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Thread: COVID19 Factors We Should Consider/Current Events

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    Have you seen how Biden, with the stroke of a pen, has effectively destroyed professional women’s sports?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soule View Post
    When the fuck did I say chokes should be used as a first resort? Position before submission. If the submission is necessary, it shouldn’t be banned by law. What’s a safer alternative? Pepper spray? Tasers?

    Police should be taught how to grapple and apply some of the higher percentage chokes and when to release those chokes, if necessary. Many notable professors have trained police how to do exactly that. Royce has a whole program specifically for law enforcement.

    You say I don’t know what I’m talking about, but after training for over 6 years at GH I can tell you that video you linked is not an example of an effective choke. With all due respect to cyborg, his gogo choke with the knee is probably not going to work, which is why he spent all of 5 seconds showing it. It doesn’t resemble what chauvin did either.
    When did I say chokes should be used as a first resort, or that you said it? I said cops shouldn't be choking people period. The article you posted isn't even about first resorts, it's about trying to ban the one exception where chokes were allowed: when deadly force is in use. If it's time to use deadly force, the officer better be drawing their service pistol because again, the extent of your average cops knowledge is from watching some MMA fights and that doesn't get you very far.

    A safer alternative if things escalate to use of non lethal force is positional control and calling for backup if necessary. If you are choking someone, you can't handcuff them. With few exceptions, if you are choking someone, you do not have any free hands to defend yourself from other threats. Not that any of that even matters in the case of Floyd, since there were 3 officers on scene when Chauvin was surfing on his cervical spine. All that was necessary was for one officer to keep Floyd pinned with their knee on his lumbar and another officer to peel one of Floyd's arms at a time behind his back to cuff him, roll him over, and lift him up to get him in the squad car.

    Police should learn to grapple on a basic level? Yes. Will they on their own accord? Likely not. And the number of mat hours needed to be competent in life or death situations and maintain that skillset it is probably too much for departments to want to adopt mandated training and eat into working hours, considering even MCMAP black belts are by and large trash after the hours they put in unless they continue to actually train outside of the military.

    It's actually such an ineffective choke in fact that Cyborg has tapped multiple people with it in competition, including in the 2010 no gi worlds finals... Has worked fine for me for years too. It's possible Chauvin's knee wasn't causing breathing problems but go get one of your 200lb+ training partners to do it to you and get back to me; I'm not a fan personally. It's possible Floyd was being positionally asphyxiated. It's possible he was dealing with what many people deal with on their first days of grappling, panic breathing. It's possible he was having a heart attack and because some dude thought the back of his neck looked like a nice place to take a knee he didn't receive medical attention. But dead men tell no tales.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark E. Hurling View Post
    It might be helpful if you explained your perspective. Because it comes off as being centered around competition with rules and a referee. A cop charged with getting someone under control and arrest is quite different and needs to be done quickly and done from a standing position if at all possible. Going to the ground results in a loss of mobility and renders the cop vulnerable to attack from others who may the arrestee's friends or just some random lowlife looking to get involved. While there are a fair number of choking and strangling techniques, two of them are simple to teach, easy to learn, and can retained by the person who learns them with relatively little practice or recertification. Those are the rear naked choke and the fingertip grab of the trachea. They can be applied quickly and dropped quickly if required to detach from the arrestee and defend from other attackers either (preferably) standing or if necessary from on the ground if the engagement ends up there.

    The techniques you describe are more complex, harder to learn, require more practice and almost certainly periodic practice with a semi-cooperative semi-resistant partner. What's more the cop involved can't disengage as easily while he's flexed up hard in some near isometric holds. He's likely to get stomped by someone else while he attempts the initial arrest in question.

    If you have some experience in trying to effect an arrest in real life, this might be more apparent to you. If you have, your perspective might be useful to share with us.

    As for cops in general knowing Jujitsu or grappling or just plain rassling, yeah, it's not common. But most LE basic schools do have some teaching in what is termed defensive tactics. It can be argued how effective some of the things taught in those basic schools are, but you are assuming that almost all cops know nothing. Way too broad of a generalization.

    The real problem is periodic retraining or practice. Training costs money. Too much gets spent on inclusiveness and unity kum-ba-yah to keep the community organizers and city lawyers happy.

    Just some realities you may not be aware of.
    I'm not a cop. That said, there's some... interesting opinions to sort through here.

    You are right that competition is different from real life. One of the chief differences is that competition is much more difficult because the other person typically knows what they're doing too. The stakes aren't as high, but believe me when I tell you that a street fight and competition can both illicit a similar adrenal response. And while I've competed a fair amount, the rules are whatever you want them to be in the gym if your partner is up for it. If you want to train with strikes, with simulated weapons, against multiple people you can. There's no one telling you what to do outside of a competition. I'm honestly not even sure what you're arguing here. Do you think cops have access to some secret method to prepare for violent arrests that make them any more capable?

