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Thread: COVID19 Factors We Should Consider/Current Events

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    Something happened with my previous reply, so I'm trying again, hope this doesn't result in a double posting:

    The 30% nr comes from an as of yet unpublished study by Tom Britton, and is purely hypothetical (as is the case in all epidemiological modeling).
    Se hur matematikprofessorn raknar ut stockholmarna nar uppnar flockimmunitet | SVT Nyheter

    The initial antibody tests were performed on samples from 200 blood donors, 11% of which came back positive. Since blood donors make up a highly constrained test group, senior dr Jan Albert who oversees the whole thing has argued that the actual nr of infected is likely to be much higher.
    Nytt test: Minst 11 av 100 har antikroppar mot coronaviruset i Stockholmsomradet | SVT Nyheter

    Both these gentlemen appeared on the news yesterday and explained how they think their results are reasonable initial estimates and well aligned. So, the figures I gave are highly uncertain, which is why I used the words "suggests" and "preliminary" - maybe I should have been more up front about that. However, the rough IFR calculation is in line with the guesses we've seen from most (honest) experts in the field, such as Johan Giesecke, who gave a brilliant interview with UnHerd on YT a couple of days ago (I'm sure someone has posted that here already). I will get back to you with published results when testing ramps up if you're interested!

    Santana: I'm not in the trenches at all, I'm currently writing a bachelor's thesis in Environmental Technology.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noah Ebner View Post
    I like you Jovan. You've actually done the heavy lifting. To quote the man himself: "Every mode of production contains within itself the seeds of its own destruction." Its been a while since I read Vol. II but, iirc, there is a pretty lengthy discussion of debt accumulation in the section on fictitious capital.
    And I wasnít even being theoretical, itís more like taking into account the past 40 years with the aggressive opening up of capital markets, which led to esoteric modes of money production, which everybody was into in a way, from governments issuing bills and bonds, to individual consumers financing their holidays with credit card debt. Itís one of those things that go well until you hit a wall like the forced closing up of worldwide supply and demand like we have today. The numbers are all over the place. I donít see what can be done other than to zip everything into a folder and move it to another disk. Of course, once you do that, there is no way to pretend you are still running the same system.

    I like you too man. You got a bunch of diplomas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrunoLawerence View Post
    This is, once again, not how this works when presenting an argument. Referring to relevant citations and experts in the field is a way of providing substance for the argument you are making. This is also not something that is really subject for debate. Well, technically it is, but any arguments against this would just be silly. Even people who are experts in one field have have no idea what they are talking about in another. E.g. I don't want my medical advice coming from a lawyer, just as I don't seek out a physician for legal advice. Do you not understand why people seek out experts in fields of study when presenting an argument? Is this a bad thing? If you prefer no facts being presented in an argument and wold prefer to rely on random youtube videos for advice you have certainly come to the right corner of the internet.

    Regardless, let's talk about the merits of the specific video we are discussing. Why should I take this man's opinion as sacrosanct? Wouldn't also the posting of such a video itself be an appeal to authority. The ironic thing about the video that was posted was that one of the concerns expressed were in regards to overreaction and panic leading to the stay at home measures effects on the economy. The same type of panic also exists in the folks predicting doom/gloom regarding the economy who state the the economy is never coming back and the tinfoil hat gang who insists that the government wants to lock us in our houses forever. Would they not be panicking, creating dangers to others around them? I didn't realize that if I sat myself in front of a camera and discussed this viewpoint and later posted it on youtube exactly how much more official that viewpoint would be.

    Also, why the random bolded words?
    Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM) was a large hedge fund led by Nobel Prize-winning economists (EXPERTS) and renowned Wall Street traders but the fund nearly collapsed the global financial system in 1998. This was due to LTCM's highly leveraged trading strategies that failed to pan out.

    Bruno the expert.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fulcrum View Post
    I do think what's going on is a bit of an over-reaction the way it's been applied through the US.
    a bit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fulcrum View Post
    Because there's outbreak of a novel coronavirus that no one has/had an immunity to Barry.
    10,000 dead New Yorkers..... probably will be 20,000 by the time this is all said and done. No one is prepared to just let a bunch of old people die apparently.

    I do think what's going on is a bit of an over-reaction the way it's been applied through the US. But if one was to implement "smart lockdowns" in higher(eat) risk communities, now of in the future, public gyms will be one of the first things to go right after large sports events, etc.
    OK, so you think gyms are petri dishes for (horrors!) those icky germy things. Have you considered that the much beloved public transit system of NYC is an even worse health hazard with the pandademic of the Kung Flu? What with it's inherent crowding and general icky uncleanness. Do you/would you advocate for and cheer on the closure of it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    You understand that NYC is an outlier, right? Even there, it's tailing off: COVID-19: Data - NYC Health

    You seem to understand the demographics. In the future, no one may be prepared to let a bunch of old people join their gym. If this becomes the case, it will be very sad, because they desperately need the strength training.
    Yes, NYC is an outlier.

    Much of this won't set in until its gives the appearance of being over with and the bodies are counted.
    Hopefully next year they'll have a more measured response, but I would NOT hold my breath.
    They'll say what the government did saved us from 2 million dead.
    And they'll try to 'save' us again, next fall/winter.
    Places like WFAC, sure, maybe they allow those to be open (for public training/exercise) next winter when this hits again.
    Places like Sully's Grey Steel, a gym filled with old people, in Michigan (#4 or 5 is US for death toll) ....that place? no way.

    Home gyms will be the way of future. This is the reality of things.
    The mind set will need to shift back to the old ways of learning how to do this (BB Training) yourself in your garage, or apartment....with Blue books and videos.

    Sorry to be so negative

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    Why might Sweden's Covid-19 policy work? Trust between citizens and state | Umut Ozkırımlı and Lars Tragardh | World news | The Guardian

    Very interesting how when the narrative that's wanted (death, death more death) refuses to materialize the reason for variance is depicted as something completely unmeasurable and qualitative. The Guardian has been rooting for Sweden's approach to fail for weeks now. Accordingly when low effect areas (Georgia, Florida, Texas) choose to want to do something other than complete lockdown and total destruction of their respective states economies it is met with derision and forecasts of apocalypse. The same apocalypse which has conveniently been avoided by unprovable data but will surely return if we were to allow people to walk on a beach or go to a gym.

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    Has anyone else been following Dr. Ron Paul?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    You understand that NYC is an outlier, right? Even there, it's tailing off: COVID-19: Data - NYC Health
    Does anyone actually believe that NYC's numbers are not inflated? Anyone who has any knowledge of the place, at least?

    I grew up outside NYC in the 70's and 80's, so I obviously have an advantage of proximity, but the corruption at every layer of society there is simply amazing.

    It's like the line about masturbation: 99% of men do it and the other 1% lie about it.

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    Default So let me get this straight...

    starting strength coach development program
    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Santana View Post
    What are your thoughts about it being in the trenches?
    A country (i.e. Sweden)....that is basically doing NOTHING...has lower infection rates and fatalities....


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