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Thread: COVID19 Factors We Should Consider/Current Events

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    Keep this site saved somewhere. They have pretty big names that have joined them!

    Scientific Advisory Board - PANDA brings scientists together internationally

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    I uninstalled Firefox tonight. Fuck These People.
    The only way to show these folk is switch them off. I have removed all the dopey free to air TV Channels which included our own home grown left leaning national stations. I don't and never will use Jack Dorsy's twitter or Sugermountian's face book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenni View Post
    Where'd we go wrong? I suspect it was some combination of moving from a loose confederation of states to a centralized government and the income tax.

    I suspect you’re at the correct time period. Pretty much Woodrow Wilson’s presidency. Income tax, federal reserve, World War One, to name a few. We have been centralizing to D.C. ever since with the states losing their sovereignty. The federal government has become a national government.

    I keep reading that we are turning into an oligarchy. No! We already are. America has been an oligarchy for well over 100 years. Probably since the era that JP Morgan bailed out the federal government. We are turning into a democracy. Plato wrote about the five cycles of government; aristocracy, timocracy, oligarchy, democracy, tyranny. And in that order. We are turning into a democracy. That is mob rule. Whatever the mob wants, they get. It’s getting worse by the day. The only thing worse than the mob is the tyrant. Just wait; he’s coming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmdrfunk View Post
    What's the point really? The fake news will either ignore it or say it's all a lie and the dumb as rocks population will not believe it or not know about it again just like the Hunter Biden laptop that magically became real and they knew about it for over a year after the election.

    And with everything censored how you are gonna know about it either?
    There's huge market demand for juicy info/trash on our overlords. The more they disable the humans' ability to share information, the more fun it is to share it. You know, kinda like a speakeasy during prohibition.

    Now imagine if the mechanism of info distribution is a military tribunal on TV / Internet stream featuring some of our favorite overlords? I remember my parents were glued to the TV for silly Watergate. What was Watergate? They got caught stealing files from the DNC? LMFAO! That's not a crime...that's a joke by today's standards. Hell, the Ukraine money laundering / pay-for-play scam by itself is 10x worse than Watergate. What happened to that?

    Constitutional Crisis...that's what happened. The DOJ, FBI...the whole damned government in collusion with the corporate media....ignored it. What court is left to hear these cases? The DOJ can't judge itself. The FBI can't collect evidence on itself. Who can do this? What's left?

    But, to your point, Parler CEO confirms: Amazon will shut it down at midnight Sunday:

    This is too obvious...too over the top. [They] are taking ridiculous measures to stop the humans from sharing information, don't ya think? Can you think of a reason? What is about to happen? What are they so afraid of?

    Why MUST they impeach Trump with 10 days left in his first and final term as President? If absolutely nothing is going to happen (as our lovely Forum Hag insists), then why bother?

    The obvious answer is: these assholes think Trump is about to do something harmful to them....unless they can stop him. And, they don't want us to talk about it.

    Expect big parts of the Internet to go down. And if it does, I will smile because I'll's happening.

    To ye Ole Forum Hag: you didn't watch the Lt General's video that you commented on. Don't doesn't matter....I know you are busy building marketable skills.

    And, regarding your Hag-like stab regarding marketable skills....if you get your way and these criminals gain power (again), marketable skills will mean nothing. All that will matter is did you support President Donald Trump? But, no worries for you. You've been a good slave. You stayed in line. You wore your mask. You refused to consider the Socratic questions presented by "Q" (gasp). You are a good boy, Hag...and you deserve all the riches that come with compliance in deed AND thought.

    Here is the part about our movement you never understood: Our movement....

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    Quote Originally Posted by wal View Post
    Does Nancy realize that other nations would like to know that the US would loose its first strike capability? You sure have some crazy folk in the House.
    Perhaps that was her intent?

    Based on the behavior of the left lately, it seems like they are purposely escalating civil war. The right, despite all the crap the left has pulled, still are showing concessions yet the left keeps escalating. Divide and conquer is a good way to destroy a country so it's hard not to wonder if leftist politicians are in the pocket of foreign adversaries, and those adversaries want to weaken the US through division and war.

    They could try to impeach and convict Trump, and perhaps their reason is to prevent him from running in 2024, but don't they realize that over 70M could rise up and revolt over that? Nice way to escalate and trigger violence, and they know this.

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    Can you start another email website....
    one that Big Tech can't get their hands
    Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD.
    I've created that. It will be rolling out soon!

    Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD. Inv... .
    As the Man Who Invented Email. I will deliver
    you a platform that will Destroy #BigTech.

    I promise.

    Sidney Powell | Author of the Bestseller Licensed to Lie

    Fact: NHS England Daily Death / Vaccine data

    In the 32 days before vaccination of over the 80s began. 5,034 died at rate of 157.3 per day.
    The 32 days since over 80s vaccination started, 6,651 have died at a rate of 207.8 per day.

    Note, this is not questioning the vaccine but
    the question is if it is covid that is the cause
    of death!

    654,810 over 80,s vaccinated, we should have
    seen a drop in covid deaths, even a very small
    drop in over 805 deaths, 1 % 2%.

    Unless.. was their another cause not covid!
    Purely asking questions, i am sure someone
    more qualified than I in vaccinations, coding
    of deaths can explain, perhaps it is just too
    early to expect any change...
    I will check this data weekly, trust me no one
    more than I wants to see that death rate fall
    back to a normal level asap

    The statistics guy UK
    @StatOGuy - Thestatisticsguyuk

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    So, steps we can take....
    1) switch to protonmail (from Gmail)... Ready to do that now

    2) delete FB/ IG / snapchat acct... Close to ready (but follow my Kid's, so makes it tougher)

    3) delete Twitter acct... Not ready, but approaching

    4) stop using Google search, use duck duck go.

    What is alternative for Google drive? What is alternative for YouTube?

    Will prob relisten to the Ben gilenwater podcast too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenni View Post
    Thank you to Roterhals for the notice and Jenni for the tip.

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    Well, that's good news, I guess. Look at her face...

    Pelosi Spokesman Confirms Laptop Was Stolen

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    starting strength coach development program
    Re: browsers. I have always used Duck Duck Go, but found this link on The Conservative Treehouse (CTH)...

    Duck Duck Go's far-left political donations and abuse of user data have users FUMING - Freedom Outpost

    Someone else on CTH suggested Anyone here have knowledge about this?


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