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Thread: COVID19 Factors We Should Consider/Current Events

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    Omg. The person who wrote the linked column is so out of line. She has also misunderstod the whole Floyd-19 thing. And if other people want to be strong, have a certain shape, be super well conditioned or whatever, that is nobody elseís f-ing business. And if I want to squat the biggest weight I possibly could, does not make it ok for that person to claim that I have some sort of problem if another person donít want to squat. I donít give a f what anyone else wants to do in the gym.

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    Then why does everybody keep bitching about standing?
    Could you explain what you mean about "bitching"?
    Only after being denied "standing", free elections, free speech, equal opportunity for employment, equal treatment under the financial apparatus and fair treatment under the judicial system did they escalate.
    It was necessary.
    Here ya' go Hurling, as a recent example...

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    Quote Originally Posted by wiigelec View Post
    Here ya' go Hurling, as a recent example...
    I'm not sure that the two connect for me quite the way they do for you, but OK. I guess I get your point in general. I just wasn't certain if you meant something else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VNV View Post
    I'm not so sure:

    Stochastic Terrorism and You

    Quote Originally Posted by RichardGreen View Post
    Out of curiosity, where do we currently stand on the girl who was shot climbing through the window (which she was shown to be actually climbing through the window on the side by side video comparison)? Are we also to say the name of the officer who was bludgeoned to death with the fire extinguisher? Or how about the other officers who were being crushed by the door or being beaten as they lied prone on the capitol stairs? Are we still saying that blue lives matter? Are the members of this mob still ANTIFA supporters even though the ones whom have been arrested have all been trump supporters, many of whom have ties to Qanon? Do we reasonably not to expect members of the security detail to not start shooting after they were forced to barricade themselves in a room with members of congress without an exit once the barricade has been breached? What are others thoughts of the guys walking around with zip ties and handguns? How about the chants of "hang mike pence", the people who were arrested with a van full of molotov cocktails and piles of ammunition, pipe bombs that were placed at both the RNC and DNC headquarters? Was this not a continuation of previous events that have been going on now where there has also been a plot to kidnap the governor of michigan? How about the protest protest in Lansing, Michigan where armed protestors stormed the capitol with assault weapons. Have we forgotten that?

    I honestly don't understand how it seems like the same people who were outraged over the black lives matter protests can somehow think this current event is ok. People coming out to protest is not the problem. The black lives matter and the current trump supporters have the right to protest. It is when things turn violent and the raiding/looting start where there is an issue. It seems if you were outraged about the black lives matter protest you should be equally outraged over this.
    I saw a video of the crowd watching as the officer was dragged from the entryway. He, a USAF security forces veteran, was literally beaten to death with the extinguisher and a flagpole, attached to an American flag, while the crowd chanted "USA! USA!" What a disgusting display of mob violence. The outrage should absolutely be equal, as both this and property damage/livelihood destruction seen this summer are reprehensible acts. Anyone who focuses on one while downplaying the other is acting in bad faith. You have to acknowledge adequately the times when those of a similar ideological background to you fuck up, or else you're just playing bullshit primitive tribal games.

    I think comparing the two is a false equivalence, however, as the magnitude of these are vastly different. If Portland turns to shit, that's Portland's problem. If a Target burns down in Minneapolis, that's the problem of those who invested in that business. If the legislative branch of the government of the entire USA has to grind to a halt so elected officials can run from their lives for people calling for their death, that's a problem for more than 300 million people. Could you imagine if they encountered AOC in the rotunda? They would've skinned that woman alive. These people were in legitimate danger. You know what happens when those people are in danger? They take your rights away. Last time people in that building felt this sort of fear, an airliner, United 93, was on its way to crash into either the white house or the Capitol. In response to this, those turds passed the patriot act and Bush instituted the NSA PRISM program that violates the 4th amendment rights of MILLIONS of Americans by warrantlessly wiretapping their communications. What happens when they decide to act on the legitimate threat of right-wing terrorism in this country and fuck up the execution by casting too wide a net and instead of targeting only domestic terrorists, also target conservatives with fringe political views?

