have to gain by appealing to racists? Nothing because theyre going to vote against biden no matter what trump says.

    Here are some trump quotes about racism:

    We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence, on many sides. On many sides.

    KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans.

    Do your research instead of repeating the same, tired liberal bullshit.
    There are criminals in every group of large enough size. I interpret "they're rapists" meaning many of them are, or at least more as a percentage than in the general population. There's no evidence to back this up. (I've seen some cited to point out the opposite, but I haven't looked into it enough to know if it's credible) If he's saying just a few are, why would he bring it up?

    My opinion is that he wanted racists to show up and vote for him. I don't agree that they'll vote against the dem candidate regardless (this was in the run-up to the '16 election) It's easy not to vote.

    I answered your initial question by providing an example of Trump saying something racist. Let me know why you disagree with my interpretation, I'm not a native speaker.

    There are of course more important considerations when deciding who to vote for. I dislike Biden and I respect any Trump voter, because I assume most voters are more knowledgeable than I am and have given it more thought than I have. I'm not an American and it's in news way too much over here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VNV View Post
    Pfizer CEO dumps ~ %60 of his stock just after their vaccine announcement. I guess CEO’s do that.
    Company insiders do not do stupid shit like this because it so obviously looks like insider trading - that's why they have procedures set up for this kind of thing. Pfizer's CEO probably had this sale in the works for a month or so before it happened. Have you considered that perhaps, in his opinion, he has also been hit by the government response to the pandemic and wants some liquid cash?

    Sure, maybe he's just a narcissist who thinks he can get away with it, but generally, no one reaches CEO of a fortune 500 company without being calculating and long term thinking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ham View Post
    Genuine question to anyone who believes the voter fraud claims: If the democrats can get away with voter fraud, why would they force a runoff for Georgia's senate seats and why did the dems so poorly downballot?

    "When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best; they're not sending you," Trump said. "They're sending people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people."

    The stats don't back it up. If you don't believe there are accurate stats, fine. Pulling it out of your ass seems racist to me.

    I also think wanting a "muslim travel ban" is racist. And it says a lot that when the court wouldn't allow discrimination based on religion, the response was "we'll ban middle-eastern christians too!"
    Engaging people as stupid, disingenuous or both as this is probably the biggest problem in the world right now.

    People need to learn how to scoff again.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Gleichauf View Post

    The idiots who will take the vaccine will be afraid to go out anyway and the ones who don't won't be let in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VNV View Post
    Tangential, or perhaps not.

    Pfizer CEO dumps ~ %60 of his stock just after their vaccine announcement. I guess CEOs do that.

    But you know, /if I were him/, and thought I just broke critical ground, Id hold that stock for another 10 years.

    Wont this new mRNA technique lead to a cornucopia of new remedies and therapies? If so, Pfizer could become a 10-bagger.
    Pfizer is so huge. The announcement barely registers as a blip in the stock price if you look at the last few years.

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    This is way too much critical thinking for the typical media-regurgitator to be expected to come up with on their own. Trump hates Muslims!! Its been proclaimed already! You are so racist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnst_nhb View Post
    This is not my experience. Rarely does a therapeutic go from animal model to approval in humans and most often therapeutics don’t make it out of the stages of animal models.

    “Genetics” is a far different science than molecular biology and biochemistry. The whole point of species is that they differ genetically.
    I was talking specifically about the mechanics of genetic transcription, inheritance, etc., not about the genes themselves. Yes, species differ genetically, although not as much as you would think. But that's beside the point. The central dogma of DNA->RNA->protein is not universal, but it is exactly as applicable in humans as it is in other mammals. And the vast majority of what we have learned about this, from bacteriophage viruses on up to chimps, is directly transferable to understanding how genes work on the cellular level in humans.

    If you're wondering whether a scrap of mRNA is going to worm its way back into a nucleus and add a heritable mutation, which is what most people worried about "messing with genetics" are thinking of, then testing this concept on an animal cell is pretty much as good as on a human cell. And that's been done many many times over decades. And there are several drugs out there that use some version of introducing RNA for therapeutic effect, as you point out, so this has been tested in humans as well.

    You are completely correct that many if not the majority of drugs that work in other animals fail to be as useful in humans. I wasn't trying to make a point on the efficacy of an mRNA vaccine, only on its safety.

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