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Thread: COVID19 Factors We Should Consider/Current Events

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    Now, for the dumbest thing on the internet today:
    So essentially, Biden isn't a warmonger, he is just going to establish peace by deploying troops to foreign countries that the warmonger Trump withdrew.

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    It's perfectly clear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfsully View Post
    The recommendation I prefer would be to wear masks when distance is not possible. Your point is part of the reason for this.
    Sure, but as we have seen, decision makers are quick to turn recommendations into mandates, so you're back to square one. I am guessing it will take three or four years to collect relevant data for Covid, but I am also pretty sure that it will turn out masks have actually contributed to thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of needless deaths.

    On another note, we are gathering some good epi data in Europe during the "second wave", which is likely just the first and only wave. Data from several countries, most notably Belgium and the Czech Republic, shows that the spread runs into a wall when cases go up to 33.000 per million, after which they begin to fall drastically, no matter the mesarues taken. Belgium and the Czech Republic have gone into lockdowns after a fall in cases, much of Europe which has been hit by the wave has done the same, but Croatia has been running a no lockdown policy. We've even had pretty lax measures in place until today (gatherings capped at 50, bars and restaurants closing at midnight, no business closures). The government is amplifyling restrictions today, but still no lockdown, and our hardest hit regions are at or close to 33.000 per million cases. If we see a drop in cases in the next week, we will get some really good data that counteracts the fear porn narrative about overrun hospitals and shit. Our hospitals are close to capacity now, but if we get a drop in cases, the hospital system will have weathered the crisis with minimal problems. This should give everyone in Europe pause, once governments are ready to accept the folly of the lockdown policies, of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Harlin View Post
    This piece about Sidney Powell is a pretty good read. I Know Sidney Powell. She Is Telling the Truth | The Stream
    I hope they have ample protection.
    From Tucker Carlson's show:

    "We've always respected her work, we simply wanted to see the details. How could you not want to see them? So we invited Sidney Powell on the show. We would have given her the whole hour. We would have given her the entire week, actually, and listened quietly the whole time at rapt attention," he said.

    "But she never sent us any evidence, despite a lot of polite requests. When we kept pressing, she got angry and told us to stop contacting her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satch12879 View Post
    Do you think these words constitute an argument?
    As far as I can figure, BMueller is a time traveler from 3 years ago, AND he would like to write Rip's script.


    This is music to my is the Sound of Panic from the Enemy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jovan Dragisic View Post
    Dude, I don't mean to step on your toes, but if you look at the Covid data worldwide, it is extremely clear that masks do not slow the spread of the virus, i.e. you will see huge increases in cases in countries with mandatory mask mandates vs. those without them. Physical distancing does. I mean, this has been the Swedish epidemiologists' attitude from the start - physical distancing is important and masks give wearers a false sense of security, whereby they ignore the distancing rules. It was the WHO's attitude from the start, as well as the European one, the American one...
    I'd attribute the "huge increases in cases in countries with mask mandates" to the fact that it's governments policy that okays ignoring distancing for mask wearers. It's not that I think it's safe to ride a packed train because I wear a mask, it's just that there would be no trains riding were it not for the masks. The introduction of the masks coincided with the reopening after the first complete shutdown back in March. The morons in charge would have kept everything shut if it weren't for the masks. So rather, it's people living their lives that spreads the virus and the sad reality is wearing a mask is a requirement to your live your life. Basically, the masks correlate with the increased spread but are not the cause.

    The first mask mandates were introduced with the idea that they might help and they couldn't possibly cause harm. The possibility of risk compensation is why the WHO was opposed. I haven't seen strong evidence for either mask wearing or this theory of risk compensation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    This is hilarious! One strict new COVID lockdown bans outdoor exercising and dog-walking | Fortune
    You guys in Australia have yourselves a serious problem, that has nothing to do with a virus.
    That is a tragic comedy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fortune
    Marshall said the strain of the virus that’s circulating is “nasty” as many of those infected are not showing any symptoms
    That's a nasty killer virus for you right there. We should be so glad that we have tests to detect infected persons, otherwise we wouldn't know they're sick at all.

    The world is at an end. This is an extinction level event, make no mistake. Humans are dying like flies everywhere.