    In the context of a violent arrest, do you realize the following:

    -You can be outnumbered and attacked by another person than the one you are dealing with whether you are standing or on the ground. The answer here is backup and/or disengage from the threats.
    -Committing either or both your hands to a choke, whether standing or on the ground, will inherently make you slower to react to additional threats.
    -Untrained people, cops included, end up on the ground in fights with such alarming regularity that you'd think that banana peels were scattered on the ground as soon as a scuffle starts.
    -Cops who end up on their backs need to be able to change that immediately because their service weapon is now much more accessible.

    Fingertip grab of the trachea? That's the rape choke, man. You might as well add some pressure point strikes in the mix. Every single choke that works does so due to having a backstop opposite the compressive force, because otherwise there's nothing stopping the person from moving away from that force. Coincidentally, the ground works pretty well in this case. But to be honest, if you're gonna rape choke someone, it better damn well be to hold their head in place on the ground while you punch them because it takes a relatively long time for someone to go out from asphyxiation and you're in for a rough surprise if you think pain compliance works on everyone, especially when adrenaline kicks in.

    None of those positions I mentioned are isometric holds and trying to squeeze and hold on makes them less effective. They aren't hard to learn and rely on proper body positioning, your bodyweight, and mean ol' Mr. Gravity. I've taught literal children how to achieve and maintain these positions.

    I already addressed the training issue above but yeah, it would cost a lot of money to train cops at the level needed. Which is why it's probably a better idea for cops to focus on de-escalation and strength in numbers and since I doubt that ever happens I'd kind of just rather cops know what the fuck they're doing when it comes to restraining people.

    There are 4 cops I have trained with regularly for years and a handful of others that have come and gone just like 90% of BJJ first timers in a city of 400k-500k people. I only know a handful more cops that train in other gyms spread throughout my area and I know a lot of people who train in the local scene. I probably know more firefighters that train than cops and I sure as shit know an order of magnitude more active duty or retired military who train than cops. I doubt there's nationwide stats available on this, but go ask a cop you know if they actively train in any combat sport outside of departmental training and how often. Then ask how many other officers they know do too. I think you might be surprised how low the numbers you hear back are relative to the size of the department.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yngvi View Post
    I don't know how you can honestly deny the tremendous amount of Chinese influence
    I'm not, but what I will say is those working within the media were busy subverting Western values and morality long before Soviet infiltration or Chinese investments came pouring it. It has been going on a long time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yngvi View Post
    What we have now is a form of national socialism.
    How has that been working out since 1970?
    When you start to liken our system "national socialism" or "communism"/international Marxism, I think these words start to lose their meaning. When we have a system where Big Tech and the media can do what they've just done to the president for the last four years, you simply cannot describe it in this way. What you are describing, to my ears, is neoliberalism at work since the 70's. The emphasis, in all the things you describe, is on efficiency and growth. It seems like we are even moving beyond neoliberalism into the last stage of capitalism - which isn't a corruption of capitalism, but its natural end-state. People have described it as "Neo-feudalism". We should get into that at some point, because we need to describe what we're looking down the barrel of if we have a chance of winning.

    I think the very terms available to us, both on the left right, in our attempts to describe our situation, are maybe a bit...misused. Maybe outdated and no longer fit for purpose in describing our system.

    I think we can both agree we're witnessing a consolidation of power by the oligarchs. That's the main thing.

    There's continual news about this. Bill Gates was just reported to be the largest private landowner in the US. You have Bezos and Musk, both worth around 200 billions dollars now... I think Musk is now the richest man in the world. At the same time, we're hearing from the World Economic Forum about their proposed world economic restructuring - which amounts to the hollowing out of the middle class, and the consolidation of power by a global elite. Everyone else is left in a subservient position.

    Is it Fascism, as the left says? The left lazily use "Fasicsm" as a for fill-in for "tyrinnical authoritarianism". They say fascism is when international capitalists hijack the state, but this is wrong. No fascist theorist saw it as a handing over of power to international capitalist elites.

    Is this global communism, as the right says?

    The way communism formed was about democratizing the means of production, it was about having no monopolists, no private property, and everything owned in commune. You can then rightly point out that Marx may have formed it that way, but he was a Freemason and a lawyer - and it was all just a ploy to create a new, tyrannical oligarchy and use the masses as slaves.

    Again, like the left's misuse of "Fascism", when many on the right refer to any tyrannical oligarchy (as we're witnessing today) as "communism" then I think the word ceases to have any meaning. The people doing all this evil shit to us are not communists. Klaus Schwab isn't a communist. We're talking about a handful of people generating obscene wealth at the expense of everyone else.

