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Thread: COVID19 Factors We Should Consider/Current Events

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    You, who didn't watch the video, believe the media report and a Republican who say that it was absolutely impossible to not shoot an unarmed 35-year-old woman in a group of other people not doing anything to the building or anybody else. Got it.
    Why are you arguing with this robot. He is only here to stir us up he is not interested in reasoning. You can't argue with commi fucks.
    All these fuckers do is sow conflict don't fall for his shit, just delete him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    You, who didn't watch the video, believe the media report and a Republican who say that it was absolutely impossible to not shoot an unarmed 35-year-old woman in a group of other people not doing anything to the building or anybody else. Got it.
    I was not going to comment on this, but I changed my mind. That girl was only 35, I have a daughter who is 35. If she told me Dad I am going to the Capitol to protest I would have said to her don't go, stay home, stay away from the place. There should have been a wall of officers in front of that door, the whole incident has no meaning or order, where was the warning? Just bad policing. They did have a choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    We watch an entire year of actual riots, looting, and burning with no leftists being shot by the cops, and then a group enters the Hallowed Halls of Government, and an unarmed Air Force veteran gets shot in the throat and bleeds out. And the media writes as though the building has been destroyed and DC has been looted and burned. This is the first "mob" the Media hasn't sucked off.

    Woke up this morning in Moscow, and after I had read about the girl who was shot having died, my first thought of course was that it's interesting that not a single BLM/AntiFa protestor or rioter was killed (or even shot??) by law enforcement.

    BUT, my next thought wasn't, oh, AntiFa BAD, trump protestors GOOD!
    Coincidentally, that's probably what the people behind our color revolution want us to deduct from all of this: I'm looking at your narrow deductions, Rip. (Kudos to the guy on here that posted about that "Sort by Controversial" software: it was an eye-opening read)

    No, my next thought was, look how little force our government is willing to use to protect "capitalism" (storefronts, property, etc.), vs. how much force is used to protect THEMSELVES.

    It's crony capitalism (practically socialism) that we have now anyway, but look at this crap!!! Shots were fired and the FBI were whipped in only when THEY (corrupt politicians, almost all of them!) were at risk, NOT when small business owners and people's property were at risk this past summer and fall.

    So perhaps this is a way to unite the Democrats' Bernie Populists with the Trumpsters -
    I think we could unite around a common enemy - our stinking [federal] politicians, who only take decisive action to protect their OWN lard asses!!! 💪🏻🙏🏻❤️🇺🇲🇺🇲

    You hear that, Haghstall and all you kindergartener New Yorkers on our board? Who cares if we don't have your utopian economic systems or perfect outcomes based on race, yet, the leaders have just shown how they'll behave even if you succeed and give them all the power they desire: they will only use extreme measures and force when it is their OWN FAT ASSES that need to be protected.

    ....Another thought that popped into my head, which the traditional foreign interventionist Republicans will not like hearing, is that now we Deplorables know how the Ukrainians who legitimately wanted less Russian influence but didn't want their whole system torn apart probably felt: their movement was hijacked and trojan-horsed by (probably spook-directed) color revolutionary instigators.
    It's just so surreal to see the same color revolution elements unfold in our homeland.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CommanderFun View Post
    Yesterday was the second coming of the Boston Tea Party. It wasn't well organized, well planned, or well thought out. It was just a lot of pissed off people finally crossing the line.
    Boston Tea Party, no
    Boston Massacre, yes

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    Quote Originally Posted by CommanderFun View Post
    What are we gonna do? Take them to court? First we have to find the one magical individual in the country who actually has "standing" to do so. State governments, individual voters, electors, candidates, none of them seem to have "standing". So who does?
    And still we have fools talking about how "We'll really get 'em in 2022/2024!"

    The game is completely over. We all knew there was cheating and corruption, but this is the difference between someone seeing someone on the sly and showing the videos at church.

    The ways to fix it are ugly...and completely necessary.

    I just wonder if I can get my helicopter pilot's license fast enough to get in on the fun.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    Can anyone help us understand why the possession of "body vest armor" in the State of New York should be either a misdemeanor or a felony?
    Because it gives you a fighting chance.

    Quote Originally Posted by mpalios View Post
    The storming of the capitol building isn't going to change anything at all.
    Sure it did.

    It scared the shit out of the swamp.

    It demonstrated that some folks still have balls and just need direction.

    It demonstrated what a bunch of pushovers the DC authorities were, even though, unlike with Antifa and BLM, they were told to actaully engage rather than stand down.

