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Thread: COVID19 Factors We Should Consider/Current Events

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJPinAZ View Post
    The actual quote was from a conversation Trump was having with Billy Bush:

    Trump: And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything.

    Bush: Whatever you want.

    Trump: Grab them by the p****. You can do anything.

    The operative phrase here of course is “they let you do it”.
    This was a lie when it was first used, like the thing in Charlotte. Leftists lie. It's all they do well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhastings View Post
    ...really owes it to themselves to watch the documentary "Behind the Curve" currently on Netflix.
    Thanks, Reed Hastings, but Netflix is questionable as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    Leftists lie. It's all they do well.
    Did you intend to leave out cheat for folks to notice? Or are you saying they aren't good at cheating?

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    They're waaaaay better at lying.

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    Look, I'm not going down the election fraud rabbit hole. We've known about all this shit since Bev Harris's work at Black Box Voting. I'm frankly tired of this year, the isolation I've felt from family over basically everything that's gone on, the constant knot in my stomach, the stress. I don't need any more things to consume my mind at 2am when I wake up the first time and there's a job and kids to deal with in a few hours.

    That being said, I am just indescribably shocked, like without words, to see cognitive dissonance in real time. I don't think it's been any more plain to me and perhaps that's why it's so shocking right now. Has everyone forgotten the 2000 election and the fiasco that was Florida and the Supreme Court? Fuck, it was only 20 years ago. Did people really forget? Are they choosing to forget? September 11, 2001 was only 20 years ago. Did we forget that? Afghanistan and the lies of the Iraq war, 20 years, too. The time from the overthrow of Mossadegh to the hostage crisis in 1979 was only about 20 years. the Iranians surely didn't forget that. There are people in my family's town in Italy that have not forgotten the bombing of Serbia in the '90s and they are still really pissed.

    All that being said, my 10,000 foot-view opinion is that this isn't going anywhere. If it were to go anywhere, I'm terrified of how Trump will fuck it up with some idiotic show of how big his balls are. No, it won't because the GOP doesn't want to have to look at what it does, too. That's the gag here. The normies are on the cusp of seeing how the sausage is really made and the establishment is terrified of that getting out. So they won't let it and this whole farce will keep going on and on. The other thing is that the so-called "right" doesn't want to have to look into that black part of themselves and realize that their goons are just as terrible as the other goons. The last thing anyone wants to be called on and admit to is their own bullshit.

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    Look, it seems like there's some legit issues with the voting this year. Just like I am sure there has been in every other election.

    The problem seems to be that there's no time to get things corrected by 12/15 (electoral college day). That's 12 days from now.

    I'm not sure what the hearings are supposed to do. I dont know their purpose. And I do find it odd that Powell has been invisible lately after lots of talk of the kraken. Like a lot of this stuff in this thread, I've said the same thing... It makes no damn sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry Charles View Post
    Trump never claimed to actually be a pussy-grabber, he advocated that “you need to grab them by the pussy”.

    Much in the same sense that powerful women say “you need to grab them by the balls”.

    Nit picking? Sure. The media lies about almost everything. This is no different. But consider that there is some subset of people that endorse some of what Trump did and reject other things. I believe the left is far more immersed in “all or nothing support” then the right.
    I wouldn't really disagree with your overall point, but to quote our friend Mark Rippetoe's repetitive response to jfsully, "Bigger picture, Barry. Bigger picture."

    Quote Originally Posted by George Christiansen View Post
    You're really not so stupid as to not be able to see that there are plenty of sources that can be trusted on certain topics and not on others, right?

    I might very well take dietary advice from someone who tells me that squats are bad for me.

    And you do realize that their biases that make them untrustworthy on certain subjects can often stem from them either being one of "them" or being employed by "them", right?

    You ever know a couple from the time they started dating all the way through a divorce? You ever hire an employee or become one only to find out that what you got into wasn't what you were promised or else new developments totally changed the dynamic of the company?
    Of course, George. And to answer your first question, no, I don't think I'm that stupid. But that's not really my point at all. Tucker Carlson sometimes reports the truth and sometimes does not, but he is the same shameless shape-shifting self-promoter he has always been. However, The Narrative is that when one of these ostensible Trumpers questions or challenges the election fraud story, it is taken as further evidence of the conspiracy. "Apparently even [X] is in on it! It goes even deeper than we thought!!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    Nope, no evidence at all.
    We're still supposed to pretend this.

    They have literally provided a video of fraud being done in Fulton County after they sent everyone home on election night on the pretense that they were stopping counting. They kept counting out of public view as required by law. They didn't know they were being recorded: bandicam 2020-12-03 18-36-39-217

    This clip comes from:
    Trump Legal Team Presents Case to Georgia Senate Committee 12/3/20 - 3 more camera angles in higher definition are provided.
    🔴 LIVE: Trump Legal Team Presents CLEAR Evidence of Fraud Before Georgia Senate Committee 12/3/20 - YouTube
    A Colonel also testified that 96,600 mail in ballots were counted as votes, but were never marked as received - illegal votes.
    And then 3 more hours of testimony after that. They had more and better evidence than I ever thought they would.

    Matt Braynard on Lou Dobbs
    "The number of (illegal) ballots we've discovered surpassed the margin of victory. Just on the # of people we've identified ourselves we believe is enough to deny Joe Biden a win in the electoral college"
    Streamable Video

    Matt Braynard - Michigan - Matt Braynard's "Testimony" in Michigan - YouTube
    They called thousands of alleged voters.
    24.2% of unreturned "requested" absentee ballots were not requested by the registered voter.
    23% of unreturned absentee ballots were reported as returned by the voter.
    12.6% of absentee ballots sent out despite the registered voter not requesting one.

    This wonderful woman seems quite adamant that she witnessed fraud.

    Michigan Montage: elections observers at TCF testify on the massive Democrat fraud

    Michigan poll challenger, who was mistaken for a Democrat because she looks foreign, told to get Republican challengers (aka, "white men" - her words) out while Democrats cheered

    "Chenango County Attorney Alan Gordon informed Supreme Court Justice Scott DelConte of the findings on Tuesday. “Those ballots were apparently mislaid and never counted,” Gordon wrote. “I have advised our Board of Elections to not open any of those ballots and to secure them in their offices,” he said. Of the 55 ballots, 11 appear to be from unregistered voters."

    And every state with absurdly low mail in rejection rates is outright fraudulent on its face. You don't take a system with like 3-6% rejection rate and then do it 10000x more with people who have never mail in voted before and suddenly there are no errors and oops you couldn't watch and oops we threw out the envelopes we're required by law to keep so just believe us. They're asking us to believe complete nonsense.

    So when they say there's no evidence: There is no evidence of no fraud. If we aren't allowed to verify anything and there was no chain of custody then we don't even know there was an election let alone who won it. We have no idea where ballots came from or who handled them, and they're actively preventing us from knowing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BMueller View Post
    You’re [Rip] the only one who’s ever accused me of being a leftist...
    That is a lie. I have accused you of the same either directly or indirectly.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    They're [leftists] waaaaay better at lying.
    That is the inherent nature of it.
    It allows them to manipulate the unintelligent and naive, but it is also the root cause of the left eating itself.
    They know they can never trust their comrades, so they must try to manipulate them too.

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    According to this article

    Situation Update, Dec. 3rd – Trump invokes foreign interference provision of his 2018 executive order, authorizing military response to cyber warfare, see NSPM 13 –

    Trump was well prepared for the current situation. I guess, the millions of vaccines that are to be distributed by military troops is just a pretext to position soldiers for when Antifa/BLM riots break out once Trump is confirmed the winner of the election.


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