    Here in Germany, we're shown graphs like these:
    We're all as good as dead.
    (oh, and warnings of the third wave are starting, I can't believe it)

    But I found it interesting that on the homepage of the "Statistisches Bundesamt" (census bureau) you find this:
    Sterbefallzahlen und Ubersterblichkeit - Statistisches Bundesamt
    It's the weekly deaths in germany - the red curve is 2020, the blue curve is the average from 2016-2019. The flat red curve on the bottom with the hump around week 15 is "Corona deaths".
    One interesting is the spike in deaths in week 33 this year - attributed to a heat wave.
    Another point is that in week 9-10, the average is higher than what we see in the Covid spike this year - flu season?

    And on a sidenote, I know of a young woman who was quarantined for a positive test for two weeks. She had minor symptoms of a common cold. Before the test result came in, she quickly went to her boyfriend, who lives in another town, so when she had to stay indoors, she'd be with him instead of alone. They went on quarantine together, and did not distance themselves or isolate in any way, quite the opposite, they did as young couples do. Guess who's test was negative the whole time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gilead View Post
    Take note that the doctor arguing against the Zelenko protocol has not treated even one covid patient ( this is pointed out later in the video) Where as the doctors and proffesors who are for the treatment have treated many thousands of patients with this treatment and have seen incredibly positive results.
    To play the devil's advocate, couldn't treating COVID be very similar to training a novice? By this I mean anything you do will probably have a positive effect. You could put a brand new lifter on some garbage from the muscle mags and he'd make progress for a while. He might actually look better, feel better, and gain some strength. Similarly, I think you could treat a COVID patient with hydroxychloroquine, or vitamin D, or bananas, or wishful thinking, or unicorn dust and said patient probably has a 99.999% chance of recovering. So it's hard to know if the Zelenko protocol or anything else is better/worse than no treatment at all.

    My whole family was diagnosed with COVID four weeks ago (wife went to the doctor for a suspected sinus infection and tested positive; health department tested the rest of us two days later). Here's how it affected us:

    Wife (38 years old): Three days of sinus infection type symptoms. No fever.
    Me (37 years old): Headache one day. No fever.
    Daughter (11 years old): No symptoms
    Daughter (9 years old; autoimmune disorder that made her "high risk"): No symptoms
    Son (5 years old): No symptoms
    Daughter (22 months old): One day of diarrhea. No fever.

    I didn't miss a single workout whilst battling the coronadoom. Actually set a deadlift PR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt James View Post
    It's "nasty" because many of those infected aren't showing symptoms? Good lord.
    i noticed the use of the word 'nasty' as well. i was listening to this pod and this guy (who i did not like/agree with) also used the word 'nasty' when describing how it is asymptomatic
    Joe Rogan Experience #1566 - Nicholas Christakis - YouTube

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    starting strength coach development program
    Scott Adams had a nice twitter thread today

    Democrats are employing some excellent brainwashing technique to defend the election as fair. Here are some of their tricks.

    1. "Refuses to concede" is making you think past the sale that Trump's legal challenges will fail. This is their main persuasion trick.

    2. "Audit" is being used to make a simple recount of (alleged) fraudulent ballots seem as if that could potentially find all types of fraud, which a recount is not designed to do. When none is found (because they are not looking), they will declare it proof there was no fraud.

    3. "No evidence" is being used to reframe "plenty of evidence but not yet proven in court."

    4. "No WIDESPREAD fraud" is the defense against the allegation of TARGETED fraud in specific swing state cities. This is misdirection aimed at low-information voters, which is most of the public.

    5. Massive fraud would be "obvious" if it happened, so therefore it didn't happen. This ignores the entire nature of the allegation -- that it is totally obvious to about half of the country. No one believes Biden got far more votes than Obama.

    6. Trump lawsuits are being tossed out of court. The fake news does not tell you the strongest evidence of fraud has not yet been presented to the courts. The first lawsuits were probably just to keep the fraud argument alive while lawyers dug for the good stuff.

    7. Character assassination by bad analogy. The fake news is labelling Trump's legal challenges to the election as McCarthyism, racism, and the work of a dictator staging a coup. All of that is fear-persuasion based on bad analogies.

    8. Experts and trusted media say no fraud has been detected. What they leave out is that they were not looking for it, and in some cases the people responsible for preventing election fraud are just saying they did a terrific job. This is misdirection.


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