    I wish I was free to have gone. I imagine the photocopies of my ass on Nancy Pelosi's copier would have made awesome Christmas cards next year.

    Quote Originally Posted by Buddy Rich View Post
    Just put your feet up and make yourself at home:
    It's as if Mr. King doesn't realize that folks who are short on patience and llong on ammo know where he lives.

    Quote Originally Posted by MFCPete View Post
    In the UK they are literally stopping people walking in the street and fining them £200.

    Talks of criminalising speaking out against vaccines.

    The UK is fucked. I want out.
    And go where?

    That is the new problem. In any other time you could either go somewhat off grid to where you were largely beyond any practical reach of a tyranical government or start up with like minded people in another land. Tech has extended the governments reach too far now and everywhere is pretty much taken.

    Quote Originally Posted by CommanderFun View Post
    I watched livestreams. There were multiple breaches. The crowd was there ahead of Trump wrapping up his speech and it was HUGE. People were basically willingly taking pepper spray from cops because they knew cops had limited supplies. Cops ultimately had to keep falling back and it looks like at some point they just gave up trying to keep people out, and instead had guards consolidate to protect congress. If there is any truth to the ANTIFA narrative, it's only true in that maybe some of them broke out windows to get things going. But the horde that washed in there definitely was not ANTIFA, they were waving American flags and singing the national anthem. There was a young girl shot inside the building. I've seen the video, as well as an interview with a kid who was there with her. She looked to be perched in a broken window sill when the shot was fired. There's rumors people might have made off with hard drives from congressional offices, but that's only rumor. There WERE people inside the offices taking photos and filming videos.

    This was the day people pushed back.
    Yeah. I'm sure there were insurrgents, but it doesn't matter. There is nothing for anyone to apologize for. This wasn't burning down a Target while pretending you care about a criminal that should have been put down long before you saw it on video.

    Something. Something. Freedom renewed with blodd. Or Something.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    Ashli Babbit. SAY HER NAME.
    Just imagine if someone had the nerve to shoot a looter this summer coming into their store, but a vet going into a public building she paid for?

    No problem, mon!

    She's white and a trump supporter. Only thing that could make it better for them is if she winds up having a dick in the autopsy.

    Quote Originally Posted by CommanderFun View Post
    Then you should say "fuck them" to the people who founded this country. In which case, with all due respect, fuck you.
    Right? Couldn't Jefferson and Co just have waited until the next King of England election?

    This is literally what every coward who has absolutely no line in the sand other than imagining that they will sprout balls when they are personally attacked and/ or arrested while their other coward neighbors watch and do nothing...or applaud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry Charles View Post
    That video is horrific. I guess I've never seen cold blood murder so clearly and blatantly. We will be talking about this for a long time.

    Some observations: 1) the people in the building (left side of video down the hall) do not appear to act in fight or flight mode. Purposeful probably but not panicked.

    2) the assault team just gets there in time and are not overly worried about the mob or the crazy lone shooter. They are concerned about the victim almost exclusively. Not worried about being shot themselves?

    I'm not claiming anything. A lot to be learned, but this appears to be a live training exercise (simulation) except that the shooter had live rounds. That has really happened in exercises.

    Can anyone grab at anything rational?
    Emotions are running high. I have seen pretty much all the videos since they started popping up. At the moment I will just say that certain things don't add up. No hurry to go into specifics, God knows there will be ample time to do that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    The police moved the barricade, clearly shown in the video.

    Decide which account you're going to use and immediately delete the other one.
    Can someone please explain to me where the barricade is being moved, or what is meant by that? I am watching this video:

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    For the benefit of Old Guy, can we have a show of hands as to who all understands the difference between someone coming through the window of Coach's private residence vs participating in the protest moving through a public government building we all literally paid for? Is anyone else confused on this matter?
    Good. Moving on.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark E. Hurling View Post
    The buffalo guy is the best evidence of leftists infiltrating the march. Of course it won't be scrutinized by the media and they will claim that buffalo guy "has always been a Trump supporter" despite lots of evidence to the contrary.
    He's not the only one: I imagine in the coming days there will be a lot of back and forth as it comes out how many of them were leftists and the media rush to discredit those reports with "fact checkers" and Twitter bans.

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    What actually happened yesterday and whatís going to happen? Worth 10 mins of your time (until itís taken down). This ainít over yet:

    Robert David Steele, Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward. - YouTube

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisatkeson View Post
    Can someone please explain to me where the barricade is being moved, or what is meant by that? I am watching this video:
    Perhaps it was a referral to this video:


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