    The reason this protest turned into a shit show that killed more Americans than the Benghazi incident is poor leadership decisions. Trump literally watched this shit on TV for hours rather than calling in the national guard. The governor of Maryland was on the phone with congressional leaders telling them his hands were tied as he'd love to send in his state's guard, but did not have the authorization from the acting SECDEF. His offer to send in the guard was denied! 90 minutes went by until the army chief of staff gave him the go ahead. The FBI asked if the capitol police needed backup and they declined. Remember how packed the steps leading to the Capitol were when BLM protested in DC? There was none of that this time. Some say it was a coup, I wouldn't go that far, but clearly potential for angry people doing stupid angry people shit was there and the inaction and poor decision making is to blame for this fiasco. The Russians who run the FSB social media rile up brigade are celebrating that their efforts of disinformation have been successful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kitsuma View Post
    After Rip said the guy is a loser, I did the same research you did. OMG <blush>. I fell for his NPR / BBS calm voice and the Mr Rogers sweater. I'm so ashamed. I should have know; the guy has a cat.

    MonkeyWerks walked back his "insurrection act" intel after catching shit from his MI buddies. He's an honest guy who feels stupid for not letting that info bake a bit. One of his active duty friend was told that's why he got called in on a Sunday. So, somebody wants that info (probably bogus) out there.

    I guess these two guys get to stay on Youtube for a reason. ;-)
    Simon Parkes is a fruit loop. After Lin Wood posted this guy on his Parlor account my respect for him dropped a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    Look at this pathetic shit: Scott says Democratic '''overreach''' will help GOP win back Senate in 2022 | Fox News

    What did they do with it when they had it? They approved judicial appointments, and that's about all. And who is going to vote in another election anyway?
    I don’t know, Rip… I’ll bet you a bottle of vermouth that repubs will be exhorting you to vote/donate in two years time, trumpeting some hilarious/hackneyed excuse for how the electoral system has been suddenly and rapidly securitized, but that the Biden administration deserves no credit.

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Jackson View Post
    Rich kids and green-haired feminists dressed as blacked-out ninjas toppling historic statues, and black looters helping themselves to new shoes from the Nike store, doesn't exactly pose a threat to the status-quo. This kind of energy can be absorbed forever. Someone like Ted Wheeler getting booed at and pelted with beer cans for not being woke enough isn't exactly a problem for the system either.

    However, an organic, nation-wide movement of racially-awakened white people, who feel like their cultural norms and ideals, and very existence, is under attack does pose a significant threat to the establishment. It's an extra headache because in America this majority white crowd also had numerous "red-pilled" minorities among their ranks at the protest, which is pure cancer for the establishment media's optics. They cannot allow this symbolically powerful image of them taking over the Capitol's seat of power to be interpreted as something positive by the millions of Americans watching it unfold on TV and online.

    The MAGA crowd's actions were driven by their aims to restore law and order to a system which has been corrupted beyond recognition. Draining the swamp. They want to prevent the establishment from destructively transforming America, a once great nation state built on blood, sweat and tears, into a glorified economic zone. Contrast this with the woke demands of the BLM crowd. Which cause do you think presents more of a problem for the order?
    Matt has delivered good analysis here before, but he gets it badly wrong here.

    The Trumpism = racial grievance thing is a New York Times narrative, turned inside out and reflected through the ethnonationalism (i.e. tinted-glasses liberalism) of Matt Jackson. This post is the molten lead of his ideological instincts poured wobbly into the ill-fitting mold of historical interpretation. More careful analytic craftsmanship would force him to contend with the fact that Hispanics and blacks turned out in support for Trump at higher rates than any previous Republican candidate, and Trump primarily lost because of abandonment by suburban whites. There’s no racial unity here—despite the legacy media’s best efforts, race continues to fade as a salient division in society.

    One of the main reasons for this is economic stratification, of course. Poor whites and poor blacks have much, much more in common with each other than coastal elites, regardless of pigmentation. But we can’t read the support for Trump as purely economic either, because if people were after economic succor they wouldn’t support a candidate who empowered Medicaid slashers, threatened SS and medicare, and cut the boss’ taxes.

    No, the resentment at the core of Trumpism may have vestigial links to race and class, but it’s upstream of that somehow—a sort of vague cultural divide that ultimately amounts to a rejection of technocracy. After all this time, I’m not sure if anyone has really given a good definition. But if someone doesn’t recapture it soon, we’re going to find ourselves in a tough spot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GHOSTWOLF View Post
    Dogwhistle/Qanon -type thinking. Enjoy.