    I still think it is right to call it neoliberal, global capitalism. It's a technocratic, managerial form of capitalism. You call it crony capitalism. Then, what is capitalism?

    Many on the right (not accusing you of this, Yngvi) have an overly simplistic view of capitalism. They say it's just free trade, and buying stuff from the store, and also say if you take a critical look at capitalism, then you must be a communist or at least a Marxist.

    I think we can agree that capitalism is NOT the market. It's not the ability to trade. The market existed before "capitalism" - we had markets for thousands of years. Capital itself isn't a thing, but it's a process in which money is perpetually sent in search of more and more money. Exponential growth is necessary for capitalism. There has been a compound growth rate of around 3-4% a year, which capitalism requires in order to survive. The law of competition sends everyone in search of growth in order to outcompete their competitors in a society dominated by capital. It's an infinite growth machine. So, capitalism is better described as system which controls the direction of society.

    Capitalism has taken many forms - production capitalism, finance capitalism, merchant capitalism, rentier capitalism. It's mistaken to just try to focus on one particular epoch of capitalism/liberalism at one particular moment in time. It can't be frozen in time and analysed as a snapshot, because it's a process of unending growth, so all of these different social relations generated by capitalism, in different epochs, are temporary, and secondary to the growth itself.

    So, it's not a solution to say "we just need to get rid of crony capitalism" and go back to production capitalism. Rentier capitalism is just as a natural form of capitalism as production capitalism.

    It's not enough to say "we just need to get rid of the excessive state interference... we just need to root out the radical leftists in academia... we just need to get rid of the SeCrEt CoMmUnIsT BiLlioNnAiReS... and we can then return to a healthy form of production capitalism."

    Can this kind of thinking allow us to take a satisfactory account of the structures which are really leading to our problems? It seems to me this takes us to a dead end, and leads to blaming individuals, or trying to find outside infiltration (everyone from the Chinese, to Russians, and "the Jews" even). The outcome of thinking this way leads to, again, voting in some kind of outsider, wildcard Trump character and hoping he somehow magically sweeps away all the corruption and crony capitalism, essentially turning back the clock 50 years with a view to starting over and doing capitalism right this time. However, instead of starting afresh - the same essential liberal economic values remain in place, and therefore the neoliberal superstructure and system remains in place, and the nation ends up back to square one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fulcrum View Post
    You can surely look at a weekly death chart and point to "here ... here is where 400,000 people died from Covid 19".
    Yes. You should be able to show excess deaths compared to other years in a smaller time frame.

    Comparing March to March (as an example) vs year to year definitely would demonstrate (assuming that those numbers are accurate) a novel cause or multiple novel causes of death. But assuming that any bump in the deaths is automatically proof of them all being Covid deaths is idiodic on it's face because we know the coding is BS and that the shutdowns (Just one example: Suicide hotlines reported massive increases in calls of what the normally get.) and other factors likely created excess deaths as well.

    And then there is the possibility that the death rate of Covid was increased thanks to the treatments being worse than essentially suffering through it. Many have claimed that ventilators, rather than Covid, were a death sentence for many.

    And all this assumes higher than normal death rates in any time frame, which i have yet to see.

    Quote Originally Posted by Buddy Rich View Post
    For shits and giggles, go to:

    Doesn’t get any clearer than that
    Just stumbled across this same glitch in the Matrix this morning.

    At the very very least this is a tribute to Federal competence.

    Quote Originally Posted by Leify View Post
    "Good lookin' marines."

    A lot of the videos going around now are really taking advantage of suggestion and edits.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jovan Dragisic View Post
    How do you explain the revoking of Executive Order 13770, an order that banned administration officials from taking up positions as lobbyists upon leaving office for a period of five years? How do you explain the fact that this was one of his final moves as president? Is his next move in trying to infiltrate the Swamp through the back channels and drain it even more efficiently from there?
    This, as well as some of his pardon choices, is quite troubling even though I have always left the door open to the whole thing being a charade and him being a swamp pawn. I'd say I'm about 90/10 that he's not, but the big tell is how ell he does after/if essentially nothing happens. He'll be destroyed if he was doing anything other than LARP-ing. He'll be fine if they are all laughing at us together.

    Again, I base nothing on Q's tea leaves, but there are plenty of oddities to expect more than we think is going on.

    Who would have predicted the utter shitshow that Covid has been? Or BLM riots all summer going uncontested? Or any number of other things?

    I'd barely be shocked by Biden ripping off his human skin to reveal being a lizard person at this point.

    Not knowing what one doesn't know is a given. Not knowing that there's a nebulous shit ton of things you don't know you don't know is just plain arrogance.

    And I mean that generally, not directing it at you, Jovan Dragisic.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    Why would they want the goddamn thing?

