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    This is the nightmare of Neo-liberalism... but hey, at least we're not all speaking German, right?

    In the UK, just in 2019, we were told by the police that crimes like burglary were not going to be investigated in some cases due to a lack of resources.

    In 2019 alone, 19,000 British girls were abused by grooming gangs. Often they are drugged and whored out for profit. It came to light that the police had been told to "find other ethnicities" to investigate due to "many sensitive community issues". The crimes are disproportionately (84%) committed by "Asian" men.

    We were told that the RIB's landing on our southern shores, bringing thousands of illegal immigrants over from France in the dead of night, simply couldn't be intercepted because we didn't have the capability to handle the volume.

    Fast forward to 2020, and the police have suddenly found the manpower to send up drones to video MIDDLE CLASS DOG WALKERS IN NATIONAL PARKS, then upload the footage to social media. They have stopped and searched people's grocery bags to determine if the contents constituted a non-essential trip outside the home. Police boats prowled the coastline to find sunbathers on beaches.

    What this has done, more than anything, is pull the curtain back on Western liberal democracy and expose it for the lie it really is. Cultural Marxism has deranged us, pathologised everything good about the West's traditions and morality and inverted it, and like Stef said, reprogrammed people into believing that assuming the identity of a permanent victim is somehow virtuous. Layered on top is the economic and political reality - which is a Neo-liberal capitalist system of political control, where policy is made according to desires of finance capital, not the folk. You're an individual, commodified unit of productive output. Your "freedoms" are very low on their list of priorities.

    For anyone in 2020 still trusting the plan and waiting for Trump to go full "America First!", he had me fooled too. The guy doesn't need to be a career politician to be in The Club. He was spawned out of 1970's New York - the birth place of Neo-liberalism.


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