    Author is fascinated with his own title, since it uses the word Stochastic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmdrfunk View Post
    Truly hope for some civility, but do not expect it

    ?Peaceful Protests? Across America - 2020 - YouTube

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haghstull View Post
    The Trumpism = racial grievance thing is a New York Times narrative, turned inside out and reflected through the ethnonationalism (i.e. tinted-glasses liberalism) of Matt Jackson.
    I'm not sure how you could define national socialism as a twisted form of enlightenment "liberalism" and still ask to be taken seriously. I've heard the term "racist liberal" to describe the the "based" conservative America First kind of Trump supporter who simply hates black people but still wants to retain his muh-global-capitalism, his materialism and his certain cherry picked parts of classical liberalism. The kind of white idiot who hates his own black working class neighbour just for existing, but also has side-by-side Pro-Israel and 1776 bumper stickers, and celebrates aggressive foreign policy against Middle Eastern countries - and sees nothing contradictory about his retarded worldview.

    These pathetic people definitely exist and I am not one of them. They exist where I live too - and they stand in the way of what I want. I detest them. I am also not American, and the sort of thing I want in Europe fundamentally wouldn't work in the same form in America. America is a different place, but the establishment is taking a similar approach throughout the entire Western world. Of course I have my own views, but I did not make my analysis of the Capitol action into a description of my own political wet dream.

    This trend is going to move well past Trump - but if Trump's vote was a vote against technocratic rule, and globalised homogenisation of culture and identity - that means it's also strongly about racial identity. Clearly, while the majority of Trump supporters are not all secretly hateful towards other races and just hide it well it behind a facade of liberalism, they also wholly reject the anti-white message which is being shoved down their throats, because they recognise it is a lie. They recognise it as a lie which is harmful towards their own group, primarily.

    The establishment's narrative which supports the astroturfed BLM "movement", that this kind of intolerance and evil, colonial hangover uniquely exists in white peoples' homelands, is simply anti-white propaganda designed to undermine a people, their culture and erode the very belief structure which underpins their nations. It's designed to break America. It's not about equality.

    If Trump's white suburban vote share decreased, it's because they no longer see Trump as capable of delivering what he promised in 2016 - which included a promise to counter all that woke political diarrhea. If Trump saw an increase of some black, and more hispanic votes (in some states), then I would assume it's because these honest and thoughtful non-white voters saw through the establishment's anti-white narrative for what is is. They realised their nation, objectively conceived and built by whites a long time ago, isn't at all a dehumanising contraption of control and enslavement engineered by sadistic racists. It is in fact a place which offers them the best possible chance at achieving material wealth and personal freedom, especially compared to the relative shitholes where they or their parents came from.

    You want to deny the significance of race, like a typical materialistic liberal, but these non-whites will have undoubtedly noticed, even among own communities, that in-group preference and positive and negative ethno-centrism simply exists, but that doesn't then necessarily mean half the nation is morally bankrupt just because people tend to prefer to be with their own kind. They understand race as something real and meaningful, but they don't subscribe to the progressive view that, because ethno-centrism exists, therefore every value underpinning the nation should be forensically examined and diagnosed, then subverted. They don't want America to be steadily transformed into an anti-white, progressive laboratory of bad ideas - they like America just how it is.

    The media cannot show any of this. They cannot allow the idea of a politically charged, positive white identity to grow legs. Instead, they have to paint the whole thing as "white supremacist domestic terrorism" (oMg NaZis! LiKe iN ThE MoVieS!!1!) and double-down with their Kristallnacht rhetoric. What they needed to portray was how white the populist action at the Capitol was, and therefore how immoral it was. Remember, white populism = bad.

    Over here, it's the same. Every political action by free agents which runs against the establishment's narrative of globalised homogenisation gets the same treatment. This 16-second clip of our Channel 4 TV news live coverage, from 2019 during protest about the delay of Brexit, says it all: "I've never seen so many white people!"

    Jon Snow&#39;s "I&#39;ve never seen so many white people" moment - YouTube

    This is not because the establishment is arbitrarily prejudiced against whites, it's because they are fucking terrified of the collapse of the public's belief in their neo-liberal order and the emergence of something like a Fourth Reich. This is the reason they cannot allow white positivity and populism to grow, hand in hand. They're not worried about little ol' red-pilled and based countries like Hungary or Poland and their anti-woke antics - they are worried about Germany, they're worried about America. They're worried about Europe's wider rejection of EU neo-liberalism and what might replace it. It threatens their entire existence.

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    Because the new more dangerous mutant strain of Covid has arrived in Australia, West Australian state govn announces at all airports ď....those found to be flouting the mandatory mask requirement, they face fines of up to $50,000....Ē
    mind you we have zero deaths and zero cases there..but you never know I guess ?


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