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    Default Daniel Oakes: The Task at Hand

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    With words like 'VIP', 'mask', 'splattered', 'strange-looking contraptions' and 'hoes', I was slightly concerned about the direction this article was heading.

    But in all seriousness this was an excellent read that firmly reinforces what we already know to be true. Well done Daniel. You're writing has been a very welcome addition to the site.

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    Perversely, my gym, the only gym in town with a chalk bucket, is the biggest chain gym in the country. I tried to leave it for gyms with better equipment, but since most of them actively prohibit chalk, here I am. A shitty squat rack, but Iím pretty much the only one using it. Same goes for the deadlift bar. Some dudes are using the trap bar. So props for the commercial bastards.


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