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Thread: Social Media Presence??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oso Rojo View Post
    I think you can do well in Abq with some direct marketing and education to the groups you want to target. You have a solution to a problem they may or may not know they have, but definitely don't yet know they need it. So get in front of them, make sure they know they have the problem, and then tell them how you can help them. Go out a recruit a full schedule of clients, and then start farming them for who they know that needs help.
    WOW. Thank you. That's wonderful insight

    "It's best not to depend on it." Thank you, Rip.

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    One of the stories that Rip won’t provide much detail on is the time he was persuaded to pay for a social media “consultant”. It obviously and predictably did not yield anywhere near the bottom line results promised. No judgement here. If I had a business I would have made the same decision in the early days of social media when it promised everything for everyone.

    But please Rip, provide some details it will be good for a chuckle.

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    It had a poor ROI.

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