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    Hi Rip,

    How necessary/important would it be to establish a social media presence if I'm wanting to become a Starting Strength Coach?

    I live in Albuquerque,New Mexico, and I've seen that there are no SSCs or SS gyms in New Mexico, so I figured I'd have to market myself a little harder if I'd want to be successful.

    Thank you for your time, and if this is a stupid-ass question, please feel free to chew my head off haha.

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    You're marketing as a coach is almost entirely word-of-mouth, IOW your effectiveness as a coach. Social media has become an evil system, and the farther away you are the better.

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    Thatís the question i forgot to ask at the seminar!

    Glad to hear it. I canít be bothered with social media.

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    I've watched three specialty gyms go under in Santa Fe and that is a perfect demographic for gym, aging population with high income. So i suspect the big issue is education of the market. Two of the three I have used in the past and they had great equipment but were targeting top athletes. From what I see of the market you need to target 40 - 45 and older with above average income. That's pays the bills. The local athletes just provide the volume. I think you can do well in Abq with some direct marketing and education to the groups you want to target. You have a solution to a problem they may or may not know they have, but definitely don't yet know they need it. So get in front of them, make sure they know they have the problem, and then tell them how you can help them. Go out a recruit a full schedule of clients, and then start farming them for who they know that needs help.

    My wife asked me a about social media for her business. I told her to stay away, she and I are not in the age demographic for that and even if we were it's a lot of work for questionable results.


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