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    Regarding Sam's question about blurry vision after lifting, my own n=1 for visual migraine was almost ten years ago, prior to taking up proper strength training.

    I was in a store at the time, and the onset of it had me initially wonder if some miscreant had hit me in the eye with a laser pointer, as it was like the afterimage of a bright light, but localized. As it developed, it became a visual field distortion that was like a combination of the blind spot and the effect of a greasy smudge on a cell phone screen. (The Wikipedia article on "scintillating scotoma" has some animated pictures that do it justice.) It was not what I'd call blurry vision, though, as the rest of the visual field was normal.

    Noticing that it was identical bilaterally, I was worried it was a stroke or similar. As a side note, when urgent care tells you,"We're really busy, it may be over an hour", a response of "I am concerned that I may be having symptoms of a stroke", gets you right past the line...

    In short, after an ER visit and multiple tests (including an MRI), nothing was found wrong, and they diagnosed it as "ocular migraine", and sent me home the next day. The neurologist kept asking incredulously, "And you don't have any pain?", but no, there was no headache to go with it. It got me objective evidence that within my thick skull, there was indeed a tiny, nominally functioning brain, at least.

    I was also then diagnosed with hypertension, and medicated for it, however. I had one or two partial recurrences of the auras as the meds were sorted out, and absolutely nothing since, so for me, the visual auras appear to have been related to blood pressure. I bring this up in case it's worth Sam's consideration, though I don't know why training would have an effect on BP an hour later...

    Shot in the dark, but any chance it could be related to blood sugar and some recovery effect?

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    I love the cooking videos Rip, but why are they filmed in a dungeon? I'm pretty sure in the chicken video I saw shackles bolted to the wall in the background


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