    I suppose the buildings and such are pretty if the place could be thoroughly fumigated first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuciusSulla View Post
    Have you seen how Biden, with the stroke of a pen, has effectively destroyed professional womenÂ’s sports?
    I've seen this: Biden Rescinds Trump Order Banning Chinese Communist Involvement In US Power Grid

    He's just destroyed a lot of things. But this is what the American People wanted.

    Quote Originally Posted by Leify View Post
    In the context of a violent arrest, do you realize the following:
    You have no idea what you have just done...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    Any news on Dr. Gold's arrest after the Jan. 6 "storming"?
    DR. SIMONE GOLD - The Horrible Truth About COVID-19 Vaccines (2021)
    This speech is even more powerful!

    Dr Simone Gold on experimental Covid-19 biological agent, infertility and saying no to tyranny

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    You have no idea what you have just done...
    Nah. There's no point in further argument with a True Believer so convicted in their tunnel vision.

    One of the lessons I have learned since I quit drinking.

    Others can make the "my Kung Fu is stronger than your Kung Fu" volleys back and forth with him if they so desire.

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    In less than one week since Biden took office, he’s admitted (as reported in the MSM) that there is very little he can do to change the course of COVID as a disease and wrt policy.

    While most intelligent people knew this going in, regardless of their voting preference, does this seem unusually fast? I thought tradition preserved the facade for most of the first term.

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    And yet hundreds of thousands of people are dead because of Donald Trump's failure to change the trajectory of the virus. And anyone who dies after being vaccinated was going to die anyway, while everyone who tests positive within 28 days (29? 30?) of death absolutely died of the virus. And you people are still wearing your masks, like a bunch of trained monkeys.

    Joe Biden releases the Kraken… 14,195 (mostly criminal) illegals to be set free ‘immediately’… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

    More heads roll at US-funded international broadcasters | Daily Mail Online

    Biden Rescinds So-Called "Muslim Ban"

    Get ready for DC statehood and two new Senators… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

    'Saudi Arabia First': Canadian Leader Hints at Trade War with U.S. After Biden Cancels Keystone XL Pipeline | CBN News

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    starting strength coach development program
    Quote Originally Posted by David A. Rowe View Post
    Ladies and gentlemen, you should disregard these smarmy shitheels. Stop wasting your time, money and energy on what was. If you want to survive in a protracted war, you have to be more agile than your adversary when they hold the advantage. This is fifth generation warfare. Your guns are for defense and hunting. Your mind, words and actions are the battle space shared with everyone else. They are also the weapons. You have to win this fight morally, intellectually and spiritually.
    Good post.
    It looks like we are in for a long, slow grind.
    Time to reframe.

    No longer does patriotism have any standing; what you believed in and fought for is gone.
    Voting is irresponsible and immoral when it lends false credibility to a rigged system.
    Obeying the rules will often be irresponsible and immoral. (Covid lockdowns and ratting on your neighbors for example)

    Throwing sand into the gears of the machine wherever possible will slow it down.

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Jackson View Post
    I'm not, but what I will say is those working within the media were busy subverting Western values and morality long before Soviet infiltration or Chinese investments came pouring it. It has been going on a long time.
    When you start to liken our system "national socialism" or "communism"/international Marxism, I think these words start to lose their meaning...
    I agree with that.
    However, the enemies within our nations would not have been strong enough to successfully capture the government without tremendous support from its powerful foreign backers.

    You are right that there are too many definitions of these words and nobody should get bogged down in the semantics.
    My definition extrapolates from the original texts to define Marxism/Communism as a large, superficially equal mass of indistinguishable people controlled by a small managerial class at the top. (Because it is not possible to centralize everything or have arbiters of "equity" without an extremely powerful managerial class)

    I take issue with several of the fundamental premises put forth by Marx in defining capitalism.
    My view is that capitalism is not a system to be implemented correctly or incorrectly; it is just the natural consequence of allowing people to interact freely.
    Excess production also leads to excess efficiency.
    Boom-bust cycles are not bad; Pain is not something to be feared.
    Creative destruction is essential to the progress of humanity.
    A forest fire may appear catastrophically destructive, but it removes old, dead trees, creating room for new, stronger trees to grow.

    The ideal role of a government is to do what is in the interests of the nation in as limited of a way as possible.
    Only a traitor to his people and criminal knowingly makes deals (financial or otherwise) that will harm his nation.

    This is what I mean when I say I understand and can find common ground with those who oppose capitalism; I believe they truly oppose what I call "crony capitalism" and mistakenly try to view capitalism as a system of government or a grand social contract.
    Capitalism must serve the interests of the nation.

    Marx's true intentions may have been to muddy the waters, drain the energy of people into trivial, ill-defined political discourse and to sow division within nations.


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